War Thunder – The Most OP Premium

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  1. i love this thing it so stupid


  3. Very early Devil

  4. Why the short barrel?

    • because that gun is essentially only supposed to lob a 30KG charge in the enemys direction. It doesnt need high velocity or range.

    • well historically the mk.5 AVRE role was to destroy building and fortifications so it wasn’t necessary to give it a longer gun.

  5. Its defintely a fun tank, but utterly helpless if it ever encounters an enemy with ERA or composite armor, then it becomes a glorified fireworks launcher. But lobbing this HESH rounds over 800m of distance is great fun, because than you can hit the enemy from top and kill basically anything up to Abrams and russian high tiers ^^

    • hahahahahaha era is paper. you just need to aim the gun
      this isnt an insult i just laughed because era is worthless against this shell, ive been taking this girl out on top tier and easily oneshotting top tiers 😛

    • You know what doesn’t have ERA and works great with this tank? The ground…seriously shoot the ground between the tracks and it blows the belly of the tank out and kills it…even MBTs

    • @Klaus_Klavier That only works if the enemey doesnt kill you first or you are just unlucky and the belly shot doesnt kill. You and the others are right, the AVRE is still able to kill modern MBTs, but its alot harder and if you ever encounter someone who knows what he does, the chances are pretty low. Although that doesnt mean i dont enjoy playing this tank, because i love the style and the ballistics of it.

  6. As another meme tank they should add Churchill AVRE since it had 320mm spigot mortar on it 😉

  7. Hell yeah gamer time

  8. Catapilamilascwerpascitoe

    Bruh the real question is which one of these goddamn tanks games should I play ?

    • The premium strv for Brittan is soo much better and op at its br, if you want a good grinder tank get that dont waste money on this my friend trust me i have almost everything in the game except the newest stuff they added recently

    • war thunder for realism imo, and between world of tanks and armoured warfare i think it’s just personal preference but i haven’t played either in a while. I preferred armoured warfare over WoT

    • Catapilamilascwerpascitoe

      @David Barr I wish War Thunder had PVE, just to speed up the grind.

    • @Schl äfer lol “assualt mode” is so bad that people don’t even know it exists hahaha

    • @David Barr seriously, WOT is too P2W even when compared with WT after 2015, AW is just too dead to even join for PVE let along PVP

  9. My most favourite tank.

  10. Lol Cent good BBBBBBBRT

  11. i really love the lower front plate of the centurions… actually my su 100 does, 😀

  12. You were fighting 6.3 as a 7.0. That’s no uptier bud

  13. Phly did this video yesterday

  14. Thats not even an uptier devil XD its 7.0 and alot of 6.7 tanks you were sooo lucky with the b.r😄👍

  15. I’d like to see Devil play the Strv 103-0. Never seen it played in War Thunder and dunno if he’s played it on stream but im interested how it works considering when the Strv line of tanks were added into WoT it pretty much added a whole new mechanic to the game.

    Actually now that i think about it WT probably just added that mechanic into the game aswell. cant be that hard to add.

  16. Shoot its gun and then kill it lol.

  17. My favourite is the Brümbar, I have a KD of 6 in it lol

  18. A fat cat from sweden

    I’d get it for 10 or mabye even 15€ but damn 50 is expensive af…

  19. Hell no. This thing is great but aint got shit on KV I C 756 (r)

  20. God save the queen INTENSIFIES

  21. AVRE is hands down the best $ I ever dropped on War Thunder. It’s in every lineup in my UK tree at and above its BR.

  22. I have it, played the heck out of it. Survives everything liek a champ.

  23. Big Bore Boiz

  24. Devil dog gamer for life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. WarGame be like:

    Goodnight redfor infantry

  26. And the most beautiful

  27. Peace out d-dog im off to basic, love you long time

  28. 8:56
    *enemy tank shoot’s at devil*

    Biggest mistake he made in War Thunder.

  29. and this is why i don’t play war thunder

  30. You are really good at WT,

  31. Most funnest premium

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