War Thunder – The Reason For My Absence

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately on the War Thunder front, hasn’t it? Here’s why, and what you can expect in future.

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System Specs: i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or of Warships replay just send the file the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Part of the reason SU-100Y seems OP in RB even is cause people don’t know
    where to shoot it in RB while SU-100Y don’t really need to aim that

  2. Schütze Königstiger

    They should add a “Shitbox” mode for War Thunder so all the people with
    shit PC’s (or shit skills and need to turn off the concealment) can be
    catered to while the rest of us can play it with the game looking amazing.

  3. It’s not that hard to use APHE rounds Jingles anyone could go out and pen
    them anywhere in the hull and have a good chance to set fire or explode
    them in one shot. This guy doesn’t even need to know where to shoot.
    There are “special” people who just use ACPR and are raging about how they
    cant kill anything though.

  4. Johnington Smithington

    it’s not an even playing field in ground forces when Russian tanks have
    access to the aphe which pens and explodes and knocks out everything this
    game is easy with a t34 especially when you’re top tier its just a point
    and click adventure game, yes the pen is even playing field but Russian
    ammo is not

  5. The early t34s are a bit op and i always got loads of kills, streak of 24
    (and lost the match) etc

    I think i still have that replay and i even sent it to you months ago but i
    guess you did not watch it

  6. yea simulator is the best mode for any war game

  7. Good video Jingles. How I wish we could force Gaijin to stop this problem.
    I still play and I keep my graphics turned up. Every so often I get killed
    even though there are dozens of trees and bushes in front of my tank. It
    really pisses me off. Gaijin has to change things.

  8. There are real issues with a 1.0 BR spread in realistic, which is why there
    is a vote on the forums to change it to 0.7, although its entirely possible
    to shoot down a Mig 15 in a bi-plane its still to much for some planes.

    And for the record the armour on the lower tier T34’s was (or still might
    be because this was recent) broke and almost impenetrable, which resulted
    in T34’s rolling around clubbing everyone in a tank which might as well
    look like this….


  9. War Thunder is the only game Jingles does that I play consistently (I play
    World of Warships now and then and I dont play World of Tanks) While I’m
    sad I wont see as much War Thunder content, I’m here for Jingles commentary
    not really the games. So I’ll stick around.

  10. i subed fore war thunder, I stayed for jingles

  11. As I was told on the warthunder forum spend 4 hours a day 6 months minimum
    memorising were the ammo racks and fuel tanks are on every tank before ever
    pressing the battle button or if you don’t want to FUCK OFF NOOB!!!

  12. Ground Forces became a lot better not to long a go, when the is-3s stopped
    getting in to games with is-4 mod 1944 and Tiger II (H)

  13. Gaijin are incompetent so ULQ settings exploit will continue, like all the
    other backed up problems Gaijin refuse to address. Gaijin also don’t
    tolerate criticism so hope Jingles doesn’t become a target like alconafter

  14. i want gold in WT!!!

  15. Maybe play some realistic? I have had countless games where myself and my
    friends have taken out 2-3 each a game 🙂 Only time we loose is when we we
    can’t find an enemy. RB is much more fun than arcade if you have the skill

  16. hello… I am aware that this isn’t a WOW video but from what I’ve heard
    the Tirpitz may be coming into the game soon and well…….. whilst im not
    German it was an amazing ship and even though it didn’t do much it was
    still a good ship and it is may favorite ship of all time and when jingles
    gets around to doing a review of it I just hope that he does that ship
    justice… or at least fro the Bismarck

  17. Honestly, you do not play War Thunder for Arcade Battles…

  18. Same here jingles. I think the ground forces maps suck.

  19. Jingles: a while back they implemented changed that meant that low graphics
    settings are not an advantage… (Less bushes more fog for example) Does
    this work… Debatable.. but its much much less of a problem than it was
    before. Besides.. British tanks soon :D

  20. Hey Jingles, you still play Elite Dangerous? Got the game a while ago after
    seeing the videos you did on it. I know you have your reasons for not doing
    videos on it anymore but I was wondering how Commander Jingles was doing.
    What is old Jingles flying these days? How are you earning your living? 

  21. Humiliating? Not even close, I ended up shooting down a p-39q with my he-51

  22. Hello jingles, not sure wether you’ll see this. I’m one of the people that
    has to turn foliage off for my ancient Mac to be able to run war thunder,
    and honestly it hasn’t really helped with spotting tanks as I’ve noticed
    zoomed in you can kind of see tanks it cover but as soon as you zoom out
    they are gone. Just thought I’d give me .02 cents 

  23. They should make people with low setting have to have foilage in on the map
    just with a craper look.

  24. Would the upcoming British tanks at the very least make you curious?

  25. I have a gtx 970 in my computer put i have to still play the game on the
    lowest settings because the game said i need old graphic cards support. Any
    thought of how to fix it?

  26. Why do you have to compare everything to world of tanks. Arcade flight
    models and WOT tank battles have so little in common.

  27. You know Jingles.. Gaijin is going to kill Air Sim soon.. They’re not
    fixing bomber issue with unlimited ammo, 3th person view and mouse aim.
    People will just start pissed of and leave it.

  28. I believe it doesn’t really matter that much where you shoot a tank,
    because if it penetrates the shrapnel goes flying everywhere inside the
    tank hitting several crew members and modules and it’s easy enough to
    penetrate tanks with rank 3 or less.

  29. I wonder what he did once he found out british tanks were about to land in
    War Thunder…

  30. I remember a time, when we actually had look up the PC requirements on the
    back of the box, to find out if our PC were good enough to handle it.
    If the game required more than we had, we simply put the game back onto the
    shelf and started saving up for a better PC and/or find a different game to

    We did not go and beg the developers to make it possible to run the game on

    Bring on the hate, ULQ princesses!

  31. Wouldn’t worry about doing Warthunder videos about you own games, I don’t
    play it any more. Gaijin just sucked all the fun out of the game, play two
    games then I get bored as hell so I just unistalled it. If you do a video
    about the history of a plane or tank then I will probably watch it, but its
    not because of the game itself.

  32. +The Mighty Jingles If you want to concentrate on Sim games, then why not
    show us some of your attempts at FRB? ;)

  33. Warthunder scans your systems spec when it installs correct? Why not force
    the level of foliage that’s removable based on your pc spec? Atleast that
    way only people playing on Potato’s can remove foliage entirely.

    It’s not perfect but it may stop a large sum of the offenders?

  34. Jingles, having watched that part about that t34….

    I think you’ve lost the plot.

  35. I just wish they’d bring back ground forces Sim battles

  36. what about the addition of British tanks?

  37. Yep, this cheating by turning off the concealment is a deal-breaker. Also,
    Gaijin is a really shitty company! The way they are behaving makes me not
    want to give them any money.

  38. Jingles every weekend I move to my dads house and I take my laptop to play
    war thunder and I have to run it at lowest graphics I have no choice, at my
    mums I have a great PC that I can completely max out war thunder but I find
    it harder to use lower graphics because sniping every thing looks like
    plasticine, up close it doesn’t matter because you are usually face hugging
    enemy tanks or engaging at 50-100m were even light tanks are visible and
    the grass and bushes that you moan about no one hides behind them every one
    rushes up to the front to get kills almost always in a city. I also watch
    Phlydaily and baron they have no problem killing things with high graphics
    it just doesn’t affect you as much as you make it out to be plus if you
    want to remove that ability lots of people will be not be able to run
    ground forces or in some respect planes

  39. I agree with most of your points but the arcade replay is nothing special.

    The low tier T-34s are just professional seal clubbing tanks that are way
    too good for their BR.

  40. Turning on the CC on this video makes it so much funnier.

  41. 10:47 – Yep, E 75 angled at 45 degrees or angled and behind a building is
    so much stronger than any other heavy tank at tier IX…

  42. No War Thunder Ground Forces sucks. I mean, a Tiger I, one of Germany most
    well armoured tank, gets blown up by a freaking Stuat in the front. Plus
    every time I go into a match, I got shot by a fucking KV-2 that one shots
    me and when I jump in the KV-2, I get shot up OR my shot just clearly blows
    the track off a target when I aim at the turret of the target, with high
    explosive, in a KV-2.

  43. Yak-1 is 2.3 in arcade

  44. Jingles you are a bit out to date what belongs to the damage mechanics in
    war thunder. The T34 is actually a game breaker at the moment in War
    thunder. It deals ridiculous damage, one shots everything (seen in the
    video). Players doing their gold wagers with this tank only because the
    average tank player has a 70% win rate in this tank at the moment because
    of its ability to one hit everything. This guy in the replay just point and
    clicks and the enemy explodes.
    -> why a T34 is easy mode
    Second thing is the ammo rack and fuel tank explosion chance. It was
    massivly decreased. HEAT, APDS and even APHE shells aren’t able to reliable
    set those thing on fire or create an explosion. Especially APDS and HEAT

  45. +TheMightyJingles instead of stopping because others are cheating just keep
    playing because WT is a fun and relaxed game

    since you don’t have to worry too much on how to maximize your armor or
    your aircraft flight characteristics keep palying the game for the sheer
    fun and don’t mind if you get 20 or 2 kills or if your team wins or loses,
    they even removed the daily double so now you don’t have to worry that your
    fist win will be a total fail

    I play WT with everything turned on and know most play without it and take
    advantage, even so I just don’t think about it and just focus on having fun
    and that ususally works

  46. What’s with the BR in realistic battles?

  47. 7:06 Well thats why i play sim mode and you can hide in low alt. and sneak
    up and one burst kill planes , arcade sucks.

  48. Still better than world of tanks 

  49. patrick Katalenas

    wait time out— they STILL havent fixed that cheating bit where you can
    turn off the scenery? fuck…

  50. Elite Dangerous?

  51. I am sorry but T-34 1940, 1941 and 1942 are OP for their BR in AB. This
    shit has very strong armor and fires mini nukes.

  52. What’s extra stupid about the way shutting off the scenery works is that
    the game engine COULD still keep hidden tanks from rendering, rather than
    being exposed. That would solve the issue, or at least mitigate it.

  53. That’s like been AFK Jingles.

  54. Jingles, as you said, if you want epic games in WT, you have to play at
    least Realistic.
    Arcade is fun and games, where winning isn’t really the #1 priority for a
    lot of the players… especially at low tiers. And if you want to play WT
    seriously, you can play air realistic battles. Scenery doesn’t matter, and
    you can end up carrying your team if you’re good enough 🙂

    Try one realistic game a day, and I promise you’ll improve ^^

  55. I dont even play WT anymore cause I had to sold my PS4. besides guy like
    the other WT youtubers talk absolute nonsense thats not related to the
    vehicles they’re trying.

  56. That’s why I tend to not play Arcade air-battle anymore unless I’m grinding
    for a high BR plane.Especially the Russian planes,they’re pretty Godly in
    Realistic battles,forget it in Arcade.

  57. TheHowitzerPriest harris

    I don’t play ground forces for the same reason. But I’m one of those people
    who play on a crap computer and I don’t wanna be wanna those people who
    play with the scenery turned off. With planes I’ve found it doesn’t matter
    as much but I’m looking for my simulatiater styled games and that’s why
    I’ve gone to computer. I’m used to crap console graphics so for the time
    being I’m willing to sacrifice FPS and overall graphics for the time being
    while I work on an actual computer. 

  58. War Thunder’s IS 4 and IS 3 would like a word with you Jingles about
    Balanced Armour

  59. I absolutely refuse to turn off foliage. I will fight and die honourably to
    scumbags who do.

  60. I agree with you arcade is pretty much a numbers game. But in simulator
    battles you can exploit the scenery, play evasive and win 7 vs 1s. Don’t be
    afraid join us the flight community! It’s not that much effort or

  61. Hmm, Jingles, I know you won’t do it, but if you get a PS4 and get
    Warthunder on that, you’d be always on the same playing field as everyone
    else, no one will have a advantage over others

  62. Is it just me or does it feel like the economy in WoT is broken?

  63. jingles have you played IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover if so what you
    think of it

  64. I have stopped playing WarThunder as well, though it was because the
    Simulator mode was canceled. ( Why would you take out a mode that sets you
    appart from the competition?) I also think that Germans are slightly
    underpowered, you always needed more skill while playing but with Americans
    in the game now not even that seems enough ( For me that is )

  65. jingles, can you show us some gameplay of Attacker aircraft on RB?

  66. War Thunder is the black sheep in tank arcade battles, but no matter how
    shitty it is. They put a leo 1 in. So I have to play it. (It is an arcade
    tank battle don’t try and say it’s not.)

  67. I play with max graphics and I rack up kills and most if the time I don’t
    get killed from invisible tanks I see my killer. I guess I’m lucky

  68. Anyone else catch Jingles saying 13.7 mm machine guns at 7:25 ?

  69. Gaijin sucks dick. the gameplay is fuckin awesome but the company is shit.

  70. BR spread isn’t a problem at the lower tiers Jingles. But play 5 arcade or
    RB matches in the AD-2 Skyraider or the F8F-1B Bearcat and tell me that
    works the way it is. Its high speed hell up here in between rank 4 and 5

  71. Worst game imo.

  72. Hey +The Mighty Jingles u should try DCS P-51/Fw 190 D-9/ Bf 109 K-4. If u
    want some more info about WT or DCS give me know. I would love to help you
    getting better in RB or SB battles or start up with DCS. You can jump in to
    my channel to see some of my work (however it’s all in polish 😐 ). I also
    use to work with Bajtek55- the community manager in WT, however he is lack
    of free time, trying to get to our Polsih Fighting Force. See you soon, I

  73. Bob The Builder Dupstep

    *Gaijian has written a copyright claim and is taking your youtube channel
    for 666 days and they have Banned your account for 333 days. Have a good

  74. +The Mighty Jingles
    To be honest Jingles, not playing war thunder because of the concealment
    issue is kinda foolish. I play it with the scenery on, and I have almost no
    issues with being killed by people unfairly. It really seems to be an
    exaggerated problem.
    If this kind of opinion is one you’ve gathered from playing arcade, no
    offense, but It’s got nothing to do with concealment. I’ve long since
    stopped playing arcade ground forces, simply because concealment means
    nothing there. Since you are constantly lit up for the enemy team, then it
    doesn’t matter if the guy shooting you has line of sight to you or not. All
    he has to do is point the mouse in your direction, wait till the “X” goes
    green, and fire. I think the thing that finally did it for me was on the
    map “Carpathians”, when I was sniped by an SU-152(who was on the castle
    hill, behind concealment) from across the map(I was near the southern
    point, southwest of it, sniping at enemy tanks in my Hellcat). Despite the
    fact that there was a massive amount of scenery between us that would have
    hid us from each other in realistic or simulator, because it was arcade, we
    could both see each other, and the exact distance between us. I ignored
    him, as there were plenty of other targets much closer to me, and he was so
    far away. The next thing I knew, my Hellcat and been blown away by a 152mm
    shell, from him. If that had been any other mode, he wouldn’t have seen me.

  75. Winning against impossible odds? In WT AB, unlikely due to respawns. But
    there have been countless battles where I’ve gone 1v5 or more and came out
    on top in RB. For example, P-47D-28 in bottom tier, fighting Japan. Team
    donkey’s out, I’m rammed by a P-38 who wanted to KS me, which forced to RTB
    after claiming two kills, and in the time it took to repair… my team was
    gone, and I was alone against 6 enemies.
    P-47, a plane people constantly say sucks, in bottom tier, against a nation
    people like to call OP. Challenge accepted.
    To keep it short, I proceeded to execute two Fw 190 A-5s, and then a Ko
    Hayate, and finished it off with two players in A6M3 mod 22kos working
    Flawless victory.

  76. There are no competition spirit in WT. Unless you want to go to RB but who
    has time for that? And WTGF wont get my money until they fix the graphic
    setting shit, making it an unfair game. You potato computer guys can have
    the game for your self. 

  77. hahaha phlydaily “Quality content provider”

  78. Jingles, you need to try playing Mechwarrior Online for a week if you think
    this game is broken.

    No matchmaker, no tiers, just shoving newbies in front of the guns of
    experienced, decked out players.

  79. I agree with you Jingles, if Gigin or w/e dev’s called had 2 brain cells to
    rub together. And made it so you cant turn cover off as you can right now,
    I refuse to even consider installing it. I know it has many features better
    then WoT even if a 90m gun can pen and hit the ammo rack on a maus which is
    very upsetting… Regardless IF and only if you couldn’t turn off the
    concealment and cover I’d give it a try.

  80. I wonder why nobody has ever thought of/mentioned to just implement an
    addition into the matchmaker: Why not make the matchmaker take into account
    the graphic-settings the player uses? Cant be too hard to do. Then it
    doesnt actually matter what setting u are using because EVERYONE in ur
    games (on ur own team and the enemy team) have THE SAME SETTINGS. Am i
    really the 1st one to have that idea? I dont know if there is someone here,
    who has a close enough connection to Gaijin, to make this proposal and has
    a hope of having the proposal being met with results. I also havent played
    WT for 4 months now for that very reason. I hope this graphics-problem will
    be adressed, so i can get into the game again, because i personally think
    the game looks and is amazing. Please Gaijin. I heard of this problem more
    than HALF A YEAR ago. Do something about it…

  81. 16:00 That T-26 didn’t fire any ammo that makes armor meaningless… he
    shot the T-34 in an area with 30mm of flat armor. An amazing shot right
    into a weak point with normal shells.

  82. If you keep quitting out like that, Jingles, you’ll miss out on all the
    epic comebacks you could have.
    And for what? Saving yourself a minute of time? You’ll hardly be any more
    annoyed if you still lose after that. ;)

  83. don’t mean to be the fun police but you try fighting low he 162 s in a
    spitfire Mk9 the second one when they constantly have an energy advantage

  84. For the most part, people who argues that armour in WT is trivial has never
    tried to angle their armour. For example, the Tiger H1 gets around
    102/82/82 of armour thickness and does not have very sloped armour at all.
    However, put your tank at around a 30 degree angle and cover your sides,
    and you will see IS, IS-2, and T-34 (-57,-STZ, -85DT) tanks bounce their

    The T-34 E also gets pretty good armour if you angle it.

  85. Honestly I dont care if you dont play WT, Jingles. I go to Phly and Baron
    for WT and other things… I dont play WoT, but I stay on your channel
    because I learn something new in almost every video… And I gotta stick
    around for Mingles With Jingles.

  86. Jnorbz247 is back too

  87. This is a tank
    _*_* ##
    _____/_____======== # # =>
    __/________________ ##
    ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ 0/
    __O. O. O. O. O. /

  88. I have a few issues with some points you said: “a game is either won or
    lost, you can’t turn it back in your favour” well yes and no, in arcade I
    agree, you’re probably screwed if your team sucks. in air RB battles,
    although its arguably more difficult than turning around a game in WoT, its
    possible, and it has been done before by many people I know, and even
    myself. as for the balancing of the game, I agree when you say that many
    players aren’t good enough to discuss the balance of aircraft or tanks in
    the game, my greatest criticism of the forums is perhaps their idea of
    aircraft balance being so skewed that gaijin just cannot take them

  89. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    i have a very old computer, that i made, not very expensively, out of parts
    i bought separately… it still holds up, runs on XP, but i have to play on
    the owest low settings, on the “old graphic cards support” (even though my
    card isn’t old, it was low/middle quality for gaming, 4 years ago, and
    she’s just getting old), but no matter if i have to play on 20 fps, i
    always tweak the settings to keep scenery and foliage on, and play fair
    (well, fair… on the snow map i can’t see rocks because everything is
    white and i kill my driver and transmission all the time on bumps and ninja

  90. I serious thought that you got aids or something after your 18 years in THE
    NAVY and all buttsex included in all those years ?

    * ahahahahahahaha* Aka jingle laughter.

  91. Are ships ever coming to war thunder like maybe in a few years time ?

  92. ShitThunder: Fun Not Guaranteed

  93. I’ve personally never found a problem with people exploiting the graphics
    settings. In my opinion, War Thunder is a much better game than WoT could
    ever dream to be.

    Then again, I prefer flying to tanking.

    Also, Jingles, War Thunder isn’t team based. If you lose the game there are
    no penalties, and if you win there’s only a slight bonus. You didn’t have
    to quit that Air Battle. ;)


    What do you have to say about reports of ninja buffed Soviet ammunition to
    make them have more power when they do penetrate?


  95. They want everybody to play their game…right…let´s see…People who
    can´t afford at least a medium spec PC are also not the people who can
    afford to spend a lot of money on WT…so screw them. We´re in 2015, go buy
    a real machine or get lost from War Thunder.

  96. For the next Mingles (maybe) :
    What tank would you want to have in your garden ?

  97. If the BR’s were based on performance or date of introduction, the system
    would be much better. They are instead based on ‘player efficiency’ which
    shows its flaws in the overtiered A6M’s, and undertiered Ki-84 Ko. (If it
    wasn’t for the fact that the I-16 Type 27 was Tier II, it could face the
    Ki-84 Ko. 3.3 vs 4.3 battle rating.)

  98. Totally agree Jingles. The graphics settings absolutely makes this great
    game unplayable for me in GF as i refuse to set it so low. and the BR in
    both modes sucks a bit, so im a rare guest there until at least the
    graphics part is solved.

  99. one thing to note about the high penetrating ammo (apcr, apds) their
    penetration is not that good against well sloped armor. If apcr has 200mm
    pen at a flat angle it will have something like 70mm pen against armor that
    has been sloped at 60 degrees. so in war thunder there is more than just
    “effective armor” which is the combination of slope and armor thikness.
    It’s often more important to know that aphe ammo penetrates better when the
    armor is well sloped.

  100. APCR, and other high penetration shells aren’t normal until BR ~4+ or 5+,
    not 1.3.

  101. That T-34 is a bad example. He’s fuckin high tier. It’s easy to club . He
    didn’t kill the other T-34 he killed a shitton of guys BR 1 or more
    less that if they don’t kill/disable him in their first shot they are dead.
    That’s the reality of low tier arcade tanks

    The T-34 battle rating and BR 1.0 spread combination is a nightmare if
    you’re grinding through low tier stuff.

  102. Rob “Orion3132” Smith

    Jingles! I think the reasons you give are pretty much the same reasons why
    I don’t really play the game that much either… I haven’t even played it
    long enough to really unlock any thing in quite a while so yea… Gaijin
    needs to fix that, they need to fix it so you can only set it to low and
    not turned off completely.

  103. Jingles most times i shoot tanks in the ammo it goes black and it does not
    explode. When i get shot it explodes almosr all the time. When i shoot
    tanks in their fuel tanks they don’t catch fire. When i get shot not only
    do i catch fire every time, i sometimes even explode.

  104. i play war thunder ground forces on high graphics settings and still wreck
    people even if they’re playing on minimum graphics

  105. What’s the option that disables foliage? Is it the “Detailed Foliage”
    checkbox? Or the “Grass” slider? Or what?

  106. +The Mighty Jingles what do you think of the new album of bon jovi?

  107. So get your point. Playing tier 5 last game, forgot I had finned rounds
    loaded saw an enemy thru the bushes. Fired a shot round blew up by hitting
    the bushes, next second he fires a finned round thru the same bushes and 1
    shots me! So he had the settings at min obviously, which just plain sucks.

  108. Russian medium tanks are glass cannons in war thunder, a shot through the
    front of the mostly ornamental front armor kills the driver and if you’re
    lucky the loader or gunner. A shot to its rear half hits the house sized
    engine block.

    Panzer 3s and 4s crew cabins are more spaced out, at the expense of being
    trivially easy to ammo rack, a trend that continues up to the panther and
    both Tigers 

  109. Who won the headphones

  110. the reason battles don’t turn around is because jerks just rage quit as
    soon as you start loosing.

  111. Jingles tell those idiots this – Why can’t they just have an in game
    choice – where if you can run the game with concealment on – And then only
    be in a cue with other players with that choice on too.. That way everyone
    happy and on same settings !!

  112. Well the first 8 minutes show footage from 1.49…1.51 has been with us for
    quite a while, so basing an opinion on outdated game footage is
    questionable at best. The ULQ issue however is completely gamebreaking but
    Gaijin’s community mismanagement and admins constantly ban people for
    saying that it is…meanwhile they don’t even play the game, so why should
    their opinion even matter?

  113. Oh Jingles please, In arcade ground forces it doesn’t even matter everyone
    has Wall hacks and aim bot, so why even bother with concealment?

  114. Ground forces may be more realistic but that doesn’t mean it’s all that
    much fun. Everything penetrates everything and you die in one hit every
    other game… It’s not fun. It’s amusing at best. I love War Thunder as
    much as the next guy but even I can admit that WoT is simply more fun and
    entertaining when it comes to tanks.

    In WoT, first off you don’t die in 1 hit every game. Secondly, there is
    reason to play different tank classes. If you want more health and armor
    with a pretty decent gun, you go heavies. If you want a super mobile tank
    that’s very sneaky at the cost of a poor gun and poor armor, you drive
    light tanks. If you want a cross between those two tanks, you drive a
    medium. If you want good camo and a fantastic gun, you go with tank
    destroyers. If you want to play troll-roulette, you play arty. Of course
    this is very generalized but still, it’s straightforward and fairly clear
    and simple…

    War Thunder, it’s less clear. It comes down to the armor. As said before,
    everything can penetrate everything for the most part. For that reason,
    armor kinda feels rubbish. So you might as well sit in a medium tank with
    more mobility and a decent gun.

  115. Jingles you can still play Ground Forces just play Anti Air Units don’t
    need to worry about the plants problem pretty much use the hills as cover I
    play that role alot find really good spots to shoot down any planes in AB
    RB and SB Ground Forces and I been playing some Ground Forces notice there
    was less players using the Low Graphics Setting in RB and SB I was shock at
    the time normal used to be like everyone was using it for some reason it
    slowly reduce in numbers

  116. Doesn’t the t34 guy show up in the chat on cicon’s streams all the time

  117. War Funder is gewd

  118. It’s the man not the machine.

  119. Gerissenheit Wolf

    is it just me or everytime in WOT when I use a Tiger2 it is impossible to
    kill a Foch?

  120. Hey jingles, loving all the videos right now, but I really wish you would
    showcase more air simulator battles. Also, I couldn’t tell you how many
    times I’ve watched your Where Eagles Dare video.

  121. i agree with you 100% it is so true

  122. I feel like what Gaijin needs to do for ground forces, is to have some form
    of a set setting (medium or high setting is preferred) for simulator
    battles and only simulator battles. So then everyone has the same graphical
    advantage. Although there may be a difference when it comes to fps
    advantage, but I just find this idea rather pleasing. No guarantee that
    it’ll fully work out in the game, but it’s at least something to combat
    this issue… So what do you guys think?

  123. +The Mighty Jingles Taking a break from world of warships and finding war
    thunder tank simulator to be quite fun on high detail. Rolling german side
    in a pzr IVH and so long as I team up with tigers I get my fair share of
    kills and the whole “I can shoot you before you see me” is negated a bit
    when your buddies guns spin round to shoot lay fire down on where you’ve
    been shot. You are right it is crap but that “If I screw up I’m dead and if
    I see you before you see me” feeling in ground forces simulator is
    something you just can’t find in another sim game. All the best. I’m sure
    I’ll get pissed off and quit for a few months at somepoint.

  124. Why did u play not Rb in warthunder planes there u can when u pick the
    right plane and u are a good pilot carry the team and make 3-5 kills with
    no problem.
    Please start playing Rb in planes jingles arcade is no plane game i find it
    like all flying x wing or so .
    Mfg. Lancelot

  125. FrederickApollyon

    There is no russian bias? Pick a 3.3 BR russian tank (t-34 1941 is
    perfect), start a realistic battle and TRY TO LOSE. You can’t. Also, game
    files taken apart by some overzealous guy show that russian shells have
    twice the other nation’s exploding power with half the filler. Well… GG.

  126. Have war thunder scan your computer to see if your computer can handle low
    quality and if it can it will unlock the utra low. Cant= Unlock

  127. Anthony Costanzo (GD)

    what you said about APCR is a lie, the tiger H1 and the panther only have
    their default rounds and HE. and while driving these tanks i remember many
    a time I a put round right through a Sherman’s ammo rack and then the game
    simply reporting the ammo was “damaged”. the Sheman then would put a round
    the tigers view port which has no armor and killed my entire crew.

    And when i say no armor I mean none, 0. when inspecting the armor of the H1
    if you place your cursor over the driver window it shows the armor of the
    side behind it.

    So yes i believe there should be some changes.

  128. My biggest beef with war thunder at the moment are the Russian aircraft at
    tier 4
    When flying a German aircraft vs Russians at tier 4 you run into the
    problem that aircraft like the la 7 and la 9 climb and turn way better than
    the German 109s or 190s you will meet them at the same altitude and since
    you use German aircraft as b&z that puts you at a disadvantage add that
    with the better engine performance, the la 7s and la9s can easily turn away
    from a head on ( if they have a brain) at medium to low alt you basically
    lost the fight before it even started
    So you say “just go around the map and climb high” that would work if
    anyone would do it and in that time period the il10s and tu-2s will eat
    your tickets away
    So the only solution in my opinion is to raise the br of the Russians, at
    least of the later la-7 and the la-9 until the German planes get their
    proper flight model and until that I (sadly) encourage people when vs tier
    4 Russians in German aircraft to just exit the battle because it makes no
    sense to fight when you will lose anyway because gaijin won’t do anything
    about the German flight models
    Also I find it disgusting that gaijin gives the Russian la-7 and la-9s a
    perfect flight model yet won’t do anything about the horribly inaccurate
    flight model of the Fw 190 D series, ta 152s and the bf 109s regarding the
    engine and maneuverability performance
    Tell me if you agree or disagree and if it’s like that for the Americans
    and British (because I have no tier 4s in those nations)
    pls no hate I’m just stating my opinion

  129. TheFatCatPoductions

    I feel pressured to turn my scenery off because duel core cpu and gtx 560.

  130. Jingles I find it very easy to win in tank games since it rarely takes more
    than 2 shot to kill a tank the first either messes up there gun crew the
    next shot just has to kill one more person and they’re dead. and in planes
    if you know how to maneuver and ply ur plane then its not to hard to win
    since u could only take one shot to kill that plane and in World of tanks
    that one shot is a lot harder to come by. I am usually the last person left
    alive on my team in tank realistic games vs 4 ppl that have maybe only died
    once and can re spawn and i kill them and end up with 7 kills on avg in
    tank realistic games. BUT in arcade mode its not about winning really if
    you want to actually need to win play realistic or sim. and get someone to
    join u and you will dominate. especially in tank because its simpler.

  131. I’ve had this issue too just don’t know why they cant just have blocky low
    res bushes trees etc on low settings.

  132. I still think that they should at least cap the amount of “premium” rounds
    one can carry. If gaijin is that meticulous about realism, they should
    limit that too.

    And yeah, there IS Russian bias in this game. People failing to see this
    are just plain kidding themselves.

  133. I don’t blame you Jingles I myself try now to play tanks in WT as little as
    possible and SIM as much as possible ,another fine video you got me into

  134. I’ve completely given up on warthunder ground forces, because if you’re not
    in russian tanks you’re fucked. It’s not so bad in low tier 1, but once you
    get like a stug or any of the tier 2s you’re going up against t34s that
    just herpaderp you incessently, and even point blank HEAT shells fired at
    the flat parts of a T34’s armor just don’t do any damage. It’s probably
    easier for the american tanks, but the t34s just dominate the playing
    fields and invalidate the other nations until you can push through that
    cesspit of mid-tier tanks

  135. Lol, i subscribed because of your “Zero fucks were given” attitude combined
    with british mentality overall. Say hi to Rita’s cats from me. :)

  136. I know that most tanks, you have to learn where you have to shoot to kill.
    But in almost all Russian tanks, since they have APHE, all they have to do
    is shoot something with a green crosshair. The shell will almost always
    blow up in the center of the tank perfectly to kill.

  137. ilikemachieneguns

    Hey jingles, two words for you: British Tanks.

  138. not even at high tears for the Germans fighting cold war tanks. amor cant
    do anything guns cant do anything. there amor stops all are rounds guns go
    throw like nothing. they move around better we just big slow ww2 tanks
    fighting cold war tanks

  139. ARMOR IS NOT COMPLETELY USELESS IN WT. Aprc ammunition is less dmg more
    penetration. Normal granates more dmg less penetration.

    1 more thing is false. Not every tank has axcess to high penetration ammo.

  140. Brittish tanks are coming next patch, will that make you play ground forces

  141. wait. so its totally cool to lower your graphics in FPS games for better
    gameplay but its bad to do the same for this? kinda hypocritical aint it?

  142. @16:47 Is there any way I can find that as a high res wallpaper? That is a
    badass shot

  143. Aviation Anonymous

    I hope that everyone here understands why WT has the option to turn off
    some foliage, it is so that people with low power computers can run the
    game with very playable fps. War thunder is a very well optimized game, and
    Gaijin was just trying to make it more accessible to a wider player base. I
    do agree it is a problem that some players abuse, but I think you need to
    learn to deal with it because I don’t see them changing any time soon.

  144. Well Jingels i have to say this… AWAAAAWAWAAAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAAAAWAAAAH!!!

  145. I’m of the same opinion, while you can turn off concealment WT-GF is broken.

    Pity, as it’d be a fantastic game…

    Seems their business model is max number of participants, but in catering
    to those with very low systems they’re very likely losing a good chunk of
    the rest of the range.

    Games need to have *rules*; it’s what makes them games.

  146. T34-1941 not OP, ahahah that’s the dumbess thing Jingles as said in a
    while, the 1941 and 1942 series are undertiered, they run into 2.3 BR Tanks
    that unless you charged straight up at them, can’t penetrate you. By the
    way that player dosen’t know where to shoot, he just shoots completly at
    random on tanks, you can see that he misses allot of shot because of him
    snap shotting. You think he’s skilled, and the fact that you think he his
    shows that you know nothing about this game anymore.

  147. Well spoken! Keep up your awesome channel, love it

  148. You’re right, WT must remove the graphics option (or grass option). It
    would up their status in the serious gaming community and hopefully be the
    leader in “equalizing” gameplay where your skills gets you kills.
    Cheating’s easy, trying gaming with the grownups and see how challenging it
    is to actually play the game. But how will we ever know that with these
    encouraged ingame cheats? WT be a grownup gamer.

  149. Last time I played WT tanks, I shot a T-34-85 in it’s front hull with a
    Tiger 1H 88 mm gun and bounced. Was actually aiming for the turret ring,
    but the shot went a little lower than expected and hit the hull perfectly
    flat and bounced off harmlessly at 300m.. Yeah it’s BS like that, along
    with turning off trees and bushes, that makes me not want to bother with
    the game. Have not played in well over 2 months, and before that I hardly
    played the game.

    No way can a T-34 bounce an 88 mm shell, unless the angle is extreme. And
    it happens often enough to be annoying. Got to aim for them weakspots hurr
    durr, or your 88 mm will bounce off a T-34-stronk.. Piss off Gaijin.

  150. this vid is really fun when watch at 0.5 audio kils me
    try 12:05 at speed 0.5 its really funy

  151. Not allowed to pick a name i want, thanks Google

    Bah, how come Jingles says so mcuh bullshit when it comes to war Thunder?

    How is armor being worthless in War Thunder ok becuase evryone can do that,
    but armor being worthless in WoT if your opponent shoots Pay2Win ammo also
    not a problem?
    Armor is essential for many tanks, making it useless sucks ALWAYS and in
    every of these 2 games.
    Also he got the battleratings as wrong as it gets.

  152. Everyone has access to the ammo that can pen your armor. um, yes and no.
    Stock tanks do not have access to that ammo, so unless you have moneybags
    to drop on Gaijin, you are playing at a MASSIVE disadvantage until you

  153. Why don’t Gaijin keep the bushes and other concealment stuff (that could
    gone missing) in the lowest graphics setting available in WT but with a low
    detail with no extra effects and stuff just like what WG did on WoT?

  154. Jingles, you are blowing the “turn off concealment” deal far far far out of
    proportion. Does it happen? Sure, maybe like one guy in one out of every 10

    Most people find it absolutely despicable especially Sim folks so it
    doesn’t happen as often as you’re acting like it does.

    Also you’re complaining about War Thunder not being fun yet you’re playing
    Air arcade matches which are absolutely horrible. In the time it takes to
    play those shitty battles in Arcade you could be flying out in sim mode and
    learning how to fly it and eventually how to kill someone else. Hell, I
    find simply flying in sim mode to be fun even if I don’t get even a hit on
    someone because it feels like I’m actually piloting an aircraft and not
    just moving an aircraft like in Arcade and RB.

    It might seem like a huge learning curve, but if you just go into the
    battles with the intention of keeping your aircraft in the air and maybe
    landing it properly then you’ll eventually get there. Plus, as I said,
    flying is fun. Bismark has a couple really really great videos to get
    people started flying in Sim mode. He even uploaded his control scheme
    (Works with Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, dunno about other sticks) so having
    that as a base and fiddlin with it to make it more comfortable to you is a
    good start.

  155. I hate tanks

  156. Easy to insult who don’t have the money to buy a new pc…i play on laptot
    it’s not my fault if i am obbligated to set the lower graphic options. The
    fault is using a “aircraft simulator” graphic engine for ground units that
    makes graphic a lot more heavier to be processed..(for example in the same
    options i reach 104fps in aircrafts…27fps in tanks). If i go trough a
    bush and i have the bad idea to aim trough it my frame rating collaps
    to…maybe 10 fps. It’s not so much fun to play a game that have lower
    graphic detail that some portable games. It’s not my faul if i realy like
    tanks and i want to play on it. I feel sorry if i ruined a match to
    someone. But i just want to play a game that i like.

  157. One of the first times i have disagreed with Jingles wasn’t so much the
    guys knowledge of the enemy tanks, it’s more fact it’s firing armor
    piercing ballistic cap, so when it penetrates it has a small explosion

  158. jingles you noob wz was firing aphe armor piercing high exposeive

  159. You crazy Jingles and your crazy flaps-down landing attempt at high speed.
    You can’t land if your flaps are pushing a big pillow of air into the
    ground… The second try was good though. Fuck the flaps unless you’re
    trying to stop on landing.

  160. Yeah, War Thunder pretty much died for me when a stupid freaking BIPLANE
    can soak up dozens of hits from 30mm cannons with AA shells, but their
    little .303 machine guns firing basic ball ammo quite happily tears the
    wings off of a BF109 with a single hit.

    I’ve got better things to spend my time on than stupid shit like that.

  161. oh i’m such a noob in WT air battles that i just quit trying… in the
    other hand tanks in WT seems cool but i do have that bad feeling that
    everytime i get spotted i’m gonna get blown up by some killer sniper at 1km
    away… so that is not likely to make my day a funny day… in WoT in the
    other hand… i do get a lot of bad matches with teams that dies in the
    first 3 minutes of play… so i try to carry as much as possible but i get
    overwhelmed and die… anyways, in those cases i actually DO something in
    the battle so, i still preffer the RNG of WoT that the nonsense 1km shot
    from the most camper players i’ve ever seen…..

  162. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    Look forward to those air sim videos! Those are my favorite!

  163. I know those feels, Jingles. I was very upset when Ground Forces RB was
    changed to have the aim assist, but not have the spotting assist. I can aim
    plenty fine without the aim assist. But I can’t *SEE* tanks that can see
    me, because I have scenery turned on.

  164. Really enjoyed realistic ground forces, but the graphics toggle was a deal
    breaker for me as well. Sad had 5 to 6 regulars playing nightly, but it so
    rediculas that none play now.

  165. Jingles (or anyone else for that matter) have you ever checked the manuals
    (that can be found on-line) from WW 2 that the Germans and others did on
    where to shoot a tank with what gun and do they match-up with War Thunder?

  166. is there a game like WT or WoT WITHOUT tier system?
    yes i got one T10 some T7+ but getting friends to join, is near impossible.

  167. Cao Kha Bao Khanh

    I love War Thunder ground forces bc it’s realistic and i love realism in
    war. I absolutely hate air force bc everyone just rams everyone.

  168. Elite: Dangerous rambling maybe?

  169. jingles. im not gona argue with you. but ive done what he does. where he
    know where to aim. hit it and penned only to watch nothing happen. ive
    sqaurely hit ammo racks only to watch them go black and not explode. ive
    hit radiators, engines, fuel tanks and transmissions. only to watch nothing
    happen other them get broken.

  170. Jingles almost forgot, with regard to the power creep you mentioned. I love
    playing the black prince. Being able to drive a machine which if I play it
    well and intelligently puts a metric crap ton of armor between me and
    return fire (like a tank) and returning fire at my leisure appeals to me.
    When I realize I was at tier 9 with both german heavy lines, and the
    american heavy line. I needed to find a tank that would suit my playstyle
    better. I found it in the british line, the Conq. If a heavy tank isn’t
    about armor then it should be about a weapon that is positively decimating.
    I am really interested to see how and whether the conqueror will stack up
    in War Thunder.

  171. Actually Jingles my laptop is a piece of crap and can barely run war
    thunder ground forces on ultra low and thee is still quite a bit of
    concealment not as much as ultra high but there’s still enough. So perhaps
    something changed since last or something I dunno. Sorry to hear you won’t
    do it but I don’t find it all that bad. I’ve played both ultra low and
    ultra high and see little difference so… Whatever floats your boat but
    take care and have fun. :)

  172. I think the best solution for the graphics problem, is to have dedicated
    server for low, medium, and high graphics. Not all in every server. That
    way only those who NEED to have low graphics do use them.

  173. I dont think its big issue in arcade or realistic ground forces. I admit im
    usually playing on lowest possible setting and if i could set it lower,
    i’ll do for some extra fps. But im not playing simulator battles for this
    reason. Just having fun(or “fun”) in arcade.
    In arcade you get icons and aim cross, anybody can shine because you dont
    have to see enemy.
    In realistic you get icons only, there turn off foliage starts have impact
    as you can aim better, but you’ll get icons so everybody know where you are.
    In simulator its something completely different. Turn off foliage got huge
    impact on gameplay. Thats right.

  174. So how come whenever I aim for ammo racks (and i have studied where they
    are) they don’t instantly explode like in that video? It even confirms in
    that little animation that shows you what your shot did. I hit the
    ammunition, but instead of exploding it just turns yellow or red. And this
    is using APCBC, in case you wanted to know,

  175. phantomkiller2847

    I am almost certain, Jingles, that details settings can be changed back to
    High or Ultra while watching a replay, so the game doesn’t look like 8-bit
    Duck Hunt… it even says in the video options that “Movie settings are
    recommended for watching replays, not gameplay”, so I’m sure you can change
    it back and forth; remain competitive with low settings, and change it back
    to high for our viewing pleasure.

    P.S. the foliage thing does not happen as often as you might think, since
    most maps happen in cities or large open fields, you have hard cover all
    around you. Except for maybe the Poland map… lot of places where having
    foliage turned on screws you over.

  176. Jingles… You do know that the Japanese are by far the best nation for
    arcade, right?

  177. I believe that the new Finland map you cannot turn off the scenery (I was
    told) A step in the right direction at least.

  178. MustYouHaveAUsername

    +The Mighty Jingles
    TL;DR: Just because you can potentially kill a target doesn’t mean that
    it’s a fair match up. The T-34/76 can utterly stomp the opposition right
    now and they truly ARE OP.

    Long version:
    Actually Jingles, the T-34 he is driving is as OP as it gets in current WT
    GF meta. It has the best armor and the best gun at that particular tier,
    it’s undertiered and has DM issues. Also angled armor has auto bounce
    modeled which makes it significantly stronger than it should be even vs
    higher pen/caliber guns.
    No to mention that it IS partially a result of Russian bias too,…
    recently it was discovered in the game files that the Russian 76mm shells
    deal roughly double the damage of the German/US 75/76mm shells and they
    have a bigger explosion radius and they produce more shrapnel and the
    shrapnel deals more damage…

    That is why you see a T-34 cleaning house in pretty much every game.
    Granted other T-34 or Pz IV F-2s could potentially kill him if they hit
    just the right spots. But he angles his tank well.
    However he IS pretty much immune to damage from pretty much 90% of the
    tanks in this match.
    The only part of the tank that pretty much everyone can pen is the MG port,
    which leads to his death in the end. (That and he places himself in a bad
    spot where he gets shot from multiple angles and therefore his angling is

    Try doing the same in the Pz IV… you simply can’t, you have to stay FAR
    back and snipe because you cannot take shots like a T-34, you also can’t
    reliably one shot tanks like the T-34 can so you open yourself up to return
    fire if you get in close.

  179. you could easily take on the whole enemy team in warthunder just fly in a
    straight line and they will shoot through each other ram into each other
    and then when its just you and one other guy turn round and kill him xD

  180. Jingles stop making me feel guilty for my potato PC!

  181. Lo




  182. Totally agree with you about the scenery thing in ground forces. It could
    end up as being counter productive if they lost players because of it. If
    you cant play with the concealment on… bloody upgrade.

  183. “A Yak-1 came out of nowhere and cut me in half”
    Sounds like the average War Thunder match to me alright…

  184. “Battle rating spread is not that much of an issue.” Spoken like a true
    arcade pilot.

  185. Phendranaguardian

    Really? I never heard of that issue with ground forces. I dunno, maybe less
    people are able to do that on the PS4 version.

    Overall I just find WT’s pros heavily outweigh the cons, especially in my
    favourite game mode, “realistic” battles. Quitting WOT for WT was a very
    good personal choice.

    -Realistic hit points
    -No health bars
    -Enemies can’t see your gamer tag, you can actually stealth in that game.
    -Tanks move at more realistic speeds, makes the map seem bigger than it
    really is.
    -Planes and tanks in the same servers.
    -Better graphics
    -Better audio
    -Don’t have to repair/restock tanks after battle.
    -You’re given more than one life, but your skill determines the amount of
    re-spawns you get
    -Less trolls
    -Artillery strike is a mere upgrade part, and not a vehicle class.
    -The inclusion of AA vehicles
    -Each tank has multiple progress methods rather than just upgrading your
    crew in a linear fashion.

    -Less tanks by far
    -Less maps
    -Less map diversity
    -Less nations to choose from
    -Camo isn’t synced with maps. IE: equipped arctic camo does not switch to
    green camo when entering a forest or field map.

  186. In terms of what the WZ-1111-4, because screw it, too many 1s, even for a
    Chinese tank re-production…the T-34 1941 (And 1942 for that matter), is
    likely carrying MD-8 Fuse rounds. If these rounds penetrate, it is likely
    you’ll either destroy the tank, or seriously cripple it at the least. These
    rounds are extremely ridiculous, at least with my experience using them.

    I do agree that, thanks to being able to turn off concealment in Ground
    Forces, and Gaijin’s refusal to look at alternatives, it’s driving tank
    drivers away from actually playing it constantly. This, for me, only became
    an issue when Gaijin decided to limit the spawns of tanks to three types
    per arcade match. The game has, as a result, become less fun for me

  187. anyone else notice how the T-26 shoots him through a house?

  188. mostly true apart from low tier German tanks of BR 3.7 and below. The
    panzer III even with the super high pen guns cannot pen or kill and enemy

  189. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    I play RB ground forces (on max settings of course, because I like pretty
    games and am still more than competitive, despite what you said) and have
    very rarely found being shot through concealment to be a big problem, and
    while im not great, I tend to do pretty well, usually in the top 3 in most
    battles. Couple of points about what you said.
    Firstly there is a big red box around all enemy tanks in arcade mode so
    soft cover is irrelevant anyway, EVERYONE has (soft)wall hacks.
    Secondly I’m sure while there are people who choose to turn down their
    graphics to get an advantage, there have definitely been times when they
    shouldn’t have been able to see me (but then they COULD just be playing on
    a rubbish computer as friends of mine regularly do), they are loosing out
    on the experience as a whole and I’m pretty sure for that reason, the
    majority of the community plays on as high settings as their machines will
    allow and the problem isn’t even near as prevalent as you make out.
    Thirdly, just outplay them, don’t rely on soft cover (on max settings I can
    still sometimes see tanks through dense trees etc), use more hard cover
    (buildings, rocks, the topography of the map, there is so much of it in war
    thunder that its relatively easy) you’ll be a better player as a result.

    So Jingles, in summery before you bitch and whine like a spoiled child to
    100,000 people or so (who, like it or not, are now less likely to give WT
    ground forces a try, even if they wouldn’t have the same problem with it
    that you do) about a feature that may or may not hurt the player experience
    (bigger player base vs less “wall hacks”), I suggest you play a few games
    now and again, impartially of course, and see for yourself how minor that
    particular problem ACTUALLY is, rather than how big you have built it up to
    be in your head. Good day to you.

  190. He wasn’t aiming at anything special, most of the time he hit centre mass,
    and the secondary explosion of his shell did the job.
    I’m not saying he doesn’t know how to shoot, I’m just saying that a 76.2mm
    aphebc is good for one shotting tanks at that level regardless of where you
    penetrate the fighting compartment.

  191. Jingles, yes every tank at tier 3 and lower can penetrate every other tank
    with upgraded shells, but at tier 4 and 5, German tanks, even with upgraded
    APCR shells, have severe issues penetrating Soviet upper tier 4 and tier 5
    vehicles because their AP shells do not have the penetration, and APCR
    shells are worthless against sloped armour, plus their WWII HEAT shells
    have less than 1/2 the penetration of their standard AP, which actually has
    the best ability to penetrate enemy tanks.

    For all intents and purposes, all variants of the T-54 are completely
    invulnerable to the German Kwk 43 and Pak 43 8.8cm long barrelled cannons
    from the front without any angling, and T-54s have light armour compared to
    their heavy tank counterparts. Before the significant reworking, even the
    Panther with its lower pen 7.5cm cannon had to face the IS-4M, a tank
    which, when using APCR shells, you can penetrate, but only on select areas
    of the rear of the tank. Not even the side can be penetrated unless you are
    at extremely close range and the IS-4M is completely side on with no
    angling. Because of the inability to penetrate enemy vehicles from almost
    any range with even the best shells, coupled with the absurdly high rp
    requirements to get even parts and a fire extinguisher, made German
    vehicles of BR 6.0 difficult to play and 7.0 or higher impossible to play
    without spending enough golden eagles to fully kit out your vehicle before
    your first game.
    The Russian tanks on the other hand, had access to ultra high penetration
    AP rounds, which were not only more than capable of penetrating the
    heaviest armour on all German tanks, but because they were all APHE,
    surviving more than one shot was exceptionally rare because of the blast
    and shrapnel ripping apart every module and crew in your vehicle.
    US players never had this issue because they could get HEAT rounds capable
    of penetrating anything and everything, and until then could penetrate
    German vehicles with any shell.

  192. Well said sir. Well said!

  193. So the T-34’s Armor Piercing High Explosive Ballistic Capped shell has
    nothing to do with it? I’ve always found that ammo to be ridiculously
    broken. Even when I use it, and I suck. I dont aim for ammo racks, but that
    APHEBC just murders anything.

  194. About this tank replay, get the same player, keep the map and the teams
    same, but give him a German tank and there’s no way he could have done
    this. I do agree that he knows where to shoot, but what allowed him to
    shoot was all the rounds that hit him and didn’t do slightest damage. A
    german tank rarely ever completely bounces a round, even if not fatal, they
    usually get a module malfunction. Doing what he did at 11:24 is certain
    death for a german tank, while he simply yolos into enemy lines. He was
    shot 11 times and none of the modules were even scraped, it was the 12th
    shot that set him on fire. This is simply ridiculous.

  195. 13.7mm machine guns ?

    Jingles ?


  196. Your right, but KV-2 does not take skill

  197. Lol why do people never look at US aircraft? F86 F2 is so op. For russian
    aircraft the only bias i see is maybe the yak 1.People r complaining that
    the spitfires and bearcats and whatever r underperforming and r missing
    this and this horse power. Yes, i would like that to be changed but then
    wont the Germans just get clubbed more? The only reason the Germans don’t
    get clubbed now is because the pilots actually use their brains instead of
    going full retard like most US players. They need to add a plane to balance
    the F86 F2 and give something to the Germans and japanese to balance it out.

    And then we have the issue of jets because it appears gaijin have the
    brilliant idea of adding sabres to every nation to make sure they the US
    wont only club. The Cl13 and F2 r op and together they wreck MiG 15bis.
    Sabres and the f2h r what r destroying jets right now. Most F2H pilots r
    “freedumbs” so that is the only reason i see y the plane doesn’t club. When
    u encounter those pilots with brains they r untouchable.

    Tanks r a completely different matter so i wont get into it. A lot of this
    stuff could be fixed but the BR system is just so shit. Well i feel like
    this is the problem in aircraft imo. Sorry for that mindless rant but i had
    to let it out :p.

  198. The ability to turn the graphics off should be ARCADE ONLY!
    If you cant afford a real computer then stick to arcade.
    Grownups play simulator and can afford a real gaming rig, well unless they
    get married and have a bunch of kids and then they dont have the time to
    play anyway 😉
    Arcade air battles sure can be a real meatgrinder tho :D

  199. Considering “All” the reasons, this was an amazing response! It must have
    taken a huge amount of self discipline to not raise other issues in WT.
    Perhaps WT will get the message soon enough, that you guys are the chaps
    that keep them current!

  200. HaloGamer gameing

    Jingles if I could rat on wot it would be the teir machups it realy sucks
    that’s one of the reasons that I went to wt 

  201. First match two things one dont be a pussy play till the end getblike 1
    more kill on something and two that laugh you get when you shot down enemys
    in the ki-27 well thats kinda like my zero laugh as mofos fall from the sky
    because of my guns

  202. +The Mighty Jingles you should check ground forces scenery again, now even
    if you turn it off you don’t have any advantage as they have introduced
    bushes that can not be turned off in all the right places :)

  203. Am I the only one who doesn’t really have a problem with the tanks in rb? I
    use the tiger II H the panther d and the jagdpanther or ferd depending on
    how I feel that day.

  204. Personally I’ve stopped playing War Thunder because of it’s utterly broken
    Battlerating system that pitches aircraft opposite each other from
    completely different years of the war.

    If a certain nation had superior aircraft in certain years so be it, that
    is how it was. No need to artificially bring it down by pitching it against
    aircraft it never met or would meet had they encountered each other on the
    battlefield in that year of the war.

  205. i was a tanker for over 6 years
    Armour-piercing, fin-stabilised, discarding-sabot
    when it holes the armor
    it like firing at claymore inside the tank
    it the armor that it pushed inside the tank is traveling at why passed the
    1 miles a sec and bounces around inside , it if it goes all thought both
    side of the armor
    it causes a vacuum inside the tank tat can suck the people inside the tank
    out a hole that only 3inchs in size
    FYI that why most tankers do not close all the hatches on their tanks
    unless in a built up area

  206. BR-System – knowing how it works, only then you are allowed to bitch about

  207. The thing, that pisses me off about WT Groundforces is the amount of RNG
    involved in it . I mean its nice, that you can instagib an enemy by
    shooting at his weakpoints. But often people just get very lucky and kill
    your ammo rack immediately. I recently sneaked up at a t34, than i aimed
    for his turrets weakpoint at the side (couldn’t aim for anythink else,
    since he was below me) and the only one i took out was the loader. Than the
    T34, panicked spun his turret around and hit the right corner of my front
    armour. The shell penetrated and took out my ammo rack. IMO he didn’t
    deserve that kill, since he clearly didn’t aim for any weakspots. This
    happens all the time, when you are driving around with your low-tier german
    Tanks and their paper-thin armour.

  208. they should make it able to make low graphic only for people who just CANT
    play @ high graphics… something like a graphiccard tester and fixed
    settings. that would solve the problem.

  209. he plays t34 against reserves lol he knows where to shoot its arcade
    Jingles just shoot the green marker for kills find a realistic battle if
    you need one i can record it to you

  210. I enjoy War Thunder but totally agree with you about not wanting to play
    with people turning down the settings.

  211. It’s such a shame with War Thunder. War Thunder Ground Forces is
    mechanically “better” than WoT (as in “it caters more to my liking”), i
    greatly prefer the damage mechanic. There is a host of other issues with
    WT/Gaijin, but the graphics settings in GF is my main complaint. If they’d
    fix it, I’d maybe come back.

  212. Actually +The Mighty Jingles i would love to play WT ground forces with the
    foliage on full, but sadly the mac version doesn’t allow it (well in most
    circumstances anyway) and yes i hear you cry, why am i playing on a mac,
    meh that’s just the only desktop i have i’m afraid. Sad really, WT (after
    playing for 2 years) does indeed….suck balls.

  213. LOL, oh I know that feeling :rollseyes:

    It seems like any time I’m having a good game the rest of the team must’ve
    chosen that moment to hold their mouse upside-down or something XD

    As far as simulator battles go… I’m still amazed at the FW190 pilot who
    demonstrated a knack at putting his plane in a flat-stall at will 0_0

  214. Im running a diy custom pentium 4 pc for war thunder.Obviously cost was all
    and ive got a fantastic pc complete mobo/graphics/gaming
    memory/keyboard/screen/mouse/sound and card/desk etc everything all built
    by me running war thunder fine for under $200 all in.

  215. you can’t be to fast for a “Krebs” landing in arcade …just do it and stop
    fucking up with the flaps

  216. evanatromitoszarsaz

    I like Squire, I hate the rest. Baron, Phly, and the rest of them are all
    fucking stupid. Aside from the fact that they’re all really bad at ground
    forces and air battles, they’re obnoxious and give a lot of false advice on
    how to play better, and pull facts out of their asses.

  217. It is an interesting point. I would feel confident in my ability in AB to
    do a 7v1 against your average impatient AB pilot but what I could not do is
    cap airfields against them and keep them capped, I could not prevent them
    from capping the domination air battle and it may be impossible for me to
    finish a ground strike map depending on the targets and the plane I am in.
    Most AB pilots are extremely impatient and play AB for the instant
    gratification and combat (myself included), if you’re in the mood for
    patience you can usually manipulate and outplay them. Maybe WT should make
    a game mode where you get 3 planes in AB and the game is won only when one
    team runs out of planes, and you can only queue up if you have 3 planes
    within 1.3 BR of each other, etc. This would allow for skilled gameplay and
    a skilled pilot to dominate, might make for some more interesting replays

  218. 6:40 “You will often find yourself in games where you either cannot win or
    you cannot lose.”

    This is absolutely correct, and it makes me furious. Some matches are
    simply unwinnable regardless of how much effort you put in. This is the
    biggest single flaw War Thunder has, and it will eventually drive me away.
    Gaijin needs to rework their matchmaker immediately, and they need to
    improve their maps so that the side your team is placed on doesn’t have
    such an effect on your chances of winning.

  219. ok there are br’s in war thunder where you face tanks you can do absolutely
    nothing against. my best penetrating rounds still cant pen a tiger 2 at its
    weakest frontal armor. and unless i catch the tiger by surprise im never
    gonna get a sideshot.

  220. ShmuckThe Unfunny

    Does the P-47D still face early A6M3’s? Does the IL-10 still have half its
    historical bombload?

  221. Stop playing arcade, honestly. Play a better mode. I am hypocritical in
    this sense though, as a sim player they have really been shitting on us.

  222. You can turn the safety options off so you can you h down at then high
    speeds. And reking other tier planes in arcade isn’t anything special 

  223. You could have gone capping the airfield with confidence, gears don’t break
    even at 500+kph in arcade.

  224. Hoping for more navy battles from the admiral then. ^^

  225. Didn’t Wargaming try physics-based damage in World of Tanks for a bit
    before scrapping it?

  226. horrible idea for a video do not play arcade play realistic

  227. That moment from 3:20 to 3:45 was kinda epic. all the fire and close
    aircraft going around you and your team mate going down right next to you
    was action movie worthy.

  228. I stopped playing because Gaijen is a shit company who blatantly favors
    Russian aircraft.

  229. And my T-34 1942 took 17 direct hits from a Tiger at a range of .1 km and I
    find that to be bias on behalf of Gajin.

  230. I still like it a LOT more than world of warplanes

  231. Why not zoom in for a change while you’re shooting at targets?

  232. http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_14003887 Sign Up with
    this Invite Code and Win golden Eagles!

  233. Gets some popularity and a bit of money, dumps old wife, imports young
    women half age form Belarus/ Russia etc, gets bored with what’s making him
    the money, gets carried away with the legend in his own lunchtime thing..

    All I can say is, your following a well trodden path , good luck to you….

  234. im not impressed about that WZ guy in the T-34 1941,that tank is as OP as
    they come,

  235. so no more war thunder?

  236. yep I fixed warthunder as well jungles , I deleted it, same with wargaming
    after they made a mockery of ballistics, deleted WOT , if you not going to
    have at least realistic ballistics its not a tank game , now I just play
    AW, oh shit I better let my clan know damn forgot . 2morow

  237. so the war thunder balance system is shit but the world of tanks balance
    system is better or what?

    seems like jingles is getting paid by WG now…

  238. Jingles please do more realistic air battles because the simulator battles
    can be abit slow sometimes and I find the realistic is a great cross
    between arcade and sim. And keep up the good work to :)

  239. Your Neighborhood Youtube Commenter

    Maybe it’s just me, but the problems you talk about seem pretty minor to
    me. I think your overreacting jingles, besides if someone is running at
    minimum graphics without scenery then they can’t see past 100m so it kinda
    balances it out.

  240. Jingles don’t give up!!! NEVER SURRENDER!!!!

  241. The game is fucked on playstation. Mouse and keyboard is more accurate that

  242. Jingles, folks have dug through data that shows that a fair few Soviet
    rounds have a boatload of HE filler, potentially to the point that there
    may be a bit *too* much.

    If the shatter gap isn’t modeled, high-filler rounds will penetrate where
    they should tear themselves apart.

  243. Jingles, I know that in large multiplayer you will almost have a very good
    chance of having a terrible team. I know you know that, but almost every
    game stretching from league of legends, Dota, World of Tanks, Arma, every
    multiplayer game that requires you to work together. There will be stupid
    people, I have stopped from playing Arcade in warthunder due to it just
    being absolute unlimited ammo and random team selections. Salamanders

  244. Damo “Morteus” Bloggs

    You show me a replay in GF where a player does this in a F2 or a M4…

  245. I’d have to disagree about that t34 driver. He may have been good but he
    was using capped shells so most of his one shots kills weren’t well aimed
    shots. Just quick reactions and putting it in the center of tank usually
    guarantees a kill in that tank. And especially what he was facing most of
    those tanks couldn’t even penetrate him. 😀 He wasn’t using any apcr ammo
    that does basically what you were talking about how the actual core of the
    round which is a high dense tungsten core. Blows through a lot of armor at
    a high velocity in a small surface area.

  246. War thunder will get destructible environment next update. Does Wot have
    this??? U WOT WOT?? 

  247. gaijin are so retarded

  248. No Jingles, War Thunder ground forces is not worth playing when you are not
    in a Russian tank…

  249. not very experienced with warthunder, but i do feel that some russian tanks
    are OP. the T-34 in particular. i must admit that i was not firing into
    critical locations while i first started. but the T-34’s, every single one
    of them, was able to oneshot me where ever they hit, providing i was
    driving any of the PZ III or IV. i have finally creeped up my way to the
    Tiger and panther and will try and play the T-34 for myself, to see if my
    accusations hold any ground.

  250. warthunder has an excellent mechanic, but i still like WarGamings bullshit

  251. play realistic battles you dunce

  252. 4:00 The BF-109B predated the Ki-43-I for over 3 years was a worse climber,
    a worse turner and slower at most attitudes…

    How is that embarassing?

  253. I mean yeah you have to know where to shoot, but when i pen and hit an ammo
    rack, fragment upon said ammo rack, 3 times in a row to no avail, then have
    someone pen my mantlet and decimate every single member of the crew in my
    tank, I feel that there may be an issue. And it happens to me all the time.

  254. Jesse Sugarman-Weir

    I’ve fired a shot right into a russian ammo rack, as a german tank, and
    nothing happened. He just shrugged it off!

  255. The biggest problems with unlimited premium ammo in WoT are:
    – disguised pay to win. Premium tank/account means those people can use
    more sprem than others.
    – it IS largely a nerf to those tanks whose armour was meant to allow them
    to ‘tank’. Why? Because they ‘paid’ for that ability to tank through crap
    mobility, crap DPM, and frequently crap gun handling. So their armour is
    greatly diminished due to sprem but guess what? They didn’t get any of the
    compensating penalties altered, did they?
    – dumbs the game down incredibly. Once upon a time you had to understand
    how to flank, to refuse combat, to immobilise targets, to keep people
    pinned by teasing them with a target, or even to flat out run away. Also
    had to know what was worth shooting and what wasn’t. Now? Hurr durr, load
    the sprem and fire front on.

    I finally uninstalled WoT.

  256. Welcome to AB Jingles. Like the rest of WT, but with extremely, extremely
    shitty players composing 90% of the playerbase.

    Cause you know, dive bombing with a B-17 is a good idea.

  257. René Perschon (Leopard2A5)

    Why play arcade in the first place?

  258. just the start of another way to charge more for internet . don’t be
    suckered into being the first .

  259. Well, I must say i disagree on some points here. The T-34s up to T-34 1942
    have an in game BR of 3.3 (arcade, at least) I’m sorry to say that i feel
    this is underrated. Firepower, mobility and armor are all very good the
    only thing being average/good is penetration. It’s only real weakness is is
    a conditional one, namely gun depression. That’s not to say that you
    absolutely can’t defeat it, but it takes a hell of a lot more aiming effort
    to deal with than any of it’s counterparts (M4A1, Pz. III/IV etc)

    Knowing where to aim is all well and good but in practice you don’t always
    get the luxury of that aim. Especially since the game is about capping
    (which means, you may have to brawl, whether you like it or not!)

    These are in my opinion some things that need to be done:
    1. Reevaluate the effects of sloped armor (which obviously should have
    advantages, but it seems overestimated and gives the russian tanks a
    serious edge)

    2. Fix HEAT rounds! Right now they don’t do much damage leaving tanks such
    as the Sherman 105 no viable round (other than the highly dubious HE derp).
    This also hampers low tier short barreled Pz. IVs e.g.

    3. Balance matchmaking after player skill. For instance the T-34 is an
    amazing tank. However it should be even more amazing statistically, as it’s
    a notorious noob stomper. Aiming correctly against it is a MUST, something
    less experienced players are less likely to know. In practice this leads to
    the BR 3.3 T-34s can be driven by any old idiot and do quite well.

  260. Íñigo Alonso de Román

    Dont play arcade!!!

  261. Also, they “fixed” the option to remove scenery – by adding it to the PS4
    version. PS4 players complained that only PC could abuse it, so what does
    Gaijin do? They let them do it, too.

    You go to the doctor because you have a broken leg. He thinks about
    treating you for a year. Then, he decides to break your other leg so you
    can’t complain that only one is broken.

  262. Actually Jungles. He was driving a T-34. So it doesn’t matter if he knows
    what he is doing. That thing is riddicolously overpowered and bounces even
    shots from players who know exactly what they are doing. And he drives
    ARCADE 😀 Realistic is the one wich really counts. (sorry for my english)

  263. DaRuling Thunderz

    I agree with jingles on the tanks.

  264. i love war thunder ground force. but i appreciate this man decision to not
    playing it. i just hope gaijin hearing your problem and fix this thing for
    common good

  265. dear war thunder players, I know t34 is pretty owning tank in the low tiers
    but just keep playing your tanks and always stick to American tank
    destroyers as they can penetrate t34 from al sides ,so don worry BTW I have
    ISU 152 ready lol

  266. jingles you were supposed to ram the bf109!
    you are in arcade battles mode!

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