War Thunder – The S-Tank Wiggles!

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Strv 103 is a very unique vehicle that I have always wanted to do a video on. Recently made some adjustments to “improve’ hull aiming mechanic. I think they still have some work to do.

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  1. Since this was a video about cheese wedges…. what is your favorite type of cheese?

  2. I was the 906 on the start of the video at 0:27 that hambone killed lol

  3. Sorry stick for revenge bomb lol

  4. I am a simple man. I see Swedish vehicles I press Like.

  5. Bradley, BMP vs Maus, Leo 1
    Gaijin logic 😀

  6. Absolutely control chaos and it is hilarious to watch and listen too. You guys are awesome. Great job on the video

  7. only stickboy would be one to have kiwi on pizza

  8. Bo: Parmazan cheese is good on pizza

    Sickboy?: I’ll tell you what’s better on pizza…

    Jim?: he’s gonna say pineapple.

    Me: yes he is isn’t he.

    Stickboy: kiwi!

    Everyone: scilence

    Me that’s even worse!

  9. 6:57 That may be the most unfortunate thing I have seen in War Thunder.

  10. Its like the tank is trying to make a milkshake, Another great video Bo, I really loved it.

  11. i like how a min into the video and its total chaos, planes, bombs, arty falling from the sky, fire and brimstone everywhere

  12. Peach is also good on pizza

  13. That TBLF motivational ice cream must be some amazing stuff! What’s in it?

  14. As a wisconsinite, i identify with the cheese wedge

  15. Great video as always bo

  16. Tactical cheese wedge

  17. Another hilarious video, keep it up Bo!

  18. This vid should be marked as NSFW, too spicy with all the Cheese Wedge booty ngggh.

  19. Danger wedge for the win!

  20. The Strv 103’s are literally just the tank destroying symbol

  21. the door stop in action

  22. KMS AugustVonParseval

    For some reason when I shot at this tank from the front with a KV-2 the shell bounced….

  23. Wiggle wiggle

  24. The S tank has surprisingly good armor. I haven’t gotten a chance to look at it myself, but maybe it’s extremely angled front end. But the tank design comes off as something with very little armor

  25. Fun fact, BF4 based the hover tank from thee Final Stand DLC off of this tank! The design is almost identical, including the hull aim, the biggest difference being the tank uses hover jets and not tracks.

  26. So no one is gonna mention the cheese-turned-pizza conversation at about 5:00 and Stickboy’s comment about KIWI ON PIZZA. As a New Yorker who works in a Pizzeria, I am abhorrently offended. Pineapple is at least good, especially when paired with bacon or ham and onion, but KIWIS? That’s a great sin right there Stickboy.

    At least the rest of TBLF had an appropriate response!

  27. Kiwi pizza?! What?

  28. Hahahahaha great job Ham 6:50

  29. how is it that he survives all of what he survives but i get one shotted by potatos?


  31. Just hill of dead tanks everywhere (around 14mins)


  33. Theonly Jacoby115

    The wiggles are real.

  34. Hey Bo! Can you play the T95E1?

  35. Hi bo. Must be great to have friends that like and play War Thunder. None of my friends like it.

  36. Parmesan on pizza! It’s “grate!” 😉

  37. Thats some explosive cheese

  38. I saw some very interesting tank shenanigans in this video

  39. Nice fix gaijin

  40. Ice cream is a lie…

  41. That last deadpan comment by Jim makes him a national treasure…

  42. is this old footage? i thought you cant use the maus anymore….

  43. Thatrussianwarthunderpilot

    Does stickboy and ham and stuff have a yt channel

  44. The S tank can function with 1 crew member?

  45. Azzam Kunting Gaming

    how can you drive even you have a one crewman left?

  46. 3:27 – The x-ray of your tank is my physical wellbeing! lmao


  48. That AIF Centurion Mk.5/1 must of had the wiggles singing hot potata as you broke out into dance so fast than Bo heh heh.

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