War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 3

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Welcome to the new video series from the creators of War Thunder Video Tutorials! Meet “The Shooting Range!”

In this episode:
The Pearl of the Northern Skies: The F2A Buffalo;
How to survive on the newest map, The of Novorossiysk;
Flaming Arrows: we take a look at the first ATGM-equipped vehicles in the game.
hotline: we answer questions that you’ve left in the comments!

These are not just tutorials, tips and reviews – this something bigger!
For true War Thunder veterans!


  1. model rockets and planes

    Are the battle ratings going to be realistic once your finished?

  2. Add focke wulf ta 183 with x4 rockets.

  3. Could the Leopard 1 become extra armor like in real ? When did the
    kampfpanzer 70 comes in the Game ? :)

  4. nicholas davidson

    I managed to dogfight both a P-40 and Lagg-3 in a buffalo, I managed to
    down one and survive the other for nearly 10 minutes. It probably helped
    that both enemy fighters were terrible shots.

  5. Will the E-100 return as a reward for for Thunder League Season 2/3 or for
    some kind of event during the holidays?

  6. Hawker Hellfire

    How about getting rid of aircraft in Arcade Tank battles? It’s hardly a
    reflection on a players talent and is therefore hardly far to be shit on
    from high by some bastard in a Bomber whilst defending a point from attack.

  7. hey gaijin it seems that you’ve nerfed gun damage and buffed armor in RB
    could you perhaps either buff gun damage or nerf armor?

  8. Gaijin. Will you be able to show or make it so fire is at least slightly
    easier to put out. No matter what, if you catch fire it will not go out
    even when engine is off and diving a breaking speed. Also, how about making
    the aircraft carrier decks about two feet wider. People have trouble
    clearing the conning tower.

  9. Gaijin. Will you be able to show or make it so fire is at least slightly
    easier to put out. No matter what, if you catch fire it will not go out
    even when engine is off and diving a breaking speed. Also, how about making
    the aircraft carrier decks about two feet wider. People have trouble
    clearing the conning tower.

  10. will meteor mk3 ever get down tiered cause I think It’s a perfect match for
    mig 9’s and p-80’s

  11. Will you ever add a “planned vehicles for the next few updates list”? I
    know you used to have one, but it was removed, not really updated, and it
    just showed you the vehicles, not when they would be added.

  12. When will you ad the AJ-1 Savage and the AD-4 Skyraider?

  13. god you answeared my question on this episode hahahaha thank you that is

  14. are you going to be releasing Japanese tanks? 😀 When will the crossout
    beta open?

  15. when do you guys expect to add the f4u-4 corsairs?

  16. Thank you very much. Love to use Naval

  17. Will the mighty TOG 2 be added?

  18. will you ever add bomb and bomb rack hit boxes

  19. Please gaijin a french jet

  20. What’s the AI controlled G4M1 on Ground Forces AB maps for?

  21. guys when will you add the F-100 Super Sabre and when is the world war
    feature coming?

  22. will we ever see French tanks such as the RENAULT D1 and AMX 13

  23. Why was the aiming indicator changed for tanks in Arcade Battles? Why is
    the crosshair different from the aim circle in the scope of the RakJpz 2?
    The tutorial says that aim the rocket with the crosshair, but the rocket
    follows the aiming circle.


    Are submarines going to be included in naval combat?

  25. will you ad the b 52 or beter know as the bfuf big fat ugly fu.k

  26. Will spotlights (I.e the spotlight on the panther) ever be implemented?
    Could help with night gameplay

  27. Juho Matilainen

    Why do some Bf 109s have a Finnish Word (Uudet moottorit koelennettävä
    varoen) written inside the cockpit?

  28. Is there going to be infantry?

  29. So no Grand Slam but will the Lancaster get the Tall Boy? Or is that too
    imbalanced against ships when they’re implimented

  30. Robert “Memelord” Surratt

    So, how to use the Amphibious tanks in battle properly and will maps that
    have water (Or will there be maps suited for them and more, like flooded
    battlefields?), be made more amphibious friendly?

  31. Can you make the first p 51 with a malcom hood? (spit fire cockpit)

  32. Oh mah god I’m famous

  33. TheDeadGuyAgain

    Can we possibly expect to see the F-100 super sabre? How about the KI-201?
    Or maybe the Kawanishi Baika?

  34. The Australian CA-27 would be a nice addition to the British tree

  35. have you ever thought of making a arcade map but with a realistic or sim

  36. Will you add Japanese tanks

  37. Alexandre Budileanu

    Could you create a shooting range for planes where we ll be able to test
    the aircraft guns on actual stationary planes ? I ll love to see precisely
    what each shell does to each plane part. Plus it ll be so relaxing to
    destroy these imobile planes.

  38. Alexandre Budileanu

    Will we ever be able to customize our belts ?

  39. Jean Lionel Picard

    did these atgm vehicles actually exist (excluding the Sheridan)

  40. Jean Lionel Picard

    any ideas for what to do when you are lowon lions? (besides buying them)

  41. Is there a church hill that i can get with out premium?


    since 15.9 i have not played the chieftain till today , usualy i take 20
    rounds 15 apds and 5 hesh and was good i was having ammo just in the back
    side of the turet and under turet behind driver an legs of the others crew
    members and today surprise same 20 rounds but full with ammo in the front
    of the hull very easy to hit in case of penetration ,then my question is
    why do you did such a thing ? its logic as a tank driver if i have the
    posibility to take ammo out i take from the exposed places ,what you did
    just take away from me the option to take ammo out ,take or not take out
    its the same ,you have make chieftain easyier to kill, WHY ???

  43. Tanguy Pellerin

    Hi there, any french Tank coming up ? Want to wreck people with an Amx 30B2
    or 13 90 :D

  44. will you guys add the t110e4,t110e3,t110e5, and the t57

  45. how to rack up silver lions?

  46. “We are working on it right now.” in Gaijin means, it’s almost done, needs
    2 more minutes :D

  47. Can you set Japanese Tanks in War Thunder?

  48. it will be so awesome gaijin added the American tanks Abrams and the German
    tank leopard 2 I think that these are the best

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