War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 5

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The Shooting Range, episode 5: it’s all about speed!

In this episode:
An introduction to dive bombing;
The new king of the beasts: The (H) Sla.16;
The beauty and dangers of the Frozen Pass;
And the Hotline: we answer questions that you’ve left in the comments!


  1. I thought I came up with the ‘shoot ‘n scoot’ rhyme…

  2. will bombs and rockets ever get hitboxes even if they are stil on the

  3. What is that song at 3:18 :D

  4. will you add more lavochkin aircraft like La- 152 , 150 or 160 ?? I know
    there are xperimental aircraft but La-15 is alone on tier 5 :(

  5. why is this episode there is no pages of history?????……

  6. Will you change the “stuck status” when ground vehicle turns on the side or
    upside down?
    Cause I experienced a situation when my tank was paralized when I drove my
    underbody on some concrete block, and my tracks couldn’t reach the ground.

  7. how long it takes to fix broken armor on tanks ? such as Jumbo, MAUS, T 34
    (all variants ) and in general all tanks that have 60 degrees slopes.

  8. Gun Toting Stylist

    as far as adding new planes go, will you ever add the Tu-95, Tu-98 and
    possibly the Tu-128? thanks!

  9. Will the British get heat fin stabilized rounds ?

  10. Your videos are the best ones on youtube are informative and fun and good
    luck and health and especially the health.

  11. Will the B-36 “Peacemaker” ever be added?

  12. roland moellenberndt

    will the B52 be added?

  13. roland moellenberndt

    will artillery tanks be added?

  14. will you be adding the AC-47D into the game. it will be fun to have some
    gunships in the game.

  15. why doesn’t the free eagles app work for ps4 players?

  16. hey gaijin is it okay if I can use some of the in game music fo4 some of my

  17. will canadian planes and tanks ever be added in?

  18. are you considering doing a series of videos to help people to transition
    from arcade to realistic? (like what planes to use, the basics …) because
    this transition can be particularly hard and discouraging for many players.

  19. Could you please look at Spaa and Ap round spam. The fact that most people
    are more worried about a kugelblitz than a Tiger sounds wrong. They are
    more dangerous than tank destroyers, make no sense historically spamming
    Hvap and are the bane of british tanks due to their weaker armour.

  20. will the E75 or other bluprint tanks ever be considered somewhere down the

  21. Will there ever be Warships and Soldiers added?

  22. Help! I am listening to German marching music and playing German planes and
    panzers, but I cannot achieve Deutsch Bias! What do?

  23. Does anybody know how I can get an idea for a new plane across to Gaijin?

    I was thinking the Messerschmit me 323, as a 3.0 BR because it was made of
    wood, but had 4 turrets on top, 2 on each wing, one at the front and one at
    the back. I think the low amor balances out with the armament.

  24. any mini games? more training menus on tanks?

  25. What do you do if you get pinned in a tank destroyer

  26. Where are the Japanese tanks

  27. AncientBlackOps `

    Will there be infantry you can play as anytime or command them?

  28. will you be adding the insides of the gunner cockpits on aircraft so we can
    switch between them on all or most battle types. it would be awseome if you

  29. When do you think we will be able to play as ships and maybe wi you put an
    infantry mode where you can play as infantry and have the option to fly a
    plane and a tank and as I mean by this like foot soldiers tanks and planes
    all in one match

  30. Also, How does squadron battles work? How do i start one?

  31. Is there any chance that we’ll ever see any of the V-Bombers like the
    Vulcan to the British bomber line? (except with out the nuclear war heads)

  32. Can there be a normal realistic battle were tanks face only world war 2
    tanks, becouse i am tired of russians, americans and british wrecking my
    old world war 2 german tanks?

  33. Will More armored vehicle such as The Puma or greyhound will be added?

  34. will they ever add infantry into the game

  35. Pavol “pali´s” S

    im angry at you guys , still its no progrem to spawn kill players, wenn you
    gonna restrict enemy players to enter spawn ??

  36. Gaijin, when can we expect the more modern aircraft and tankers to be added
    along with the japanese ground forces? Also will you add the T95, not the
    SPG T95, but T95 medium tank


  37. Courtnee Christiansen

    will you add you p 40 or the a 10 and the f 16 or f 22

  38. Why is there no artillery tanks in this game, i know that they were meant
    to deal with infantry and other soft targets but they could work against
    tanks too.

  39. Faris Filipović

    will you improve the test drive for tanks were u will be able to choose a
    tank u wanna test where can u shoot them like a panther vs a t44

  40. when can we enjoy new maps vor Air combats?

  41. when will Gajin add new Jets from the next Era like f4, f104 dagger,
    mig21or the starfighter

  42. Will you add the American fighter jet f94

  43. And will a tank campaign be added?

  44. the maus used to dominate the game but now all I see is the maus getting
    killed by atgm’s

  45. Will you add the Yak-25M?

  46. TheTerrarianNinja

    Are you going to make the M551 Sheridan float?

  47. Alexander Nachev

    Will you add the Bulgarian DAR 10 light bomber or the DAR 11 or KB-11
    fighters in the German tree?

  48. Thijs van der Sluis

    are u going to fix spawnkilling?
    i have a tip just put an return to the battlefield marker (not more then
    5sec) around the enemy spawn

  49. will infantry be added to the game

  50. Will you guys add more tanks that were canceled like the jagdpanzer e-100?
    I would love to see that monstrous 170mm gun in the game!

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