War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 50

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This a special episode. As many of you may have noticed, we’ve been making this show for a little over a year now. It’s been quite a ride — and we’re really glad that you hopped on board. It’s only fitting that for the 50th episode of the show we do something slightly unusual: an episode that as much about you as it about us. Well…let’s do it!

In this episode…
The longest Hotline: the developers answer your questions about their work, life and fast food!
The Veterans Club: the best wartime stories as told by the members of our community!


  1. When would bombers receive a buff???

  2. 3 months for a tank wow… you guys are really hard working just to make us players happy

  3. Is it possible for the Afro arrow to be put into the game? I was thinking that it could be at the top of the British fighter line at around 9.7. It could be op with the insanely fast top speed of Mach 2.5, but it would be nice to see some more Canadian vehicles in the game.

  4. Hi Gaijin, quick question about the naval fleet.
    How is going with the bismarck??

  5. Balázs Máté Tóth

    JAPAN:rice tea.

  6. can you guys optimize ground battles for ps4? sometimes is unplayable.

  7. Hi Gaijin , can you make a black and white graphical filter for the game?

  8. some guy that loves goats

    Why won’t my game won’t update to the newest version? Any idea why?

  9. “Where No Bullets Fly”  7:12

  10. is there the E-100

  11. 50 MORE SHOOTING RANGES UNTIL 100TH EPISODE!!!! Congrats Gaijin and Narrator guy.

  12. #MAKE ARTILLERY GREAT AGAIN (use the system from the other game hmmm hmmm ) its better

  13. hey Gijian im just wondering if u could add the A-10 Warthog because its a late war cold war jet plane maybe add it a a very high Br like a 9.0 attacker or a Bomber such as a load of tiny tims and stuff such as that or somthing but the Auto cannon might be a problem with the 30mm op ground attack thing with Tiny tims and other things such as a bomb or two its just a quetion it would probably not make it with out a nerf or two but it would be cool with a american aircraft thats very rugged and strong with a load of history on it…….. so thats what i would like to see

  14. What happened to dmitri mikayilov. I tried to do pronunciation to text. Sorry mother russia. i remember he was the old commentator for stuff like those how to’s

  15. I would like to see 12 biplanes battle 2 flying fortress bombers

  16. when the ships comes out can we chanche flags and Camouflage on the ships ??

  17. Will lower teir tanks get smoke like the Matilda II? thanks for creating an awesome game!

  18. My question is: why are there Italians planes still in the German tech tree, even though Italy all ready has a aviation tree?
    P.S. this is one of the best episodes yet! 🙂

  19. hey guys. what is a ETA for ships?

  20. christopher powell

    have u ever considered to add in coldwar to modern day as well?

  21. is the warthunder naval thing going to be free for everyone or is this like a dlc that we will have to buy

  22. I would love to work at war thunder, just to give Ideas for new projects

  23. not the space yamato, its the eisen kaput

  24. Bernardo T. Schettini

    Hey Gajjing! About 3 months ago I was playing with my tiger h1 on arcade, I gave a shot over a rocky Hill and when I saw I destroyed a t34-85 on the turret

  25. Gaming Saba Saba

    Will you ever update aircraft test flight mission? ( maybe add some tanks, enemy planes, ships, or a base to bomb)

  26. Gaijin is there by any chance that you might add the Bob Semple tank even if it was just for April fools day?

  27. Christy O'Farrell

    hey gaijin can you make it possible to turn of specific engines in bombers

  28. he spelled “yamato” wrong

  29. You guys put so much work into your Youtube channel! They’re even good if you don’t play War Thunder!


  31. SvenGamingNetwork

    wow. clickbait. nothing bouth the snale

  32. BlueRosse Gaming

    this is fck stupid fix ur damn matchmaking 8 time in a row whit a 5.7 tiger h1 get uptier to 6.7…. like for really WTF. updates updates updates but u suck a fixing matchmaking.

  33. killermexican210 that my brother

  34. You pronounced motivated wrong.

  35. can you please implement a feacher in watthunder where when in the friendly spawn in tank rb and arcade you cant die. the idea is to stop spawn camping and make the game more enjoyable. i just played 4 games in a row and was spawn camped twice in all of them. spawn camping really is a problem and needs to be addressed weather it making it so you dont take damage in the spawn or a penalty for killing a player in the spawn. please consider this and thank you for reading.

  36. Why can’t you fix spawn camping? It would make games last longer and more enjoyable on both sides.

  37. Why can’t we have more types of game modes in Realistic Battles Ground Forces? It’s been years and still, “Capture the A,B,C Point!” It’s honestly sad.

  38. Randall Starling

    Hi Gaijin are you guys going to add the IL2s bombletts to the game?

  39. almost 3 playing
    , i feel like a fucking pro :v

  40. Hey my name is Shawn XD

  41. What is the next big project you guys ( war thunder team) are planning as in updates to war thunder or games like it?

  42. Hi gaijin, can you add button for formation of bombers? sorry about my english 🙂

  43. kiedy dodacie włoskie czolgi

  44. Will there be italian tanks?Because in the ww2 they had some nice prototypes and concepts for heavy tanks.And in high br you could add the tanks developed in the 1960s.

  45. Why is the War Thunder icon a Spitfire?

  46. Are we spaghetti close to get the naval forces for all war thunder players now?

  47. questain:will you add ai planes to the test flight

    I want them

  48. To the people that were wondering, this is the “narrator guy” https://twitter.com/pups_rk

  49. Bosko Stojanovic

    What about cheat that came from Gaijin? Or you just pick stupid questions to answer? Mass of player left because of it and yet no comment from Gaijin whole this time

  50. Pz. IV C..
    uses Pz.IV F2

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