War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 83

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this :

• the King Tiger and what they wanted to do with it by the end of the war;
• The A-26 — how the Americans were creating the famous Boston's younger brother;
• Hotline: the developers answer questions that you've left in the comments!

But first, let's start with:

• The AMX 30 B2 — how to play this French MBT!


  1. Will you be adding more game modes for tank battles?

  2. Given we have the challenger 2 coming in 1.77, can we expect the Leopard 2a4?

  3. Will you ban ground piercing ammunition from AAA? (In air RB)

  4. Any stronger britsh heavys that wont get killed in one shot?

  5. Rip shawn 2k17

  6. can you add a german B17 E or F during world war 2 they captured several aircraft

  7. Hanibal Hailemariam

    Would the leo A1A1 get apfsds?

  8. when war thunder gets in the modern era will Americans be able to pen Russians?

  9. Why in AB players are that desesperate to have kills at some points where they crash planes on paper strong tanks ? Can you do something about it ?

  10. @Gaijin. Are you planning on adding the TU-95V. In to war thunder??

  11. tier six air plane??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls answer me

  12. Hey Gaijin,the decals and camouflage ain’t working such as the spitfiremkiib.i can’t select the autumn camo, please help

  13. War Thunder please for the love of me ADD THE BMP3 and maybe 4 (the spaa)

  14. Do you plan to add more Shermans into every tech tree?

  15. do you plan on adding more of Russian bias like su100M, object 704, 2S1 Gvozdika ?

  16. Umm question-
    Can you Please add the me-262 HG II? I love that plane


  18. Hanibal Hailemariam

    Why no Fiat G.91 R/3 and G.91 Y for the Luftwaffe?

  19. For all us Japanese Tankers out there; Is the type 90 on it’s way?

  20. I already suspected that frence tanks had a good reverse speed

  21. When will you add the BT-42?

  22. Will you ever add the option for map filters? say, if you dont like a certain map you could not select it?

  23. i love it how you say ”we do not plan on adding such modern vehicles” and you are going to add the almighty m1 abrams

  24. The Gaming Guinea Pig

    Yo just wondering when the Italian tanks are released will they be historically accurate? Because we all know that they were only good at going in reverse very quickly?

  25. Do you like pancakes?

  26. will you change germany’s flag, now that a lot post war vehicles are being added? y’know, the world war one to the modern one, or sth like this?

  27. will you ever add fpe for planes? like the mosquito whirlwind had then and in the cockpit of the whirlwind you can see fire extinguisher for the engines


    Ok so I am gonna ask a question for the german rank 6 line up since my focus is in that, aside from the leopard 2k (which I am really excited about) are we gonna get more leopard 1 variants like the leopards a1a3 a1a4 and a1a5? I just can’t get this out of my head but it seems you guys took a leap too far and just went ahead to the 80s tanks.

  29. Will there ever be a mechanic where you can change your ammo choice mid game when reloading at a cap point? (Ex: you start the game with solid AP shells only and you now have the option to take some HEAT rounds while replenishing at a cap point)

  30. Can we ever expect to see things like the Messerschmitt Me 264 “Amerika Bomber” concept or the Heinkel He 177 bombers. Or possibly the Bf-109Z “Zwilling” fully implemented into the game?

    *2nd Attempt*

  31. Soooo, are you planning on adding all those cool A-26 load-outs you were talking about? It would be pretty awesome!

  32. Why the russian tanks are with germans every battle in thank rb?
    (I am with T-34 85 D-5 T) pls gaijin read this

  33. Why I don not have Warbonds?

  34. TheXBOXGamerpro7281


  35. Question:
    What are the penetraion values of a artillery shell? Or does it just kill no matter what you’re driving?

  36. Jothesniper02 Videos

    Are there any plans to introduce the Boulton Paul Defiant Turret Fighter?

  37. Can we expect premium jets in the game soon?

  38. Will the French get an m24 chaffe as they used them in Vietnam

  39. Attempt number: 9
    Hey Gaijin, is there plans to add any more servers?
    I am in New Zealand and the minimum ping I can play on is around 200 so an Oceanic server would be awesome.

  40. Hello Gaijin, very serious question here. will there ever be any horns on tanks? Forget that it was a joke I don’t even find funny. Anyways, will there ever be more countries/nations?

  41. If I can play an aircraft carrier on world of worships when will we have naval battle please give a date not an eta

  42. Hey Gaijin, you are still going forwards in armor technology and generations. And what abou going backwards? Like WWI tanks or just tanks like Pz I or T-38

  43. Why can’t squads of more than 4 play in arcade and realistic games with randoms?

  44. will you add any battalions to the game it would be fun to have a fps side of the game

  45. Hi gaijin. It’s a chance to apear in the future romanian tanks?

  46. can I test fly jets if you are not a tier 5

  47. When your team is full of seagulls and there is a single plane/piece of bread left on the enemy team MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE. in game name: denajetta


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