War Thunder – The T-64 – For Your Eyes Only

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Introducing T-64 Battle Tank. cold war tank that was smaller and lighter than the Pershing or Panther and so secret that Russia wouldn’t trust it to anyone.


System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×100 resolution


  1. Jingles! I’m going to start playing WT later this week. Do you have any tips, tricks, etc? Any recommendations for 1st line to grind, stuff like that?

  2. hey guys i’m starting a new youtube channel i really wat 100 subs can you guys help me please https://youtu.be/I16muHIXQb

  3. They added MBT70 into World Of Tanks Blitz

  4. Hey jingles where can i find more info on that experimental 125mm D-85 gun you mentioned?

  5. this may be the end………….for Armored warfare.

  6. on server replays just mouse over the ammo to get the details of it 😉

  7. This is for my eyes only back off

  8. T-64 without the epic diesel engine sound is just wrong.

  9. You brits. It’s aluminum not Aluminium

  10. None of this info matters
    he did good cause of 1 reason
    and we all know it
    RUSSIAN BIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. In my opinion, having a loader is better than an auto loader, because the autoloaders themselves are usually complicated contraptions, so it stands to face more technical issues than normal, it can also get damaged and be rendered useless in the battlefield, plus when you have a loader, you have an extra pair of hands to help the crew when outside of combat.

  12. Should be noted that once cassette loaders ran out of rounds, and had to be loaded for storage, it took quite a while.

  13. Imperial Star Destroyer

    The ATGM spam is because it is the stock ammo in the MBT-70/KPZ-70. The magic bullets need to be unlocked

  14. you can hover on the ammo in replay or in a match and you will get the stats on the ammo right up

  15. that auto loading system looks very similar to American WW2 autoloading naval gun systems

  16. War thunder I thought jingles hated it

  17. no anime girl voices= bad

  18. ACTUALLY JINGLES!!! In realistic battles you NEVER see the enemys nametags.

  19. A lovely history lesson as always Jingles, btw the 5 opposed cylinder diesel used in the T-64 caused similar problems that the Layland L60 caused for the British. It just managed to not be as crappy as that engine though.

  20. A Terran Republic Grunt

    So how come we rifle our small arms like SMGs, LMG, ARs, etc and doing so is super effective (more accurate and significantly higher velocity) but simply making Tank guns completely smooth is superior to rifled tank barrels?

  21. Damnit Jingles it’s APFSDS not AFPSDS

  22. Germany should’ve gotten one of these but noooo sekrit dokuments

  23. Actually Jingles, it’s APFSDS (Armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot, as you would know), not AFPSDS

  24. This, 100% is the sort of content that has kept me returning year by year. Teaching and sharing the history and reasoning behind the hardware and equipment.

  25. Love these tank history lessons

  26. you can put your mouse over it in a replay to show the ammo mr Jingles 😉

  27. Airfield AA in WT is still outright ridiculous and people have been abusing it to win matches they had no right winning for far too long.

  28. Question for anybody and everybody.
    The MBT 70 turret cheeks are rated to stop 320mm of kinetic ammo, however the stock APFSDS round of the T-64A can pen the cheeks (at any range) even though it only has 310mm of pen at 10M at 90degree armor. IS this just a bug or failure on Gaijin for not setting the armor right?

  29. MBT-70 can’t penetrate t64’s front what so ever, unless hit lower glacis, no matter shell type . chieftain however is able to penetrate t64’s gun mantlet. though 2 shots are needed to kill this tank, while in return t64 can penetrate and effectively kill a chieftain anywhere frontally expect MKX’s stillbrew turret…………. Russian bias in action

  30. Jingles is my History Teacher

  31. Fulda is not a bad map.

  32. Jingles, you don’t get markers in realistic period.

  33. Where is the M60 ERA love? Lol

  34. T-64 is still in service. Looks like WT is out of old plane and tank to use.

  35. I can hear the dog snoring ?

  36. Hey Mr Jingles did you know that the WT E100 is in the asian surver.
    Very nice work good luck in the future:)

  37. The MBT-70s he faced were probably still researching APDSFS as it does not have it stock. It’s an incredibly good shell in just about every situation so I doubt they would purposely not use it against Sparrow.

    Also, it’d be cool if you left sources for the history bits in the description. Never knew DDR had T-64s so I’d make me feel a lot better inside if I could see where this info was from before I go tellin’ all my m8s about it.

  38. I so want to start War Thunder but im too frustruted to start as an xp farm like i was in wot the 1st 6 months, sick and tired of WG’s BS

  39. I gave up playing this along time ago because last I played it it was just a huge kamikaze and artillery simulator game. Everyone just kamikazed you or brought down mountains of artillery on you the instant they spotted you. I believe they have changed this now? I went back to WOT and boy was that a mistake. That game is done broke. I think I might give War Thunder another go. Might be worth my time because WOT sure isn’t.

  40. Pls make more war thunder videos

  41. Luisito Bardaji Benitez

    the T64 has a 5 cylinder (who are they volvo?) diesel engine producing 700HP I think it produces a fuckton of torque so… perhaps I could climb that hill

  42. Wow when have you continued making war thunder videos O.o

  43. I mean… not everyone has played Armored Warfare, so they might not know about the different types of armor and their varying effectiveness against different types of attacks.

    And, add on to it the fact that people usually like using the most easy-to-win button possible, it’s no surprise they pick the missile instead of an AP round.

  44. You can only see friendly markers , you can see an arrow pointing down an enemy tank once he got spotted , but it doesent follow him arround , it just pings his position when he got spotted

  45. So Jingles and War Thunder are friends again? 2:07 – The T-62 does have a smooth bore gun, 115mm.

  46. I’m pretty sure the T-64 was never exported to the East German army

  47. Vladislav Tagintsev

    It’s pronounced YO-loch-ka (Christmas tree) not ee-LOSH-ka if anybody cares.

  48. Jingles history lessons are so relaxing

  49. There is something you got wrong, Jingles. The T-64 wasn’t in active service until well into the 80’s as you claim. As a matter of fact it’s existence was not known at all to the public until a parade in 1985. It was that secret.
    As for active Service is actually STILL IS in active service in small numbers in Russia but also in the Kongo (Ukraine sold them), Ukraine (over 2000 of them), Azerbaidshan and Uzbekhistan. It did see and still does see combat in the Ukraine-conflict – on both sides.

  50. I really enjoy the history you give on this tank like you have done with world of warships, please do more of them! Also the graphics are really great in war thunder!

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