War Thunder – The Tiger

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

At some point when you’re doing a video series on iconic machines of World War II, you just have to man up and do the PzKpfw VI Tiger. Because reasons.

Thanks to TigrisShark for the War Thunder Simulator Battle Tiger footage.

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  1. why arent the trees and bushes going down when the tiger passed thru them

  2. you have annoying voice

  3. Øbi-Jake of the Sangheili

    Nothing better than military vehicle history, with The Mighty Jingles.

  4. That vitmund guy got kilamonjaro on halo, definatly

  5. Jingles, I really wish you would do more history lessons! I loved this one and consider it one of your best videos. Thank you for mentioning Kurt Knispel too, he was one of the most underrated tank drivers in history. His official number is 168 kills but that number is a bit underrated even because he would frequently “give” his kills to other tank drivers just being thoughtful to help perk them up. It’s really sad he died literally at the end of the war.

  6. Now compare the way the Navy adjusted to the Army.  The Iowa class battleships started being ordered in 1939.  The Montana class were ordered in 1940.  Nine classes of cruisers saw action in WWII.  Most were ordered during he war.

  7. And Jingles thought that switching to more War Thunder will be bad for his channel. 🙂 I love that kind of videos mate. Great work Jingles.

    P.S. Yes, I know this is an old video.

  8. I absolutely love the history lessons. Keep it up Jingles!

  9. Brilliant video – thanks for posting 🙂

  10. well I know it little late but when he talk about m4 and t-34 being more rebilbe then tiger 34% of m4 and t-34 crap out right out factory were tiger was 5% and let not forgot that there was over 3k m4 and 5k t-34 were tiger was 1350 tiger.

  11. I love getting one shotted in the tiger

  12. No in the france, but by the polish AP gun “UB”!

  13. ShotsFired andMissed

    wtf? this video is about war thunder but the ad is about wot hahahaha xD

    Btw one word can only be said about the Tiger 1. Beautiful.

  14. hearing all of this makes no sense because in war thunder a m22 can kill u from the side

  15. back when war thunder was still fun :/

  16. I really like this historical rendition, because it is far away from the common myths. Among the highlights: due credit being given to the M4 Sherman and an objective treatment of McNair. One little detail though: Panthers were very common on the frontlines, with each Panzer division being composed of roughly half Panzer IVs and half Panthers.

  17. PPs biggest fan kingtiger kriegsmarine

    The tanks looked brand new back than

  18. How does the Tiger look so brand new but mine is Battle Scarred

  19. 2:25 I have read somewhere that this also was a factor in Tiger’s reputation. As it was always crewed by elite troops.

  20. Hello Jingles! Could you perhaps do a video where you list all of the Pz II tanks and say which ones seems best?

  21. knuckle *dead meme*

    Tiger life xd 🙂

  22. outstanding Jingles!

  23. History with Jingles is just one of the best things on YouTube. Now please please please do the story of the Scharnhorst <3

  24. What little bit of “Fury” I have seen I did not like.

  25. If only it was as good as it was historically as it is in wot

  26. My grandfather was in a city and was told to look out for a Tiger. They saw the Tiger and where ordered to stand their ground. The Tiger spotted them and was advancing, he was scared and was wanting to know why they where ordered to stay still. As the Tiger got about half a block from them it stopped and took aim he heard two loud bangs, and the Tiger was smoking, what happened was that an American TD came behind the Tiger and shot it in the turret.

  27. Is it bad that I’m using this to help me sleep better?

  28. There are some errors here, not sure have you since learned of them but i am going to say it anyway:
    McNair did not have the final say in things. Anyone who disagreed with McNair could go to Army Chief of Staff Marshall, he had the final say.
    Tanks were meant to fight other tanks regardless of what you often hear people say. Its really baffling how many people believe this “US tanks were not meant to fight against other tanks” shit.
    Anti-tank units are part of infantry units and have nothing to do with armor, they used towed anti-tank guns like the 57mm gun M1. Tank Destroyer units were their own thing, tank destroyers were not a part of armored units. Their job was to act as a mobile defense against concentrated armor attacks but since these attacks rarely happened, they were often used just like tanks, even though they were not designed for this.
    US had experimented with mounting a Sherman with a 76mm gun since 1942 but it was not sent to units until late in 1944 because there was no battle-need for them.

  29. Actually Jingles, (Yes, I know what’s coming next) I’ve heard that American doctrine was to let the Sherman’s advance until enemy armor was encountered. Then either artillery or air strikes would be called in to take care of them. Then, just advance and repeat.

  30. Black Jack Shellac

    A limey sea dog who’s language is “family friendly” should be found on Sponge Bob, not Mingles with Jingles!!!

  31. there is only one man who I can think of in the British army that wasn’t scared of a tiger his name is Robert Henry Cain

  32. Tiger in warthunder feels like a Tiger should imo, WOT not so much

  33. OMG Jingles. 10:00 to 14:00, thank you for getting the US doctrine correct. I’m going to rewind and listen for the name of the book you reference and that is going to be my next read. Well done Sir. Jingles.

  34. A single Tiger would cost $1.8 million if adjusted for inflation. Note Abrams is just over 4 million with a large ammount of that used in paying factory workers, designing the parts and a profit.
    In contrast the Tiger was roughly half the cost even though it was zero profit and used prisoners for forced labour.

  35. I really miss these War Thunder videos

  36. Darkness Nighthingale

    Jingles I hate to correct you but I need to in the name of History!
    Before wwII even started in Europe, Canada had a tank destroyer capable of taking out a Tiger from the front. It’s name, the Archer. With its 76.6mm anti-tank gun(yes the same as the Firefly)it was for reasons still “unknown” not permitted to see combat after the Tiger’s fury became known to the allies.
    Another allied tank capable of going through the Tiger’s front armour was the Ram II. Not only was it capable of taking out a Tiger from the front, but it could also take a hit from the Tiger in return. But for resons still “unknown” the US deemed it “A waste of time & money” as the M4 Sherman was just getting over 2000 in numbers.
    I think the US was just jealous.

  37. love it

  38. this guy is a fraud!he likes to whine with his fk wit mate Q.B.wont say his name.these so called adults cuss the console players all because they didnt get a poxy tank in thier zx spectrums.chieftan heavy tank,which isnt poxy,imjust describing the situation.everyone thinks this guys shit doesnt stink.all the history of the tanks n boats he gives out is all read out from a book or site.we want tank content,not minges with jingles,sorry meant mingle!haha ,not.oh and just 1 more thing,Q,B, only went n bought or borrowed a console so he could play chieftan.u sad minge!just makes me sick,these guys are the reason our console gurus,beard guys,got uninvited to tankfest CC.so now console have no reps for wot CC meetings now.HOPE U FAKE FKRS DIE AT SEA IN UR SPECTRUM PCS.

  39. 1st Infantrie, Veteran Gewehre

    I thought there were instances where american soldiers could kill the crew through the rear armor with thompson submachine guns? How can they do that if it was 80mm thick?

  40. Canadian Edition

    wahh wahh not everyone can afford the same gear as me wahh wahhh. you are a joke man… you suck so bad… you have the best crews thrown thousands at every game and you still suck HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i watch all your videos just to laugh at how pathetic you are and the best part is you actually think you are good hahahahaaha hows the relationship with rita going? can we get an update in an epic fail video?

  41. The Sherman was a death trap and everyone involved in American armor development should have been fired if not tried for treason. They got so many men killed.

  42. wow nice intro! lol

  43. 2018 stil good

  44. You are short to history Jingles, compliments, Lucky it is history and afraid for the new shit !!!

  45. One of the biggest reason for why America never adopted the idea of better tanks to combat tigers and panzers is “Logistics”. The U.S. was fighting Germany with quantity rather than quality. However it was disappointing that America didn’t invest the idea of heavy tanks. But the U.S., undoubtedly, was focused on a war of movement, thus mobility was needed and heavy tanks wouldn’t have met that criteria. It also didn’t help that bridges in Europe had trouble handling the sheer weight of heavy tanks and most likely would collapse, making heavy tanks that much less of a necessity. The U.S. depended heavily on the Air Force to knock out the tiger and panzer threat with terrifying accuracy. The main line in general, Germany just couldn’t make enough and the Allie’s won by sheer numbers.

  46. Saddest sentence in 4 words: Hans, Ze transmission broke.

  47. The 75mm in the pz4 could pen the t34 from the front even the 50mm on the pz3 was capable of penetrating a t34 from the front but the 75mm couldn’t pen the kv1s so they created the tiger 1

  48. Its always annoyed me how my country (USA) never made any great tanks in WW2. I never play them in WT because I just don;t like playing the sherman 50 million times or some ugly piece of shit.

  49. When you get the tiger h1 when in war thunder hoping to kill nearly everything but you realise you verse IS2 and T34-85 that can one shot you.

  50. when the game wasnt full of shit

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