War Thunder – Tiger 2 H “The day the bombs fell…”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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So about 3 months ago I played the premium version the 2 H got bombed… a lot. For some reason, I thought this experience would be different. Spoiler… It wasn’t.

All In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What tank do you find most difficult to play?

  2. I was the m18 they sandwiched and later bomb him very good game👌

  3. Chicken Dinner Gamer

    Hey Bo, will you guys play the Marder A1?

  4. That last guy had the entire shore exploding around his ears

  5. zakscrazyworld 123

    Jeez I feel bad, my avg ping is 104 and yours is 43.

  6. 4:45 “you got mail”

  7. Caden Blankenship

    Hey @bo time gaming what happened to stirmling

  8. 9:37
    *GASP* “Hi friend…”
    (bright flash around the corner)

  9. i always love to see Bo having a great time with his friends playing games and seeing them win, but oh my stars and garters do i love the panic they have when bombs fall on them xD


  11. Bo, you inspire me. I also now have friends to play War Thunder with and make it more enjoyable.

  12. How do you get that camo ?looks awesome on the tiger

  13. The title gave me fallout vibes

  14. Two complains of being bomb

    Me: First time..??

  15. Junkers Ju-87 B-2 Stuka

    So now, M18s are actually US tank destroyers and their real name is the M18 Hellcat

  16. Hole inspector…. Union job….? That is comedy gold!

  17. 1st time playing this tank (P series). I feel like way more comfortable reversing than moving forward

  18. Bo, how many more titles will have bomb in them…? Oh, right, any sort of ground forces video, bombs like how you smell lol. Must be the cologne xD

    Just know this is a joke, not meant to sound offensive.

  19. I love it when ham panics lol

  20. Lordpuffer Der erste

    can u play the SU-85A please

  21. I love the brumbar, I find it very hard to play at range I’m usually good at estimating range but that thing has the ballistics of a cardboard box…

  22. Duncan from Wyoming

    I love that camo!

  23. the one Iowa drummer

    I think yall should do helicopters at some point

  24. Video on m26?

  25. I get bombed all the time

  26. wow I really like that king tiger skin!

  27. Edward De La Cruz

    Alternate title: WELCOME TO TIGER TOWN!

  28. Haha I was the one behind the rock they mention at about 16:00 . That was the entire orbr Arty budget btw. Fun match. Hambone needs to lay off the jihad tower strike stuff. He wouldn’t have gotten 40’d otherwise.

  29. stonks just stonks

    Ugly tank

  30. 8:34 was funny

  31. Just Chillin Out

    (day 1) Bo, I challenge you to play the and make do well with the tortoise

  32. Ham’s scream at the Pe-8 bomb was great

  33. I play war thunder, yet I never use new tanks other than the starters- and I don’t die 63% of the time

  34. Loved the video Bo Time Gaming! Sorry I missed it but I was celebrating my birthday the day you uploaded the video!

  35. To answer your question, yes. Tigers do swim. They’re pretty decent at it, too.

  36. You guys should play World Of Tanks

  37. The timing @ 12:42 is impeccable. Great video as always Bo!

  38. German bias exists!

  39. When people see you in there game they get excited and decide they will blow you up as a thanks for years of entertainment

  40. They should do a video on the fiat 6614

  41. Christopher Hanton

    a video full of bombs

  42. Hello tanks!
    Oh that’s a half-a-tank
    Oh that’s an U G L Y tank

  43. That ZSU is not Bo’s supervisor but Bo is ZSU’s SafetyInstructor

  44. i find that tiger e is difficult cuz of the weak spot also what kinda specs does ur pc have just curious

  45. Bo, what Tiger II H skin is that?

  46. Ham’s panicked screaming starting around the 6 minute mark enriches this immeasurably.

  47. How do you get the money for German tanks?

  48. Is IT Worth it buying Red skies crates and Keys and Open them? Because I have some Gajin Coins to Spend, and maybe imma get Something Like the kv1b?

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