War Thunder – Tiger II H Sla.16 “So, So Many Bombs…”

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Source: Bo Gaming

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This one of my favorite that I own it has been a couple years since we have featured it on channel… That American CAS still going oh so strong.

All Good In Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What is your favorite premium in War Thunder?

  2. Teamwork makes the dream work.

  3. 3:18
    You didnt shoot the lower glacis,that makes me furious.

  4. bo really likes my left ear

  5. I don’t care that I got murdered by that bomb I was glad that I killed you in my T34 and now I’m in a video yes!!!

  6. Instead of a throw pillow, what can of design would be on a “Bo Pillow”, without it being weird?

  7. 0:16 how do you ping like that?

  8. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    Bo, I don’t think houses are good for planes

  9. Bo, you cut out the part where bear got nuked by an Fv4005 at the very end

  10. Hey bo do you think you will do a face reveal or another q and a soon

  11. The Tank Commander

    Bo! How many times must I say it?! Stop bullying poor innocent Super Pershing’s! Shame on you!

  12. I like bombs

  13. That first match was pretty tough it looks like. That map is not the most well designed, and you can kinda see it in a way with the T92

  14. 4:40 , nice tf2 reference there Bo!

  15. Why is Mike flying a Hungarian tank roundel?

  16. Bruh I was in the same game as them in the first clip

  17. Arkan zahrawaani

    Aaah~ so I’ve been wondering… I can’t find it on control setting so imma ask here…. Anyone know how to do what BO did at 0:14? The yellow marking things, I only know how to ping on map

  18. Can i unlock that cammo or is just a mood?

  19. The line between smart and dumb in war thunder IS very blurry. Sometimes I’m playing as carefully and tactically as possible and still get killed, sometimes i charge across dead ground in front of an enemy position and get an ace.

  20. Are we gonna Ignore that he killed lil 5.0 sherman boy?

  21. its time for 1440p60 dont you think?

  22. I’m buying the tiger 2 today so I’m happy this came up

  23. Hallo Leute, ich muß euch leider allen sagen das Gaijin ein großer Spiel Betrüger ist !!!! Ich habe Beweise für seine Betrügereien !!!

  24. Buffalobear Gaming

    What game mode is that that allows you to do the tanks and fly the planes for bombing?

  25. Oh bruh I was in that video

  26. جهني تبوك

    Hey guys does any body knows how to turn off that annoying aim assist..
    YOU know that suddenly moment when you aiming at ENEMY tank then suddenly the tank decides to aim at plane all by it self

  27. Ram your partner, do-cee Bo, chicken in the hen house load sabot!

  28. Can some one help me, how do I get the extra stats to appear in the upper left hand corner for planes

  29. hey bo ive alway wanted you to try the “skink” tank its an anti air from canada like me hope you try if so have fun

  30. Mulligan Motorsports

    Play the French p7t

  31. Another good video as always Bo and team.

  32. No BO its called No No circle

  33. hey bo maybe u can play F-80 plane again after 6 years 🙂

  34. Noah’s awesome vids

    It’s fun to mess with light tanks even on a light tank on tank lol 😂

  35. Your the best WarThunder Gang!

  36. How does he do that point marker thing to mark enemies?

  37. I request M18 GMC

  38. “T-34 on the Rocks;” That has to be a cocktail.

  39. “Danger Circle:” When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

  40. Alessandro Snavely

    what battle you played in this video. custom battles?

  41. Michael Constantin

    The best part was when the Tiger 2 got bombed.

  42. Just imagine if the Tiger II had come out before the war was lost for Germany. This tank is so powerful and hard to kill.

  43. BO’s new favorite panic phrase: SO MANY SOVIETS!

  44. Hello I am comrade Nate

  45. Did they ever find hambones body?!

  46. 2:35​ yesss!! You​ are​ Tiger​ II!! 😁

  47. I wish I can have a team to play war thunder 🙁

  48. So you know that tiger II’s can take ought the sherman on the front right?

  49. 3:44 Okay, i am not sure if that shot is realisticly accurate.

  50. Tiger 2 h is under br-ed

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