War Thunder – Tiger II Sla.16 “Weaponized Bushes!”

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Bo, Sturmling, and Loli Dragon head out to in the Tiger II Sla. 16 and a little Ru 251. Today was kind of a strange but entertaining day filled with bombs, weird fights, and overwhelming odds.


  1. Military Aviation History

    In Normandy, there is indeed a barrel in every bush, and a Panzerfaust in every ditch. Speaking from personal experience….

  2. Condorscondor Condor

    That poor crusader! What were you doing in that match, you poor poor thing.

  3. Thanks bo for answering my request for a king tiger video. This video really made my day.

  4. 12:50 that’s me

  5. Super Flanks with Milk Trucks, Pincer maneuvers with Bo, Sniper Goat TD 906’s, Kiosk Crusaders, Corner Ambush Locust….

  6. Thanks for the hilarious videos Bo, they really help when my emotions are in a jumble

  7. It seems that since Coffee hasn’t been in videos for a while, Sturmling has obtained his curse.

  8. I like to hide on top of buildings too.

  9. the best AA awarded to BO

  10. Weaponized battle toaster

  11. I can’t connect to the ps4 servers,it keeps on kicking me out.Does anyone else have the same problem?

  12. Bo pls play the object 268!

  13. Lol. The Ru251 Gameplay

  14. 14:37 It’s over, Bo! I have the high ground!

  15. The enemy team must have seen the public service film on How Not To Be Seen.

  16. Bo 2 op plz nerf

  17. When Tiger II can’t pen AMX 50 Foch, but Ostwind can…

  18. 5:52 imagine how that guy felt….

  19. Hey Bo thanks for uploading on my birthday.

  20. 17:25
    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again

  21. France has weaponized bushes, Switzerland has weaponized houses and Russia has weaponized vodka.

  22. Did anyone notice that napalm was in the foch in this video?

  23. Today many Pilots died from 88mm cannons

  24. 5:44 someone tell me how did that happen? how could he see him from that far away behind so many trees?

  25. I am now convinced that the king tiger was actually an AA vehicle.

  26. Ghost Jazz Hands needs to be a thing now. >3>

  27. do you guys EVER argue, like get MAD? at each other??????

  28. The crazy antics in this video had me laughing good. And 6:00 boom headshot

  29. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    Shoot at the hatch!!

  30. Gaming Universe

    can u guys try a team of SU-100Y ?

  31. Combat Cactus666

    If you can dodge a tank shell you can dodge a ball

  32. Therainmaker nazwiskomojetojest

    title reminded me a mission from endless sky
    “transport weaponzied pigs to earth in sol system”

  33. i like this tank. it’s kinda op, but it’s a break from the usual overtier in SB with other lineups i have.. i see the situation of the players in adequate vehicles destroying me, if that makes sense..

  34. Another chuckle fest

  35. Hey Bo, remember that guy that said they should add a tank with a plow specialy for you and your kidnapping? It seems your dream came true https://warthunder.com/en/news/5513-development-centurion-avre-engineer-at-war-en

  36. 5:53 helluva shot

  37. “Ohh i was hoping that would pen”


  38. Dat russian bias tho

  39. Think Inside All The Boxes

    I understand why wt is better than wot because of the graphics and it’s more realistic but when you ammo rack someone in wot the turret doesn’t faze through the ground and disappear

  40. your welcome mister 🙂 ( i was the one on the building(120) who got you 🙂

  41. TheGhostWarrior_

    That moment when your two friends are featured in a Bo Time Video, oh mah gurd <333

  42. “Everything’s a bush. It’s France.” EW

  43. You were playing vs Napalmratte 😀 😀 I see him there murdering people with Foch.

  44. Bo, we need some Centurion actions! XD

  45. LOL those lucky shots tho


    T A N K T H I G H

  47. FireWarrior2013

    I love how fucking typical it is that they encountered the IS-6 player in THEIR SPAWN!

  48. That trickshot in the plane in 14:00 and the ambush in the Is like the ambush on tiger from Fury was amazing

  49. You were in d-day?

  50. That Foch is a YouTube name nampalmerrete sum like that but y’all didn’t realize it because he was explaining that he saw y’all 2 in tigers and that y’all couldn’t pen him?

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