War Thunder – Top 10 Worst Event Vehicles

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Source: Oxy

Links and things below, thank you muchly for reading

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  1. I wonder when gajin is gonna add the option to where you can bring ships to ground realistic battles but only with maps that are coastal

  2. 25:15

    Or just play China

  3. Don’t take it wrong, but I feel like this video could have been half the time shorter. You either repeat yourself or pad with useless infos.

  4. Can someone please help a noob here.
    I’m aware that Oxy has a decal on the store. How can I get/purchase for me?

  5. Everyone just blew past the k2 when they were trying to get baltimore myself included

  6. Dla Ciebie siema już nie ma

    .50 BMG is enough to kill everything


  8. IL-2-M82 Radial engines by large don’t necessitate armor as they are vastly more durable than inline motors and are MOSTLY air cooled not liquid cooled

  9. Filipino? We made a plane?… Nah Im sure we buy planes

  10. Can you please do Japanese tanks

  11. Correction about the mariner – it also carries 8x naval mines, who clock at above 500KG of HE per unit, drastically better than the bombs.

    I am reasonably sure it has a payload comparable to the B29 with that option.

    Also also, I have it, and when you get a game where you aren’t bothered, it deletes bases VERY easily.

  12. Lord Wintertown

    Good Day Oxy, Now if you do read comments after several days that’s glorious but if not this shall be lost to time..

    Now the Type K-8 No.13 subchaser is indeed a terrible vessel yet I would argue that the River class Frigate (yes frigate not gunboat foolish gaijin) HMS Spey K-246 is in a much more unfortunate state for it’s damage model has been bugged since 2.01.

    Bugged yes it’s for it’s a 2000 tonne vessel that has a damage model of a Motor Torpedo Boat meaning you can sink it with MG fire….. which will lead to rage inducing pain when one fields it (At least the 4″ cannons do damage an it has a nice colour scheme).

    Ironically the US River class aka the Tacoma class Frigates (based off two incomplete River class vessels sent to the US) has a Destroyer DM but costs as much as a Dreadnought in RP/SL has an 18k stock repair an has 3″ cannons that do jack shit damage uuuugh ntm a lovely blind spot fore & aft (I’d rather play the River class after unlocking it)…

  13. Its worth mentioning that the 40mm beaufighter has two different guns because it was being used for trials of the guns

  14. What a load of shite

  15. The PBM-3 have 8 x Type A Mark I mines, that is why i really want this plane.

  16. I love the LVT A4 🙁

  17. 11:20 Honestly dogfighting in the IL-2 is really fun because the enemy does not expect you to be able to dogfight so well. It’s always fun to dogfight a turny-boi and win

  18. Ah yes 1.0 “did you mean bully new comers?”

  19. 1 is a great tank

  20. I actually like the Ju 388 J, use it to attack Bombers

  21. CheekiBreekiUwU

    Both the LVT and the Phon T-34 were vehicles in the US and USSR trees, as you said. But then they were added as tech tree vehicles in China, so if you played all the event to get it years ago, now you get it for free, wich sucks for old players.
    Same for the M8 Greyhound.

  22. I have to say.
    I have respect for Gaijin in regards of this kinds of uniques.
    They dont do op stuff most of the time just because they are uniques.

  23. Alexander Schulte

    In my experience the worst but one of the most fun event vehicles is the katayusha. It was usable before they removed its ability to move with the suspension angled down basically making it impossible to kill someone unless you are lying in wait since it takes a few seconds to set up. Really fun though and people are always excited to see it since barely anyone owns one.

  24. Remote .50 Cal on WW2 tanks? So much for realism…

  25. Lundkvists Logement

    I’m sorry did you say “pay 100 euros for this one” for the No 10 Spot?

  26. but i like the 251/10 its a solid 10 out of 10 when it comes to meme value

  27. BF109Z where

  28. I really like the Buccaneer. Playing stealthy often works and bring me easily 40K RP with a talisman- and then there are Yak-38 that occasionally feed on me

  29. I love how most of these are “rewards”

  30. I do think the fun you have with a vehicle is more important than how “good” it is… This *is* just a game after all, despite expecting you to play it for 40 hours a week

  31. the pbm 5a is the black cat from world at war i would totally love it as a premium.

  32. That LVT (A) 4 doesn’t deserve the first spot. It has a .50 cal and a howitzer in 1.3 and it’s pretty fun to use in AB

  33. Will this be followed by the best event vehicles?

  34. Colm MacNiallais

    I hope you do your Top 10 Best Event Vehicles too.

  35. prem mariner a bad event what its so good and a lot better then the TT since mines with over 4000 kg total filler the B-29 has like 4800 or so kg filler max and yes mines work as bombs in ground

  36. The things he says about the peashooter actually surprised me I’m good with them

  37. i like the Bucaneer though, great for cas with the cc

  38. You did a really good job of tearing apart the Buccaneer S.1, but you put it to some pretty fking poggers clips of you getting SEVERAL kills in one run with several ATGM hits in a row, seriously awesome, the contrast is so funny

  39. Lamp! Productions

    “Peashooter is the worst reserve aircraft”

    as a person who has used the P-26 for multiple years, how DARETH THEE TO INSULT MY WW1 A-10!

  40. Hey Oxy,
    Your ground forces videos for each nation was amazing. Do you think you could make an update video for each nation as they were released a few years ago. Lots of things have changed e.g. new tanks being added to research tree, new country merged into british tree.

  41. i was pleased to find that there was no anti-po2 propaganda in this video.

  42. [Redacted] Gaming

    I really want the LVT A 4

  43. Jennifer Stewarts

    The biggest annoyance is the lack of radar on the Ju388

  44. I’ve got a lot of these…not sure if i should be proud

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