War Thunder Top 5 FAILS & FUNNY MOMENTS (Baron’s War Thunder Top 5)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks watching!


  1. first

  2. Awwww yeaaaaa! We got the Top 5 series up and running. You want more? You
    know what to do…I’m looking to see how supported this series is going to
    I’m going to try and have one out every week…yep, that’s right. One a
    week…but that all depends on how many and the quality of submissions we
    get. Submit your replays here: baronvonreplay@gmail.com

    I’m looking primarily for War Thunder replays, but will also look at Total
    War: Warhammer, World of Warships, World of Tanks, and honestly any video
    game. But primarily War Thunder.

  3. not first :3

  4. noobinator Simelane

    Baron, baron why you so awesome?
    Because I send rest to gulag komrade

  5. Custom battles shouldn’t count.

  6. aww yeah

  7. awesome series! keep up the good work i love your videos!

  8. Some ground physics needs to work? a LOT more like (they should some ask
    help from WOT team).

  9. Nice video baronvongamez

  10. those sexy transitions though… goddamn… i’d like to be alone with a
    couple of sexy bombers now and do some pinup

  11. thegamerhunter and blaze

    I killed a t-10M with a panzer F2

  12. hello

  13. “we need more submissions, we have about 300-400 submissions” Yeah I don’t
    think you need more submissions for a while….

  14. what is this? bo time?

  15. HappyHusbandn Wife

    LEGEND has it, the tiger and the mouse still hate the Zis still this day

  16. Whatever happened to World of Warships

  17. Is it weird to do very good in with low teir tanks in high tier games?

  18. amdr is way more funny.

  19. отличный ролик!

  20. Sometimes I can’t see what happened, a slo motion replay would be nice

  21. don’t add arcade to this series please.

  22. *NO BS!!* I was literally on the toilet lighting up a cigarette when he
    said it at #3, wow!

  23. What Tank is that in the thumpnail

  24. Chieftain 120 mm sabot round bouncing off the front of a t34-100

  25. Does anyone have the same graphical issue as I do?Whenever I play tanks I
    can see a large number of object/tree shadow flickering which is messing my
    eyes up

  26. Omg. I was watching this while playing. I hit a haystack at Normandy and
    flipped over. My entire team was like wtf dude what happened? Haystacks….
    Haystacks are the Achilles heal of the Tiger.

  27. Aye Baron lmfao

  28. This is so bad it hurts!

  29. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    aw man those transitions.. mmmm

  30. Finally!!!! took you so long, nice vid. now go 2 gulag

  31. How many subs can I get for no reason?

  32. #RipMenOfWarMondays :(

  33. hat IS-3 in the thumbnail is like: “cheeki breeki komrade”

  34. GreatMindsofEarth

    I shall continue the ZIS-30 op reign of terror.

  35. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Top 5 weekly Derps and Derp nots

  36. aries paddayuman

    Akula Means Shark In Russian

  37. I Don't Understand Math

    You high?

  38. I dunno why, but this reminds me a lot of the official WT’s top 4 thing, or

  39. you can stream mondays thursdays and sunday afternoons no one streams then
    🙁 but nice man been waiting XD

  40. Great idea Baron, more please!

  41. Can you post some guidelines to follow? Like how long our videos should be,
    or certain tags you’d prefer in the uploaded video for filtering reasons?

  42. no hype for patch 1.59 tomorrow or else Soon™?

  43. Damn that’s great!

  44. +BaronVonGamez Where did u get those videos u used in the transitions

  45. Digging the sexy transition?

  46. dont mind this comment

  47. It’s not usually the artillery shell that kills the plane. It’s the blast
    from the explosion. Of course it’s possible to kill a plane with the shell
    itself. It’s just super rare.

  48. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve accidentally gotten friendly fire
    kills on friendly aircraft with artillery. It’s exceptionally aggravating
    because I get penalized for something that was completely unintentional.

  49. hey where lives Tomas Polisensky??

  50. Ludvig Juel Martens

    looks cool baron please continue this

  51. Does anybody owe 2 thousand eagles on war thunder my account say I owe them
    even though I didn’t pay or anything please help

  52. I’ve killed my teammate trying to save me with artillery before while he
    was in his B29

  53. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    poor locust (snif) ?

  54. YESSS

  55. Love that little intro

  56. Sometimes, a Zis gotta hetz…

  57. the video repeats itself!

  58. this is a poorly put together video I think you need some standards for

  59. Can you play more WoWS?

  60. 4 Tonnes of Fury

    A yak3p caught up with me in a dive with a spaded p51 going 760kms, i
    though yaks rip at 650kms?

  61. When your video that you sent in when the contest was announced will never
    be featured because it’s not good enough for a top 5 of anything :D

  62. 0:34 Is gunner was dead, most probably.

  63. The last one was in a custom i believe.

  64. Xx_HyperBeast_xX XOXO

    ))) Sekrit Documintz T10M

  65. _ Kidwithshoes _

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son, another great video from

  66. Casper Bolding Kampp

    so is this gonna get taken down due to them bug pics at the end

  67. I think baron liked the transition just a little too much

  68. Αναστάσης Κακαράκης

    Why cant you make a video about RB gameplay and show as tips to how to
    become better????pleaseeeee?????

  69. I was in my PZ.III M and shot down a plane with the main cannon

  70. Once in a BT7, Winter war map, went on icy terrain, hope not sink. Lagged
    out And died.

  71. I sent this in so long ago was unexpected to see it in sub box

  72. is possible to put 999999999999999 likes?

  73. You want epic fails submitted? Thats all of my gameplay

  74. A good birthday gift :)

  75. Have you already done a video about Call to Arms?

  76. Target dem sekrit dokuments!

  77. Is the transition music headlines by drake?

  78. Oh, i thought there was due date to send replays… i need to make more

  79. Yes baron! This would be amazing!

  80. Baron i hope, that u’re back you’re gonna come back to mowas2 mondays

  81. Skelotor Skelotor

    Russian bias

  82. Skelotor Skelotor

    Russian bias

  83. Skelotor Skelotor

    transition music?

  84. Marc Bar (Guil98)

    In a game I killed a Su-122 with a Hurricane MK IV but I was so low above
    the ground that the explosion killed me and the SU-122 got the kill, would
    you like to see it Baron?

  85. Sem Van Der Jagt

    Does someone know the song at the beginnig?

  86. +BaronVonGamez what is the theme for next weeks top 5 going to be?

  87. zis 30 op!

  88. Baron pay attention next time!! Anyway, nice video!

  89. Don’t show this video to WT devs. They have been known to take down videos
    that make fun of any glitches in the game. Jingles had this done to him and
    many others.

  90. and men of war mondays?

  91. So Baron is making his own Thunder Show. OK

  92. So many other war thunder based channels have tried this and failed. I
    sincerely hope you are the exception my friend.

  93. This Name Is Excrutiatingly Long Isnt It

    Not gonna lie the weekly top 5s is a great Idea, but the transition music
    sounds kinda mainstream like the background music in prank videos…we need
    some music that fits Baron…

  94. Charlie Silveria

    That was definitely the best play I’ve seen someone have in the russian
    tractor Zis 30

  95. Hussain Almosawi

    at number 4 a Russian kamakzi t 54

  96. Yitzi Schweitzer

    To be honest, none of the fails and funny things were that funny. Maybe
    some other top fives will be better, but this one wasn’t great.

  97. Finally, I have been waiting a long time for you to do top 5 things with
    war thunder. Thank you baron.

  98. The only thing bad I noticed is that the first 4 clips were super sped up
    and it was kinda hard to understand, and that the transition music is… eh

  99. I like your videos, but this was not the best commentary … Mighty Jingles
    could inspire you on the “fail videos”. Too flat.

  100. Richard Robinson

    where is men of war

  101. Jonathan Silveira

    Lag kill zig 30

  102. love the fail videos.

  103. any video’s of bombing other planes that are in flight.

  104. That ZiS-30 kill… Wow. You probably won’t believe me, but I one-shot a
    T-10M on the turret with the Churchill Mk III.

  105. Barron I have an awesome zis30 replay 2 funny kills and 1 plane kill

  106. I fucked a T-34 with an M3 Lee once, pretty proud of myself

  107. Baron! Baron! How do ya getcha golden eagles?

    I’m kidding

  108. hey baron, isnt this kinda like “the thunder show” ? i mean this is cool in
    all, but it seems kinda the same

  109. Great video, Baron! Maybe I’ll find better fails in the future. 🙂 Keep up
    with the vids! BTW, what happened with Crossout?

  110. I killed a Leopard 1 with a Panzer III N yesterday #derpspam

  111. Shockin Awesome

    ah baron the vid repeats

  112. I think you should keep doing ot

  113. finally, you started series

  114. arrafi setyawan

    the transition is so freaking sexy?

  115. I just realized that the Zis-30 is a T-20 Komsomolets with the seats gone
    and a cannon.

  116. DADADA, Gaijin is going to take this video down because the amount of
    glitches are shown! Sound the alarm!

  117. Hay Baron that transition Silky Smooth and Sexy

  118. It was good for me.

  119. yes Baron do more more MORE!!!

  120. well I know baron will not answer this but I want baron to do jets vs AA
    but the jets must use tracers and it has go be night no matter what

  121. i did a 1v5 in the he111 ages ago, submitted it to squires top play thingy
    though lol

  122. Akula means “shark” in Russian :)

  123. baron? what is name of transition music?

  124. Tankbuster 1945

    Top 5s are a great idea and keep up the great work

  125. ToughAncientSpark

    WTF!!! LOL

  126. Very nice, Baron…I wonder how long til Gaijin decides that this had
    glitches, broke their TOS, and tries to strike you for it :p

    In all seriousness though…this is a great idea, and keep it up.

  127. Where is men of war Monday’s baron

  128. Believe it or not, you can see arty shells.

  129. And then there are idiots like me who have killed my own tank AND plane
    with my own artillery shells…

  130. Opposite Catfish

    Hearts Of Iron 4 came out yesterday, its a strategic WW2 game, you might
    like it.

  131. that 1st or no. 1 video shows us that , it doesn’t matter which or what
    tank or plane u play, it matters that how do u play.

  132. There is actually a hard to hit weak point on the front of the Maus that
    even a low caliber HE shell can get through.

  133. anonymous carrot

    what is the name of that first song in the bomber transition?

  134. anonymous carrot

    what is the name of that first song in the bomber transition?

  135. 1:50 i’d say it was a big lag? from the tree he rammed like no care, the
    lag avenged the tree…

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