War Thunder TOP 5 PLAYS of the Week – Dank Memes, bruh

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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Thumbnail Credit: http://live.warthunder.com/post/472441/en/

Thanks watching!


  1. BRASIL PORRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alright let’s play Meme Roulette
    Every fifth liker will get memed!

  3. tbh I’m deciding if I should submit a thing where I was on the bridge over
    C in Tunisia, and as I was firing at a T29 I think it was he fired at my
    teammate, but hit the like repaired part of the bridge while hitting my
    teammate, and I fell down because it broke.

  4. brasileiros aq? kkkkk

  5. Thanks Baron for showing my Video!

  6. NothingToSeeHere Nothing

    I think Baron forgot about the SU 100

  7. top 5 biased moments



  10. feel like #2 should have been #1

  11. I had a dream where they added a 25mm gattling Canon with api rounds and I
    went around in a little aa truck and panzershrekt peeps 🙂 Guijin plz add

  12. Hey, what’s the title of outro music – 4:23 ? Does anyone know?

  13. The Tasty Sausage Biscuit

    What happened to world of warship Wednesdays? Can anyone tell me? it was
    one of the few things I watched this channel for.

  14. <3 nascimento <3 honra nois kkkk 1 preview and like o7

  15. do an actual russian bias top 5

  16. Ur tiger2 thumbnail for this video you made. Is that in game or is it a
    professional pic created by gajin

  17. Am I the only one that wouldn’t be bothered if hillary died….?

  18. What do we get for submission?

  19. ommmggg nö sexy transition


  21. wheres men of war

  22. baron
    pls play heroes and generals
    i hear new garman update coming
    update map
    water vehicle like pt76 :D

  23. Love these. You are the best Baron!

  24. if you like this vidio like my comment pls

  25. Dank memes? Bar Boyz for life!!

  26. NTB_gaming (nicktheboss481)

    Dank memes pls more like dank sexy transitions

  27. I killed Tiger 2 with 4M GAZ AA aka “Vodka Truck”. Should i send it?

  28. Honestly, just call the series “Top 5 weekly” and show fails, wins and epic
    moments in no particular order. You seem to struggle to find a theme for
    each week. And in my opinion you should decrease the commentary too.

  29. Panzergrenadier Itsumi

    next time top 5 sexy transition

  30. al fin un español en el top :D

  31. Grinz low (Grinzlow)

    Top 5 most stupid deaths

  32. #dicksoutforHarambe

  33. yesterday a squadmate got shot in his ki-10 from artillery. not the one
    from tankbattle, ai controlled one. on port moresby.

  34. Tiger II p

  35. why dont you do an uncommon or rare vehicles top 5 plays for next week? if
    you haven’t done one already of course :)

  36. Cool replays..

  37. wow number 2 so fucking lucky

  38. É só um br aparecer, q spawna huehue por tudo q é canto kkkkkkk huehuebrbr

  39. Great job Baron~

  40. How about download ifunny its a app that show memes


  42. What is outro song

  43. 3:33 lyrics pt-eng Meu Deus(2x) CARALHO QUE TIRO FOI ESSE VÉI!!! Oh my
    God(2x) What the fuck was that shot man?!?!?

  44. bush did 9/11

  45. Braron plz play back unturned it got some very good update! just plz play
    it again! it will worth it

  46. I wish there were dank memes

  47. sexy transition

  48. puta merda esse nascimento mitou

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