War Thunder Top 5 Plays of the Week (War Thunder BaronVonGamez)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. I enjoy the submitted videos but not your comments. sry baron

  2. Rockets are still frightening, you don’t want to see a CalliOP aiming at
    you in your Panzer III

  3. yo baron when you stream can you post a short vid on youtube saying so i
    keep missing them

  4. What song is used for those transitions?

  5. yo +BaronVonGamez thanks for the feature many thanks

  6. What br is that new panzer 4 kv2 tank buddy in rb? and price?Thanks baron.

  7. Top five kills with crippled aircraft?

  8. Baron I live in Canada so you should play the ram II

  9. What’s the song that plays in the end at 8:07?

  10. Shall I send in my IL28 clip where I kill a hunter when I have no wings?

  11. Cameron Morgan (Don't ask)

    I heard “Hello, Suprize butt sex” and I died…

  12. Always “boys”, should I go now?

  13. RARETANK654 Gaming

    Potato me Barry

  14. RARETANK654 Gaming

    Steam crashes my PC why?

  15. god, the music in this first clip was shit

  16. Gonzalo Parra Donoso

    sexy transition sundays

  17. Top 5 wtf kills!

  18. #3 would not have happened as the ATGM has a minimum range also,it would
    have just splattered or bounced at that range.

  19. Captain Dreadnought

    1:28 *overwatch voice* play of them game

  20. I find your terrible jokes….disturbing. Keep up the good work.

  21. do a barrel roll!

  22. baron play a world of warships again and use the musashi or sverdlov

  23. Lol i have BeefTooth on steam too.

  24. I want to submit a replay, but I play in triple screens. Don’t want to jack
    with changing settings just to record a short clip.

  25. Do a “best of custom battles” where you take submissions from skits, funny
    kill in customs and just other randomness please !!!

  26. Who thinks the B-26 marudor will be added

  27. how broke are you can’t even buy real bandicam

  28. Khanin the Uhnahkian

    Bonus clip was pretty sick.

  29. M4A5 PLEZ

  30. Top 5 derpiest kills?

  31. :35 wats a P-54N???

  32. FluckDuckProductions

    If you are wanting to record the game or any game for that matter, please
    use Nvidia Shadowplay if you are on Nvidia GPU or Plays.TV if you are using
    an AMD GPU. This way it will give you better quality without the
    performance hit when recording which won’t cause stutters.

  33. 5:15 hes just in the reich place at the reich time

  34. Do an ace episode

  35. Thanks for the bonus clip baron! that made my day :D

  36. Got four kills with one 1000ib bomb from a f4u-1a before, the moment I did
    it was the moment I realized that that was going to be the best moment in
    my wt and a once in a life time experience…. Ps play the panzerwerfer

  37. Hey look my friends from War Thunder made into a Baron replay. Hi guys.

  38. Baron Baron do top 5 “no god please no” moments

  39. Do a barrow roll

  40. You should name this series Sunday fun day highlights

  41. The Penetrator 9000

    Panzerwerfer 42!!!

  42. Steffen Gratzke (Leonis)

    What is this for a soundtrack from 4:10?

  43. Where are the sexy transitions?! I am disappointed?

  44. “You own spice.”

  45. The it1 clip would’ve been impressive in any other tank kek

  46. Thanks heaps for #3, Baron. Luck or OP though?

  47. wait isnt the one man stand mode gone
    now does he lose 2 crew and stays alive when he has 3 crew

  48. Panzerwerfer please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Why isn’t war thunder available on Xbox one??!?,????

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