War Thunder TOP 5 SKILL KILLS w BaronVonGamez

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Red Orchestra 2 (a WWII battlefield simulator, for example if you go in a
    tank you have the other crew members, you can go inside the tank or open
    the hatch for more view and see outside etc)

  2. BestofShooterGames

    wow number 1 was really amazing doh!

  3. You should play dirty bomb

  4. BestofShooterGames

    play Hearts of Iron 4 as germany!
    Für das Vaterland Kamerad!

  5. object 279

  6. Take out the su-152 !!

  7. 2 out of 5 were luck. #5 and #3. #4 was good as were #2 and #1

    PLEASEEEEEE…… im not saying i wanna suck barons ass or im gey lol … i
    just… like.. really want to see him play something completely different
    than what he normally does or play something like from the depths, or maybe
    Depth, with a couple of friends, id love to join ya sometime lol or

  9. play kingdom come deliverence 1403

  10. Baron do top 5 picture perfect kills

  11. How ’bout playing Contract Wars(?) its a great game, it has very high
    ratings on every site that features it

  12. That is one of the best plays in plane and tank I’ve seen in a long time
    (number 1) Good jobs Louie

  13. ChintzySpade130 Gaming

    We need goliaths in this god damn game

  14. you should do your top 5 kills Baron

  15. William morris III

    mobile topic

  16. when u see the enemy stacking up and u have some big bombs, all u want to
    do is drop those on their heads despite all odds

  17. Dark Souls ?!?!?

  18. That last one was pretty damn epic.

  19. FalloutTaco The Original (Coshontz)

    Who here signed up for bf1 open beta on xb1?

  20. in my meteor a long time ago when it was still broken but the 229 was in
    the game i managed to win in a 1 vs 7 although it did take 30+ minutes not
    a minute

  21. FalloutTaco The Original (Coshontz)

    Also i think you would like planet side 2 or warface

  22. the guy at the end got as far as i could tell a kv-1, a t-34, a su85b, and
    an su-85 and all of them saw him when he exited, they were all facing the
    other way

  23. Top 5 derpiest kills (4th or 5th attempt)

  24. u know im kinda have a case of the salty salts because I submitted 2 and
    didnt see either one the past gew weeks :(

  25. 1 was in thunder show already.

  26. I know you kinda play this game but I would love to see some more heroes
    and generals possibly with slick too

  27. Hey baron, ever thought of playing Empire at war? it is a game that captain
    shack from the xp gamers, and its like men of war but with star wars

  28. Top 5 going ham

  29. I once got 11 kills in a m4a1

  30. check out hearts of iron 4

  31. The Amnesia Grunt2356

    *sees 4* For someone who play’s tier 5 all the time, that’s easy to do to
    baby tanks… I play tier 5 and usually get 2-5 kills per game with my T-62
    and when I play tier 1-3 usually I get 8-12 kills

  32. W. T. F. ????????

  33. HOW ABOUT Crossout as a new game to try?

  34. More men of war Mondays

  35. fuckin luckin Lui)

  36. Play dsc world

  37. Hey do you except videos because I have a lucky tank shot.

  38. Baron I recomend u to check out DCS Digital Combat Simulator! Its awesome!

  39. That corsair had 20 mils

  40. Hey Baron! I’m number 3, thank you very much for uploading my clip!

  41. Louie Verstraelen

    Hey Baron

    Thank you so much for putting me on number 1, means a lot to me :)

  42. Im pretty sure no. 1 was on thunder show

  43. You could play star wars battlefront 3

  44. you can penetrate maus with t34 1941 in the machine gun pod on the
    turret.not joking.I did it myself.please do a video on this.

  45. You could try Elite Dangerous :D

  46. try playing day of infamy, together with slick

  47. mabe play hearts of iron 4 it is military strategy

  48. n°5 have nothing special at all ! it happens to me quite often in RB !

  49. The number 1 was in the Thunder show

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