War Thunder Top Secret German Prototype vk 1602 Leopard – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Secret Tank – Wonder Tank Prototype – custom scout tank ()

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  1. Should the vk1602 Leopard be added to War Thunder? Yes….or yes? But seriously, pros/cons…what do you guys think ? What BR would it fit at?

  2. there are a few tanks i would like added to the game, mostly smaller lights and mediums..germany needs a good light tank like the chaffee…one or two mid way tanks, 3.0-6.0 somewhere in there (also the m7 medium would be fun)

  3. If this was in the game, my life would be complete. I love the Leopard on World of Tanks. I Love the Luchs on World of Tanks. The PzII Ausf H which is pretty much a mix of a Luch and this tank but with an open top turret, I also love on War Thunder, mostly because it’s a low tier light tank that can engage even top tier enemies. I can imagine how much fun this vehicle would be in the right hands.

  4. Welcome back the baronvonjingles

  5. I've walked the Divide

    Man more soviets died in Stalingrad than British and American troops died in all theatres of war combined

  6. Rainbow Dash is Russian…

  7. how do you get really good frames on war thunder I get less then 16

  8. Oh, Hello see my mouth? I will devour you

    As a post-WoT player, I can cunfirm that this tank with the 3cm aircraft cannon this will be a troll tank. It’s very hard to get them with their speed

  9. YES! Me want! Its a baby Panther!

  10. this is cool, but it needs a good br 4.0 max
    also they should start adding armoured cars, that would be cool like the American greyhound, wolfhound, and the T18 the British Rhino, The Daimler Armoured Car and Germany’s The Schwerer Panzerspähwagen, the Puma ?

  11. I’d love to see this added as a Premium to get the dev some money for his work, cause the model is fucking gorgeous. People need to give up on this bullshit about, “It was only a prototype so it doesn’t belong in game”. That logic doesn’t make sense in a game simulating a real war that took place, but in virtual reality, where the repercussions of the real world, such as Germany running out of supplies and the need to focus on other vehicles, just don’t exist, allowing “balance” to take place. If this much hate towards prototypes and paper projects existed towards unrealistic representation of performance, such as the wooden Yaks being able to turn on a dime, and especially at high speed, which just didn’t work in the real world without breaking off those wings, and not to mention the general lack of success while flying those planes against even early German and Italian designs, would mean we should have a huge portion of the community bitching about them at the same intensity they throw at interesting vehicles such as this one. I have not met one history buff who doesn’t want to see some of these paper projects come alive, to experience what they could have been like, and hypothesis the effects they could have had on the war, considering this isn’t a simulation minus one of three game modes, in which the developers are clearly not focusing the game towards. If so, there would be no 3rd person view of tanks in any of the three game mode realism settings, AB, RB, and SB, and would only provide cockpit view for planes and gunner/driver/commander view for tanks.

  12. so basicly a beefy Pz.ii H?

  13. Why the main gun is not machine gun ?

  14. I remember that thing also have a 3 cm M.K. 103 machine gun that can stop anything in its tracks

  15. It could be tiered about the same as the Chaffee

  16. Professor Yakkington

    Of course his name is Rainbow Dash >.> The cringe

  17. are tou still doing the top 5 plays i got a good one?

  18. That’s the new Test drive?

  19. you know those 30mm still can pen you turret

  20. 0:40 ?

  21. I would like a VK line and an
    E-series line

  22. This like a bigger version of the leopard right

  23. I want gaijin to add the Löwe (Lion)

  24. Stay away from my peanut butter

    VK 1602 at BR 4.7 when?

  25. YES YES YES PLEASE ADD THIS TANK!! This is one of my favorite tanks of all time!! Love it in world of tanks!! Please add it war thunder!

  26. I could see Gaijin adding this under the revenue share program if the model is good enough, which it seems to be.

  27. Yes to the vk 1602 Leopard.

  28. where r the Canadians

  29. 6 months is a very long time for a model like that to be fair.

  30. Please ad the luchs puma and leopard like uf u agree

  31. Урус Шайтан

    Russian right now think that they won the war alone

  32. littel panther

  33. If it get in game, it is going to be premium. That is what I hate about War Thunder

  34. i grinded the MAUS and got such a cock block from it that whole gaijin should die.

  35. Casualties is not the determining the factor of victory. America did the most work, Russia just did the most dying and diverting. People always forget Russia was the bad guys. Invaded Poland twice, finland war, enslaving half of europe, killing more people than Nazi Germany, and still gets to be the “good guys.”

  36. No, I had enough of these trash pussy cats in WOT, no need to ruin another game.

  37. Add one American SPG, that line is silly after M36 GMC aka Jackson you have T95 -.- . And really TD in light tank tree?

  38. Милорад М.

    I love it from wot, it would be cool if they add it with mk 103 cannon.

  39. To be honest, it’s weak.

  40. Tropical Chedder

    yes Black Sails is awesome!

  41. fail bowman failler

    isn’t A puma would be great ?

  42. that leopard is pretty cool but we also want the Luchs which did see service

  43. I wouldn’t mind having some of the VK prototypes as premiums or reward tanks. This thing, the prototype Panther VK 30.02 M and the VK 36.01 H (Tiger prototype) would be nice to see. (Given we have a Tiger P and it’s prototype version too)

  44. what happened to men of war

  45. I love how hypocrites just say things like ; No gaijin ! no prototypes in War Thunder, it’s not WoT !
    but when Gaijin input premium proto tanks like T44-122, KV2-107 or other bullshit, they are just like ; OMG it’s amazing, give me, no matter it costs 40€ !

    Just add content damn it ! Still waiting for things like Panzer VII Löwe, Panzer II Luchs or Me-262 HG III !

  46. germany rly needs some light tanks



    I am pretty sure if they add it up, it will be a premium so still behind a paywall !

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