War Thunder Trolling Tiger – The Porsche Tiger Tank Request!

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  1. A lesson in trolling, the Tiger Porsche! What tank next?

  2. Yea troll

  3. M60 Patton

  4. Yea baron! Hi

  5. 4th 

  6. Play more heroes and generals please

  7. Andromeda Galaxy64

    Hidden message time:

    • Oh yeah… Well… I can do better

    • 0100001101100101011100110110000101110010001000000110001101101111011001000110010100100000001111110010000001000011011011000110000101110011011010010110001100101110001000000100001001110101011101000010000001110100011010000110000101101110011110000010000001100001011011100111100101110111011000010111100100101100001000000111100101101111011101010010000001110100011011110110111100101110

    • Andromeda Galaxy64

      +MrSam1er How about this:

    • +Andromeda Galaxy64

  8. M18 hellcat plez

  9. Lazy “Lazy4you” 4you


  10. Keep the old keyboard on a wall for good luck.

  11. bdw baron the confederate flag is not banned it was just taken down from
    the South Carolina statehouse

    • Not to mention all the KKK and Black Panther rallies that have sprung up.
      The Black and White racits are out in full force its like little 60s all
      because some idiots did not just let the symbol die out once you try to ban
      something its just oging to make it really popular.

    • the obvious American

      +ZeroController thats what my cousin did and a day after they banned it
      from being sold and its been like a month since and he has not got it yet

    • +ZeroController You can find them. There are stores that have poped up
      online that specifically sell them. You can find them damn near anywhere.

    • +High Lord Era not everybody up North wants you to take them down its just
      up North live mostly in cities unlike me and since cities are liberal
      that’s where most of the cries for it to be banned down south come from.

    • +austin blevins I see the flags practicly every day and I only saw them
      like once a year before all the idiots from up north started crying a river
      about it. Now they are everywhere, idiots made the symbol a lot more
      popular than it was. A lot of people drive around with them on their cars
      now and I live in a city I wonder what the country side is like now.

  12. ist funny that your playing this tank becuase i watched an older Video of
    the isu 152 were you said you wanted too Play it

  13. Baron the confederate flag will never die, i have mine next to “come and
    take it” flag. i will defend it with my life

    • +anass elimrani Shut the fuck up you deranged cunt, you look like you’re 12
      and guilting people about racism that doesn’t exist.

    • +Emperor Palpatine Sure, it’s stupid to forbid people from flying a flag.
      The problem is when it’s on a public building etc.And the *muh flag doesn’t
      represent racism or slavery* or *muh state rights*.

    • Emperor Palpatine

      +anass elimrani lol people can fly the Nazi flag,they can fly Any flag,it
      is our rights as As a american.

    • +TheWebbNasty You know what I meant. The flag represents a culture and an
      ideology. Just like the Nazi flag does. And me, a SJW? Lol!!

    • +exteremeJUGGERNAUT Search a little bit about barbary pirates and slavery.

  14. The Kommandopanzerwagen for the Reich

  15. You have my Battlefield luck, get into a tank, get bombed by an airplane…
    Get into an airplane to shoot the other down, get shot down by AAA.

  16. Javole

  17. Please play some more Heroes and Generals with DevilDog, phly and everybody
    else. Thanks

  18. sherman with out the calliope

  19. Your german is nice, exept from the h and the ch

  20. The Tiger (P) used electric motors to power the track drive sprockets.
    Trams, trains and goods vehicles had been using this method for years, it
    was just the Tiger (P) was the first tank to do it. To provide the
    necessary power they had to be driven at full throttle constantly, making
    them overheat. The engine, fuel tanks, generators and drive motors where
    all packed together in the engine compartment with inadequate cooling,
    giving loads of engine problems.

  21. Damn that’s ugly.

  22. My ratio is 7062179 bad games to 0 good games

  23. KV-85 or IS-1

  24. “Not aloud to have it”

  25. Wasnt the best german

  26. The King Tiger 2

  27. It’s slow as tits, but what is the speed limit of tits?

  28. what next? how about 60fps?

  29. Maus the Daddys Tiger

  30. catch any red snapper

  31. Enderdog Darkstar

    More call to arms!!!

  32. auf wiedersehen asshole

  33. T-34

  34. You are the best. Hands down.

  35. crazycakemanflies

    The only problem with the German tanks in this game is that they are placed
    against the tanks that were designed to combat them. Like a Tiger E can
    easily swat away low tier Shermans and T-34, but once you get a Sherman 105
    or Jumbo, or T-34-85 then you start getting penned from your front and shit
    gets shit…

    • crazycakemanflies

      M18 is a godsend
      makes mince meat of everything on RB, just dont use it in arcade ahaha

    • +crazycakemanflies I hope i can get to the sherman 76/jumbos soon, so the
      nightmare can end. tier 3.5-5 american tanks is literal hell. The m18 is
      the only saving grace

    • Тот «Холодный» Ветер

      +nuke99 Not a problem, enjoy being the one guy that can pierce a Jumbo with
      the smallest cannon.!

    • +crazycakemanflies
      I think that apply to all country… not just German.
      In fact, German is really good at 6.7BR with Tiger II H and Ferdy. Most
      Soviet tank of the same BR have very hard time penetrate your armor at
      medium to long range.
      Even 5.7 Tiger I H is good if you not get flanked and angle your armor
      correctly. T-34-85 can pen you only if you not angle your armor. T-34-85 is
      a fun tank but not that good. it have sh*tty armor and APCR is joke (I
      never use it on 5.7 T-34-85). The only problem for me is MM… I got throw
      in 6.7 match 3-4 out of 5 time (I think because high player population in

    • +Тот Ветер
      thanks mate!

  36. I’m 88th like the flak 88 on tiger 

  37. Do a vlog 

  38. People say soda and where I come from we say pop but when I moved to
    California for about a year when I first got there I asked for pop and they
    were like what’s pop

  39. Baron, if you wish to go faster in the tiger p chassis, drive in reverse
    every where, stop traverse vehicle then shoot. Works better that way from
    my experience 

  40. The Panzer IV Ce be with you

  41. T-54 next please!!!

  42. You should do another video on the Death Star, the G8N1. 

  43. I wanted to hear more about the fishing but then ADD bro.

  44. How slow is a tit?

  45. M26 Pershing

  46. Su-100y

  47. would you go swimming with a whit shark around 15 16 ft or be in a cage

  48. play e m4 durp gun plzz

  49. Hypertraxx91 racing (Dj Hyper)

    hey , Baron how do you setup joystick on war thunder!!!!

  50. FabsterProductions

    Baron Please please do a video of your setup

  51. What kind of gun is on the tiger Porsche?

  52. Su-57! The only vid you did of it you got Gaijin’d! Also an “is it worth
    the eagles?” series where you take out the premium vehicles and see if they
    earn enough lions & RP to make them worth the eagles or not would be a
    great series!

  53. Swaghetti Yolonese

    As a german I always enjoy your attempts to speak german 😀
    grammar is good … its just the pronounciation 😀
    keep up the greak work and of course nice vid

  54. Holy crap Baron has a youtube page. I’ve been following you on Instagram
    for a while now.

  55. T-34-100

  56. funny because there is law where a confederate flag must fly in any
    cemetery with a buried confederate solider in it. If you remove the flag
    you are supposed to get shot.

    • ok but I hate when people call the confederate flag but they used the STARS
      AND BARS a lot of other countries and places use it but I hate now their
      just milking it

  57. thank you for another vid!

  58. Me exsided for starwars

  59. leopard 1 plz

  60. m26 plz

  61. The 88 wasn’t originally built on tanks for distroying American tanks but
    to counter the kv1’s t34’s etc. and I don’t know if it was rommels idea to
    do that

  62. omfg noob. it is so easy when you play vs. same or lower rating tanks.
    When I play with Tiger 1 I Am always versus 6,7 rating. I play with D5-T BR
    – all time Tigers, Panters. This game sux so much. Most fun are T 1. and 2.
    T 4. and 5. are unplayable as German tankist.

    • +khornne898 You sir deserve a cookie. I played mostly as germany the only
      thing sad about it is the only tank that have the HEATFS is only Leopard I.
      But still I have the most fun playing germany. ^^

    • +Jagguarek 6.7 German is amazing you have the KT H the Ferdinand and the
      Panther 2 all with fantastic guns and good armor (panther is the only
      exception compared to the others). 7.0 is also good the 10.5 tiger has a
      good gun but armor is lacking for a tier 5 but it sees tier 4 as well so it
      fine, The Jagdtiger which is a total beast which now stands at a 7.0 as
      well so it sees tier 4’s is almost unkillable when its hull down. Tier 5
      Germany is solid as well you have the Leopard 1 which is a 7.7 which sees
      6.7 battles on occasion and the Maus which is also a beast when used
      properly. Germany can do well in just about any tier but they need a lot
      more skill compared to nations hence why the German ground forces tech tree
      is known as the challenge tank tree.

    • Who said they gave a shit xD

  63. Gimli wants the KV-85

  64. If ur playing video games in the keys ur doing it wrong. It’s fishing, or
    boats and hoes no time for vid games. Lol love ur Channel keep it up. 

  65. In the south, everything is Coke.

  66. Pz.II H the mini hellcat

  67. oliveiraqmatouoleao

    Play the Pz IV G!

  68. Please fish responsibly, throwback larger catches and don’t over do it.
    Cool vid too!

  69. The hellcat

  70. Anyone else think that War Thunder tanks ground forces game thingy is like
    100x better whan WOT??

  71. I hate when people call it the confederate flag it’s the STARS AND BARS A

  72. Tiger p hull armor thickness is wrong its 20 cm because its a ferdinand
    Why they put 102 mm on it? 

  73. Mikboy Winthergirl

    Do the panzer 4 f2 next

  74. I liked the old keyboard… It was Baron trademark..

  75. The audio sounds terrific. I think it’s time to retire that cheapo
    keyboard back home.

  76. Austinhollands Hollands

    Love your videos and your YouTube friends I will try to start me a channel
    some day phiy is crazy 

  77. Avihai SOLODUKHIN

    MORE heroes & generals plz!!!!:)

  78. Play the Sd.Kfz 140/1. Looks neat

  79. At Laast

  80. To 1947 pls? Realistic bttles 

  81. I’d like to see t54 1947

  82. My favorite tank 

  83. Shoutout from Miami :D

  84. Play the wildcat!

  85. Whats your highest kills count on WT
    My kills

  86. Tristen Toulouse

    Keep the tiger p alive in the form of the ferdinand Yay

  87. baron setup seems good but can hear ur pc and DO THE SUPERHELLCAT LIKE IF

  88. Sounds great

  89. [LuckyPatchGaming]

    M60!? T28!? Or t34-100!?

  90. Baron Cohen tell you something right now I’m working on mosquitoes marks 34
    in Nanton Alberta

  91. Mr. Bee von Gee, you always crack me up 🙂 Such a funny guy 😀 Oh, and
    wow, those Mahi Mahi look awesome :-D

  92. Key west? It’s awesome there

  93. Never mind

  94. Степан Волков

    the Sherman will tear the damn tigers

  95. Those kamikaze planes I swear are the only things killing my tiger tank. If
    it isnt the Is2 or the kv2 killing you, it gonna be a kamikaze airplane
    that kills you. Besides my little complaint great video, I always enjoy
    your commentary. can you play the t34 100?

  96. POP

  97. Collian. Panther and 2 37mm guns orgy

  98. Been to Marathon twice nice place.

    • +twinv63 We were at a place next to the yacht club played pool there allot.
      The bugs down there were furious you could here them in the trash and we
      freaked out every time we turned on the lights because they ran all over
      the place. They were like quarter size cock roaches. Slept with the lights
      on. Then a couple friends and I was in in the court yard of the closed
      casino smoking something :] and we thought we were getting attacked by
      mosquito’s then I lit my lighter and seen we had flee’s all over us . We
      ran over to the convenient store across the road in the light and started
      stripping down and knocking them all off us. I guess people were freaking
      out a little bit not knowing what we were doing. LOL good times.

  99. Trawling* Anytime baron

  100. Bring out the M2A2! For the machine guns!

  101. M46 Tiger Patton. No Arcade, it’s boring. 

  102. the130mm box tank

  103. OOOH YES !!! A fishing bro :D

  104. Baron you have to go to sloppy joe’s in key west amazing food

    Plz play as the tiger 2 next video plz

  105. a5/u2 plez baron

  106. first comment

  107. Baron can you use the Leopard 2A7 

  108. play with your favourite tank!!

  109. Baron, you can shoot the white gas tanks and you were killed rockets 

  110. [[[[[PoPeSyBoY_BR ]]]]]

    Please see all your Garaje

  111. Talk shit to a fish XD

  112. “Trolling in fishing does not mean talking shit to the fish”-Baron 2k15 

  113. Hey baron when your fishing is “trawling” not trolling 

  114. Rover Van Ooijen

    baron plox upload 60fps

  115. Hey Baron
    Do you mind sharing some of your visors with me so i can go fishing aswell

  116. I’m coming to ur state next week FLORIDA HYPE

  117. It’s from phly’s state to yours 

  118. How do you not get angry when you’re getting rekt? Yesterday I had 1 good
    game and like 30 bad games. Usually I win like half of the games I play,
    but for some reason yesterday, I couldn’t win at all. I’m not bad in tanks,
    but for some reason I suck donkey dick with planes

  119. shirani gunathilaka

    A lesson in trolling, the Tiger Porsche! What tank next?

  120. DO THE T34 100 FFS

  121. SU-57! Stalin’s halftrack!

  122. T bag baron

  123. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    The Tiger Porsche, the tank that squats…

  124. i can learn you to speak german you can asend me an private message if you

  125. Can you please do two tank reviews in one video

  126. Ze Panther G

  127. Cameron Woodgate

    Baron it is trawling that you did not trolling it is pronounced Traw-ling

  128. Take out the T 32.

  129. SU-152 or Is-3

  130. Hi i want tiger 2 p or H 

  131. Baron?! A toger 1 E whit curves, NO mATCH its a box on tracks whit an 88mm

  132. wait until you catch a Goliath Grouper they will reck you but when you
    bring them in you become a 5 level fishing mage and fish she them self’s
    when they hear your name and sharks squirt threw there fins when they see
    you the sea turtles are too high to care

  133. The tiger p never saw service because it always broke down and overheat
    which then caught fire 

  134. Baron… so your house smells like fish…. who have you been “hanging out”

  135. I would like to see the M47 Patton II. Also have you noticed that the KV2
    no longer has the DT mg beside the driver’s view port?

  136. M22!!

  137. Baron, great vids love the commentary, gameplay, torpedes, all the things.
    You talk about interesting stuff to, but it kinda sucks when you talk about
    something i wanna hear you talk about then you get sidetracked, which is
    easy to do. Anyways your great, you talking about always knowing where to
    shoot german tanks then saying something else reminded me of dis

  138. Baron you are so lucky!! You are in Marathon! Marathon is awesome! I went
    on a trip to Florida for 10 days last June – July and we stayed in the keys
    on Marathon for 3 days and I went snorkeling 2 days out of the three and
    the boat picked us up right outside the back of our hotel! It was so

    PS: if you’ve ever seen the movie “True Lies” (its an Arnold Film :D) part
    of the movie was shot on Pigeon Key!

  139. Respawn, drive 5 feet, get wrecked by sky cancer…gotta love this game

  140. 12:50 I know right me too

  141. Trawling not trolling

  142. you could make a song out of all the different ways baron says tits ._.

  143. Michael Ferguson

    So jealous, its been years since I have been in the keys. Think it was my
    last diving trip. Great fishing too.

  144. Christopher Vega

    Jpanther 2??

  145. You can pen the jumbo in the hull mounted mg from the front

  146. Actually, the reason the 8.8cm became a common anti-tank weapon was that
    the German’s had a flexible combat doctrine which used AA guns for
    anti-ground roles across the board, including smaller and larger calibre
    weapons. This might have been because simplification meant more efficient
    mass production on long production runs, which over the course of years
    probably reduced the manpower hours needed to produce the gun by half.

  147. Randall Starling

    You got the 88 bit wrong baron rommel used the 88s in France
    against matilda tanks

  148. I suppose the AA gun was the 88mm Flak 36. Krupp then developed another
    88mm gun which became the 8.8cm KwK 36, Pak 43 and KwK 43.

  149. Your pronounciation of the german words is actually very good. You are on
    point with the Panzerbefehlswagen.

  150. The 76 jumbo in tier 4

  151. Niemand Bestimmtes

    Arnt the USA the whole world?? what else could be out there? just boring
    stuff I guess… u know, learning curves are for pussies!

  152. I think that the flag should be bought back up because people are dumb and
    don’t know the real reason the war happened also the Confederate flag is
    not bad what is bad is what was done with it after the war …….
    KKK,white Power,NAZI shit that’s not right but that’s not what the flag

    • I agree if you read the manifesto of the man that shot nine black people he
      hated the US government and the were this country is going and all people
      not born here

    • +TheDiamond Husky Seriously, the confederate flags represents something
      WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY different than racism but because a
      bunch said it is they just hop in the wagon.

  153. i really do not see why the confed flag is such a bad thing, #1 it is not a
    sign of racism, #2 it is tied to racism just because the confeds used it.
    #3 the ignorant fucks that tied racism to this flag might as well kill
    someone, hand the gun to someone else and blame that on said person.


  155. I nearly have this tank in world of tanks

  156. Baron, if we have to remove the battle flag, which represents slavery,
    shouldn’t we remove all the thirteen colonies, and while we’re at it, give
    the land back to the Indians because it’s not ours, right?

  157. NikolaiSlapabitch

    This tank is cool I have it. But after the latest updates it’s not good at
    the BR so don’t buy it 

  158. TiberiousThe Labrador

    “but yea everything in my fridge smells like fish”-BaronVonGamez 2015

  159. mr. derp brawler extraordinaire lol

  160. T34/76 please

  161. Louis Van Der Westhuizen

    Pattons potatoe gun, the m4 sherman 

  162. If you like fishing you should try and come to Norway :)

  163. I wont give up!

    Drive the M3 Stuart Mini Hellcat!

  164. Come too Alaska man you would love too fish here.

  165. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    You caught a Coryphaena hippurus :D

  166. Play the M2 Horny Devil!

  167. you know that this thing is faster in reverse ;)

  168. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Wow, Porsche made a different model. Hitler must be ranting over the cost

  169. everytime I see that I can spawn a bomber im pressing – nein nein nein nein
    nein nein nein nein nein (its actually 9) and that’s it XD

  170. 23rounds is perfect roading shots
    it might be lack of ammo but it def reduces ammunition blown up chance
    it just removes side ammo place

  171. I kinda like hearing the keyboard for some reason. I’m rockin a 7 year old
    keyboard lol

  172. M103 pls

  173. Problem with this tank is that it sees King Tiger and IS3 way too often.

  174. I have a tiger h1, a tiger e, a tiger ausf. B (p) and a panther d and I’m
    looking to buy a premium. The tiger(p) or the jagdpanther command panzer?

  175. arcade battles suck…

  176. They did not ban the flag. Just a bunch of idiots who got offended when
    told to be had it removed from some places. Then a bunch of idiots started
    the “no flagging challenge” but has not been banned. Amazon and Walmart
    removed it and the Dukes of Hazard got removed from tv (but Hogans Heroes
    is still on the air.) I can still buy and fly the flag if I wanted too.

  177. Use the scrub tank?

  178. The 88 was put on tanks to combat the Matilda, as the 88 was the only field
    gun able to penetrate its frontal Armour around 1940 – 1941 because the
    47mm and 50mm didn’t have the penetrating power.

  179. Su 100

  180. It’s a whole lot better now that we can’t hear your keyboard !!!

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