War Thunder – Turán II “Hungarian Murder Machine!”

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The battle began and this is one of the tanks featured in it. At a battle rating of 2.0, this 75mm HEAT flinging is nearly unstoppable. If you have any interest in picking up, I would encourage you that this is one to add to the collection.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)


  1. What other nations would you like to see more vehicles from?

  2. Those were some impressive shots with no turret traverse or elevation. That HEAT round just devastates things when it connects as well.

  3. I really dislike that sand map.

  4. thx gents, hours of entertainment

  5. Well, at least we were spared…

    … the elevator-music…

  6. Jen Clyde Lemosnero

    BO!!,plss do BF110 G4

  7. how to kill that thing with my puma
    beside bringing in my whole pack to kill one of those

  8. It’s a tank that’s good enough at a lot of things at once at it’s rating, and the Italduck goes with it like peanut butter and CAS jelly.

  9. Bo started pulling the old »smoke and leave« stunt very well!

  10. HamCam needs to be a daily feature

  11. What BR is the Turan?

  12. Day 57 of waiting for Bo to do a video on the T60.

  13. A 75mm that reloads as fast as a 37, what’s not to love lol

  14. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! Can’t wait for the next video man! Romania could use some love right about now LMAO!

  15. Reminiscent of Catch 22 at the end… XD

  16. Things are HEATing up in WT!

  17. im a hungarian and i never saw the turan ll in war thunder

  18. Lmao, Ham is losing it and then Stickboi appears across the screen on fire

  19. Bo’s turned into a cuttlefish. Disturb him and he shoots a cloud of smoke and runs.

  20. Tiny crumbs of information, the Turán 2 would have been originally made with 75mm armor.
    However, since there was no factory to cast such a thick metal, they remained with the 50 mm armor.
    Then later 25mm armor was attached to it.

  21. Battle Pass Gift Tank

  22. Is anybody else getting crew lockout after winning battles?????? Been happening randomly for a week or two

  23. I desperately NEED to know why is everybody so obsessed with the A point on Aral Sea and completely ignore B and C????????????? genuinly curious

    • C is just to open and each spawn can directly engage each other. B is an ambush nightmare. With A you can at least push the objective from both sides and have an attempt at getting it without having to wipe the other teams spawn from the map.

  24. Reply to this if you know what Turan means or is referencing to and what it got to do with Hungary.

  25. You blew up a fence sky high … you clearly are a fencer.

  26. it looks like a beefed up version of 38t

  27. where is it? I couldn’t find it last night.

  28. Ha ha so many stuarts

  29. Sticks crash had me rolling

  30. am surprised how relatively capable the Turan 2 is, given tis basically a PzIIIN with less armour.
    Then again, 2/3rds of the enemy tanks were BTs, early model Stuarts or 1939 model PzIIIs, so…

  31. Does anyone know how to join bo’s squadron?

  32. they need to add a hungarian tech tree next

  33. why does that things gun sound like when you get a headshot kill in halo infinite?

  34. are stickboy and loli the same dude? If not what happened to loli

  35. I’m rly sad they took off the fences off the premium pz4 J and put it on this

  36. 0:53 Real man fight with panzer at close range

  37. Existing Creativity

    Because im hungarian this video is like a god to me.

  38. @Bo Time Gaming, I know this isn’t a q&a video but I just have to know how do you motivate yourself to keep playing war thunder. as for myself I find it kinda difficult after a long time of playing

  39. I’m surprised that u did not had the F.C.20 in your preset!


  41. I am live in ukraine but I cant speak on ukraine better on hungarian xd. Hungarians let’s go in War Thunder

  42. Cowerdnerd Despacito

    I still don’t know how the hell you check the battle pass

  43. Thx mate! 😊🇭🇺👌

  44. How he Get so Much rp

  45. Another tank with the forbidden machinegun

  46. cheater: [Rdrs] TheLiberek fvckn aim,bot cheater and instant repair cheater!!! he couldnt get killed with 2 rockest frim 200 meters in the side , not even a songle scratch in BR 10, he si level 53 he runs through the game and killed everybody with no hiding and he got not a single damage

  47. and the next aimbots cheating scum: Akimatssu he used 100% aimbots and radar, no doubt about, thos fvckn cheater game sht here never ends, extreme cheating above BR 7 sht scum bstrds

  48. I hope this tank will be worth it when I buy the progress points I need

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