War Thunder – Type 4 Chi-To Late “Fiery Fury!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

As Bo and Crew still recover from the weekend’s 24-hour stream, they head out into the Battlefield with the recently added -To Late. The Chi-To devastates at the lower battle rating and the Late variant no different. This Type 5 75 Cannon will strike fear into any one who crosses its path!


  1. “The spicy”

    Bo 2017

  2. Can’t wait for this things nickel chrome aphe round to be added, 188mm of pen at 100m just sounds great

  3. First Lieutenant Audie Murphy

    Bo do you think that they should add the Chi Nu Kai to WT it has the turret of a type 4 and the gun and the hull of Chi nu.

  4. christopher hanton

    nice guys

  5. Loli:Theres no more Kv-2
    (Bear Dies)
    Bo:Theres no more Bear

  6. I think both “chi-to” and “chi-to late” should be at 4.7 BR. The ~15mm aditional effective armor in the upper front plate does not made up for .3 diference and the chi-to is way to powerfull at 4.3. Btw what you think of this as a br change proposition?: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HNC_WPyyYRwLxl3-0UkApwQkqP1NvDSil0z7Oph1i2E/edit?usp=sharing

  7. So I’m a teenager and I was cleaning out my room. I was getting rid of some old stuffed animals one of which was an otter and my mom walked in and said “what is that a weasel?” I looked at her said do you need some zoo books?

  8. Cured my case of the Mundazes…..still miss Moe….

  9. My mans here almost quoted god emperor trump

  10. st a1 or type 79

  11. Imperial Japan does not believe in coaxial machine guns.

  12. Сергей Ассиковский

    Didn’t the Japanese build a couple of prototypes of the Chi-To or Chi-Ri that had an 8,8 cm gun?

  13. “You and what horsepower?” Got me XD

  14. Hi Bo, loved your 24h stream was fun to watch. Keep up the good work.

  15. Why does the cheeto have a clothes hanger as an antenna?

  16. Thoughts on rank 6 video?

  17. New video! BEST DAY 2017

  18. Loli is 2cool4school

  19. any chance to see maus squad ?

  20. Play the Chiri II next

  21. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    geez… watching you crazy people is the highlight of my night… hahaha

  22. SAS Soldier #553 | Britophile :)

    IDK how about y’all, but I’m in love with Loli <3

  23. Eu dei o like numero 1000

  24. wheres il2 bos

  25. Hey Bo play SturmPanzer In Br 5.3 How many hellcats that you can kill and other brits tank and Is-2 Good Luck!!!

  26. Ehy Bo, I just saw some Spintires videos, can you pls do more xD

  27. 0:09 RIP my favorite T-34

  28. 1:14 How many planes did you shoot down in your entire War Thunder career? Thats amazing 😀
    10:54 “Turn your turret” Ling Ling was cranking as fast as he could, Bo ^^
    17:05 “I don’t want to go to school” “But you are the teacher” Would have been a good conversation, too 😀

  29. Hmmmm, I think I’m obsessed with Botime gaming because I willingly watch ads for Bo.

  30. Professor Yakkington

    Ahh the Chi-To. The favorite tank of His Majesty Trump

  31. Are you guys going to do some Spintires shenanigans when the new one is released October?

  32. +Bo Time Gaming me love you long time

  33. Haha Loli @3:16

  34. “I think I can bounce it!” That could not have been any better if you tried Loli

  35. Why do they never kill you first Bo? Do they not watch your videos?

  36. Koca Yüarakli Adam 27

    i love the japanese line
    love to kill the sekrint dokumints tanks

  37. Maarten van den berge

    I didn’t know loli’s driver was a shinobi

  38. Where has Colby been?

  39. bo time!! please please do the m3 75mm GMC!!!!! please please!

  40. Napalm sticks to kids

    #Nerf the FD.KDZ

  41. TANKS for watching 😀

  42. Can you do a video on the t44 122 or t43 100??

  43. Famous last words: “I think I can bounce it.”

  44. The heck was that on Loli’s turret?!?!?!?! ???

  45. Great and funny video Bo!!!

  46. Damn, how tf are you so good. I want to play with you so bad lol

  47. anybody knows how matchmaking REALLY works? when my highest was the first panther and tiger H and E i often encountered Tiger II. now i have tiger two and in the around 25 battles since getting it EVERY SINGLE TIME i’m up against 7.0 and 7.3, never same max or lower. so there must be more to it than just highest BR (arcade). hidden premium easy mode?

  48. The chi-to came in, but he was late.

  49. Haha awesome gameplay as always man 🙂 I would really like to play with you guys sometime do you do fan gameplays ? Or maybe can i get an invite to your clan ?

  50. Cool video, entertaining, good team work, excellent tactical skill, strong against individual players, still weak against communicating squads due to the sitting duck strategy. Don’t underestimate your enemy, think they are all teams and regroup after contacts.

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