War Thunder – Type 62 “No Milk Trucks Were Harmed!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Sadly, I missed the event Type 62 back in the day and have always regretted it. When Gaijin introduced the Chinese tech tree, the Type 62 was part of it. I was finally after all this time able to grind up and finally try it for myself. I enjoyed the mobility, size, and speed of the vehicle. Just wish I had a little bit more luck going my way last night.

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  1. I was finally able to try the Type 62! Also, big thanks to the Milk Truck that saved my life. Sorry for throwing some indirect fire your way…

  2. I was in your game yesterday as a Object 120 using HE only I recommend you try it very fun

  3. It was blurry. But fun to watch!

  4. can you please play the t-34-85 next please

  5. Sing it wioth me boys:

    the Antenna is connected to the, Radio
    The Radio is connected to the, Microphone
    The Microphone is connected to the, Designated Crewman

  6. Glad to see more of the later Chinese tech tree! Great video as always! Keep it up Bo and TBLF!

  7. How do you guys ping where you’re aiming like that? I can’t find a control for it

  8. save the milk truck

  9. Can you try out the yak 9k?

  10. 10:18 Bo, you lost your little orange backpack on your hike. This is why you can’t have nice things.

  11. 0:04 Soviet Union collapse 1991 colorized

  12. I personally love parts of the Chinese tree. Could you do more?

  13. Joshua Gidlewski

    Day three Play P-26B-35

  14. I’ll be honest, it feels weird seeing stuff with no form of stabilization. You did good work though with that HEAT-FS

  15. BigCrow's Videos

    10:20 Waaaait, wait, since when can you repair non squad member tank? Is this something new? if it is, good job, Gaijin, if it was always here, bad job me

  16. ” i killed his track. Im helpfull!” Defantly me on warthunder xD

  17. Noah’s awesome vids

    Awesome video 😂😂 I wish I could play with u but not great at rb

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tank

  19. World of Tanks / War Thunder Replays

    I really frightened of you playing world of tanks because of the thumbnail:D

  20. Have you ever gotten enough SP for the nuke, Bo?
    Keep up the great work!

  21. Engineer gaming

    You should play the waffentrager

  22. Bo how do yu get the nuke for the b 29?

  23. Living TrashSteiner

    That opening was gold.

  24. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    Whew, the Milk Truck survives!

  25. Michael Yearling

    That is the most,
    moment I have seen in a while.

  26. 9:55 impressive Bo

  27. Regrets were made in the first 26s

  28. 9:50 Send that into War Thunder show. Might get 5000 GE.

  29. ツ PankoSniper ツ

    0:07 Bo got turtled (:

  30. I like the friends reference. Ross and Rachel

  31. A whole lot of “so you have chosen death” energy from those turtles at the start there.

  32. First time siing the Type 62 on the channel. A bit of a glass cannon but I like the look.

    Fantastic stuff as always Bo and team.

  33. CastStarfish 211

    4.0 warthunder is a hard place

  34. That Milk Truck deserves a medal for that clutch kill, and maybe some new pants to replace the ones he probably soiled when that Arty round almost got him

  35. Daniel Montgomery

    Bo: *stares at rock* “I scouted him”

    Me: *stares directly at enemy*
    Gaijin: “you must look at a tank to scout”

  36. Should do a vid on the good ol’ T34 series

  37. TransGirlGaming

    I’d love to see you guys take the 15cm German tank destroyer to top tier in a video lol

  38. T-34 100 please

  39. hey bo, little quesion, is since the P47M is on sale, should i buy it?

  40. gojhunepio channel

    1:7 Win iPhone 12 PRO 🔽




    來調味食物煮的時候 1620445902

  41. Can we have plans pls

  42. Which mode do you play i can only play tanks why why no planes 🙁

  43. you should try the new Leopard 2PL

  44. I’d love to see more Chinese tanks featured Bo. Great video.

  45. one_shot_Reker 9000

    I got my name on the big screen again! xD

  46. 7:40 thats me!

  47. 7:01 so that shell just hitted the ammo rack and didnt do anything

  48. 0:04, *Doom turtle turns around menacingly*

  49. Most of the time you sound ridiculous mate

  50. douglas mckelvey

    Those T95s turning looked more ominous than seeing four 310mm battle ship guns turning toward you

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