War Thunder – Type 87 RCV “I Have A Permit!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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This most adorable Armored Car ever! also eats tanks.

All Good In Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What is your favorite Wheeled Fighting Vehicle? Does not have to be in War Thunder

  2. Scouting, stealth, and friendly fire all in one video

  3. 0:58 BRUH XD

  4. Is this vehicle worth the grind?

  5. Zeacross Stormblade

    Gotta love the new gun sounds

  6. Man I love this little AMX-10RC/Bradley mutant!

  7. To me the type 87 it’s just pain, I can’t fight a 7.0, 7.3 match without Japan vs me and there’s always day flanky type 87 who kills everyone including me, and I can’t grind the next tanks in the tree properly, making me staying at 7.0, 7.3 and suffering more

  8. Kamov Ka-50 “Black shark”

    Not even a minute in and Bo killed a family of Swedish

  9. leaving a helpful comment just for you, Bo
    good luck

  10. I like the armored vehicle videos, they seem so sporadic.

  11. Hey Bo you should play the j28, su11 and/or me262 a1u4 or a1u1

  12. I wish youtube would push out the channel more 🙁

  13. “Those darn Americans and their 50-cal backups-“
    That made me so proud to be an American..

  14. 3:23 that went from red to yellow i did know know planes could fix themselves

  15. TigerPresentations Products

    10:46 kinda not a very timely comment due to the fact it’s September 10th almost September 11th God Bless those who died that day

  16. “Roo-e-cat”
    Is it “Roycat” with the most Scottish of rolled ‘R’s? Even the ‘Roy’ is more like a Dutch ‘ij’ combination… Roye/Royi in essence
    [genuine interest]

  17. Have they added team shooting back in the game ? Because last night I was helping a team member kill a tank and it came up friendly kill . I Didnt have arty .so I assume it was with my auto Canon . Can you shed some light on this ?

  18. Please more Alien gameplay

  19. Stick is the most annoying teammate of the group.

  20. The eyes do make it more adorable, what is this one’s name?
    That Cobra took a 23 mil apfsds to the face 😀
    Kikka no fly no more

  21. “The British have taken me, Bo”

    Ah yes, never too late to take revenge for losing in 1783!

  22. This thing looks fun

  23. I want/need a new acc with all the vehicles pls my acc got locked and don’t know how to get it back….

    If you want to give it to me put the email and password in the reply and delete after I reply: I got it

  24. Type 87 more like Meme 87.

  25. “I have now been killed more by my team, than the enemy”


  26. Alberich the Eternal

    Bo is now part of the Sturmling cult to attach eyes on his tank

  27. Goddamn that autocannon is a freakin’ chainsaw!

  28. 3:24 did anyone else see his engine repair in mid flight?

  29. I need some advice…. i have the bmd 4 coupon and idk if i should sell it or use it when i can have the bmp2 m in 1 month wich is almost the same

  30. I’ve watched for 3 years and this is still the best war thunder channel.

  31. Bo! Cmon! Stop killing innocent Super Pershing’s!

  32. That m22 came back for vengeance 14:04

  33. Been a while since we’ve heard an Oklahoma call lol

  34. This thing is hilarious fun.

  35. Hey bo can you guys play snowrunner again there’s been a new update and i really want to see your guys reaction and maybe some rage

  36. Bo´s having increased repair times because he forgot to bring scooby snacks.

  37. we need to BOelieve! 🙂

  38. Y’all always make this look 👀 like so much fun lol 🤠

  39. Had me dying at the part where you accidentally shot down Bo.

    Hahaha, wrong one Stick

  40. heh i am the child swedish boi on the first part playing with my friend that i was with

  41. The kika fixed it’s engine from red to yellow

  42. cancer in its finest…

  43. “You have to Bo-lieve!” definitely needs to be on a t-shirt 👍👍👍😁😁😁

  44. I’m triggered at the fact you aren’t using the scouting feature. You only just shoot at em instead.

  45. this vehicle is just cancer

  46. bo bo bo not the smartest move to stall climb espciall when missing a engine=flatspin=deth=sp lost

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