War Thunder – Upcoming Content – New Vehicles In Update 1.77 (Dev. Server)

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Source: Tigerfrost

Welcome to my very first video done directly from . Server!

Link To Preliminary Patch Notes: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/401498-update-177-advancing-storm-preliminary-notes/

Link To Imgur Images:
Ground Forces: https://imgur.com/a/1ezIG
Aviation: https://imgur.com/a/VnyI0

Thanks for watching!


  1. This video only looks over the new vehicles, and that’s pretty much it. If you’d like to see all other changes coming with Update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”, take a look at the Preliminary Patch Notes!

    Edit: I completely forgot to show off the new Winter Camouflages the United States, Germans, and British get. Apologies.


    • Don’t worry about the camo’s we get a premium UFO for France.

    • Turret:XXXX*2 means one turret but two gun in contral. Turret*2:XXXX means two turret and each turret have one gun in contral. I was confuce for a long time too my friend.

    • ancient aliens are coming

      you dont even bother looking at the armor values moronic fuck

    • Hello, I can not access the dev server. I downloaded the launcher but when I log in he tells me (war thunder did not activate your account). What should I do? thank you

    • Tigerfrost the new plane is in the F 84s, F 84G 21 RE has been added

  2. The hell is up with all the dislikes?

  3. Mathias J. McDonald

    THB the Leopard 2K should be 9.0 since it is just a better KPz-70.

  4. did you even look at the t64?? like really look at it, nothing can pen that piece of shit and it has the highest pen shell tht can fuck every other tank through every single part of them all, fuck gaigin if this bullshit doesn’t change I’m deleting this bullshit, not to mention the Leo is missing about 40 mm of pen on tht copy paste chueftain apfsds shell that bullshit better fucking change

  5. To your left, we can see the hype train passing by at a million miles an hour for the M1 Abrams
    Infront of us, you can see the glorious La-200 and T-64B with Russian Bias written all over it
    And to your right, we see that playerbase who prefer Japanese vehicles who have once again been neglected
    Fukn thanks Gaijin

  6. Everybody cried because america didnt got the f84… But did german players ever cried that they dont get the g91? Sad

  7. it urks me that you use not one standard unit

  8. Didn’t we get a new F84

  9. What? La – 200 8.0? Fuck of

  10. Tigerfroat bunch of new naval stuff coming in 1.77, look at the patch notes if you have not before

  11. Challenger > everything else.

  12. Just Some Guy Ok

    Im sure the battle rating will go up to 10.0

  13. Everything wrong wit this update
    A: Abrams and Chieftain at 9.0
    B: 105mm gun Stronger then 120mm gun
    C: Smothbore is just a title to Gaijin and doesnt affect penetration in their World
    D: T64A with ATGMs
    E: Why the fuck would you bother adding a shitty Leo1 with a big gun if you could have an actual Leo2!?
    F: Shells propably still perform like shit

    • its only at 9,0 so people dont have to wait 10 years for games
      most likely will be 10.0-11.0.
      m1a1 abrams <3

    • im surprised if anyone will be playing the curent 9.0 vehicles let alone 8.0 because that shit will be dominating so either way wait times will be long

  14. The new f84 ???

  15. Nah, fuck this shit, they practically ignore Italy and Japan, just gave them some shitty planes that nobody would actually use. At least give Italy a proper ground forces tech tree, or an early model of the Type 90 MBT to compete with the new shit the allied countries get, its fucking bullshit. Fucking Gayjoob

  16. how is the Leo 2K’s 650, yes you read that right, 650mm HEAT-FS not satisfing enough?


  18. I can penetrate the Abrams sides and rear easily and kill the loader sometimes with a zsu-23 in the test drive. I don’t think this is accurate to the Abrams to only have <100 side and rear armor.

    • It is accurate, as the Abrams was a long range tank, until ppl started dying so they added a shit ton of armor

  19. Léandre Pezeril

    The yak3 for french it’s for me completely okay, the history behind this plane for french is legendary. It’s a big part of the Normandy Niemen, a Franco Russian squadron, create in 1943. French have already the yak9 with one of the last event. (Remember russian got a special cammo too)

  20. Siegfried Vander

    The Challenger does looks amazing!

  21. This comment section is soo salty about “russian bias”

  22. whish country are you from??

  23. So this m1 is the steel armor one that we give to iran?

  24. Trenton giordano

    F22 raptor slowly looks at warthunder waiting line and snoops around tree

  25. Trenton giordano

    Whens the a1a1 with the l44 120 gonna show up

  26. Is it me or the challenger 1’s front armor looks different

  27. If I get penned in my Challenger 1 frontally by those Russians I am gonna be pissed. If they are gonna guess the armor values at least guess realistically !

  28. forgot to show off the Leo 2Ks ammo

  29. The prem planes that other countries are getting are so dumb the choices are so dumb

  30. Remember when War Thunder was balance and not including modern vehicles? good times…

  31. Omg the Re.2000 serie 1 looks cool

  32. T64s and T72s got smoked in the gulf war and they couldn’t hit the Abrahams for shit over 1.5km away and when they did hit, they never killed any crew throughout the conflict. In Kuwait, they Abrahams decimates Saddam Hussein’s forces with ease, killing over 400 tanks, with no Americans killed and under 10 Abrahams disabled, most of them because their tracks got shot. The armor values are currently a joke, the shell selection is far from historical. Gaijin if you don’t fix your shit a lot of people are going to leave.

  33. Top sekrit documents strike again.

  34. Can’t understand imperial units,
    Thumbs down, Unsubscribe, Report -> Infringes my rights -> Submit

  35. SvenGamingNetwork

    ”fuck you russians” xD

  36. Wow they add a p35 in italy before they do America smh gaijin

  37. Anyone else notice the other f84 on the American tree he didn’t notice

  38. for amrican jets its a new f84

  39. even if its a wrong opinion, that literally gave u a sub hahahaha

  40. anyone have a link for the dev server?

  41. Abrams?

    *laughs in T-64B*

  42. 11:37 primitive, American, imperial troglodyte….

  43. Карим Акчурин

    Worst ever review……

  44. You missed the begleits new ATGM

  45. you forgot about the french yak-3!

  46. Prime Technophilia

    LOL, sad that the metric system throws you off when the imperial system is pretty arbitrarily made up. (no symmetric logic to it) Also you prefer distance in km, a metrial American?.

    Anyway you got a sub from me, kinda sick of phydaily video reviews, your like %50 him thought when you cream yourself over a new plane 🙂

  47. Руслан Умалатов

    et the end of video :)))) Fuck you russians :)))))))))

  48. Fuck you Russians ? sorry but you lost a lot subs

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