War Thunder: Update 1.57 ‘Battle March’

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Source: War . Official channel.

We are pleased to present update 1.57 “Battle March” – brand new vehicles, two new locations and many other game improvements.
Read the full list of changes in the changelog: http://.com/en/game/changelog/current/546


  1. [388th]Red December


  2. mmmmm… I’m touching myself tonight. That Ta 152C though. . .


  4. Still at work , feelbadman :(

  5. omg……


  7. They pulled the H8K from the patch…. ;-;

  8. Paul “Pandrews” Andrews

    glad to see some new aircraft, I’d love to try the uhu and sunderland

  9. when is it being released I want that Sunderland!!!

  10. we need new german vehicleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee add other leopard
    like t 54 spam

  11. zjebane że ja cie pierdole

  12. YES! Hero one man crew can finally attain their revenge, crew killing is
    now at lot less viable, and ammo and fuel are better targets.

  13. ธนัญชย์ ปัญญากดแก้ว

    i hate 150mm.

  14. thanks for freezing my account right before the update.

  15. We need a Sturmpanzer IV… it has a 150mm main cannon :D

  16. F9F cougar?

  17. War thunder you did it again better every time. whats next? Super sabre xD
    And im one of the first comments YES

  18. Thanks for making me lose 3000 rp because of the update


  20. new content, nice, but I don’t care until you fix the BR system (and fix
    doesn’t mean more compression)

  21. *Shrug* Cool I guess but let me remind you silly Russians. FIX THE BR

  22. how do you make the xray view show up in battle?

  23. Best update so far! Keep up the good work! this game become better day by

  24. I want to update my game rn so badly but everyone is asleep

  25. Yey, a new patch, Grea

    But enough with the joks!!!!

    1. No, improvement to game mechanics.
    2. Redicolus new vehikels
    3. Implementation of last man standing (wich you got toled in all forums
    that, it is not a good idea. You went testing in the dev server, you got
    neutral, negativ and realy bad feedback AND now you implement it)
    4. Puting villages in the only open map (Hui, this sounds realy rediculus,
    but ationally i think its the only change wirth testing)

  26. NEW UPDATE!!!!!! FINALY!!!!!!!! What do I go for? The “Uhu” or that soivet
    freakplane. Btw we are still waiting for the BR decompressing!

  27. seems good except for last man standing that needs to be removed from sim
    along with the ability to repair black dmg.

  28. H8k not mentioned. ok than

  29. What kind of event will the uhu be in? I hope not the kind like where the
    e100 was in because that’s impossible for me, really want that plane!
    Awesome update gajin.

  30. Waiting for people to complain about the conway one shotting the IS-3

  31. Merasmus The Duck Wizard

    My body is Ready!

  32. i heard Conway as kanye.

  33. Love it all! The only thing I want is a fixed BR. Other than that, I can’t

  34. It´s not like I sould have school !

  35. Юрий Петраков

    а по русски нет?

  36. майдарка zhi

    а где русская версия?

  37. awesome Update THX
    and the do 335 is so awesome<3


  39. Making game attractive by introducing new tanks and plane but have you
    fixed major issues like BR balance; spawn point camping…solve these
    issues…everyone is angry on these issuues.

  40. Awesome work! 🙂 but pls fix thr br :(

  41. 야 이 새끼들아 계정 살려내라 ;

  42. Did you fix the MiG-9, Meteor F. Mk3 and Vampire’s BR?

  43. Fuk yes thank u spring break

  44. someone know music?

  45. Russian Translation please

  46. jesus christ this video is lagging like a motherfucker

  47. yeah sounds nice. would be cool if your Servers actually worked so that i
    can log in

  48. =ANZAC=Glitterfarts


  49. i am so sad that this game is dying…

  50. better not of broke anything lil wankers! :)

  51. Still no Marder Ausf M

  52. Siripong Achariyasilp


  53. That Kursk village!!! Yeah!

  54. Hadnt played in like 12 months. Jumped on yesterday for the first time in
    really hoping theyd made progress.

    So I got into my Tiger (P), and found myself up against T54’s
    So yeh, no progress has been made.

  55. Is it live? or another preview?

  56. nearly all the tanks have smoke throwing Systems, but you can not handle
    them. please add this

  57. So… no H8K2 ?

  58. Conway is basically the kv2 of the brits.

    Fix br pls

  59. Thanks for your great ps4 support and for not fixing the late spawn issue,
    and thanks for the crappy framerates we got now…

    War Thunder slowly but surely dying for me… who care’s right…

  60. Still waiting for the update to be able to use smoke…. I mean, we can do
    so many things on the tanks but not something so simple as using smoke…

  61. Jesus, so many people complaining about the BR system, Gaijin is stuck
    between a rock and a hard place on that one…
    Still I’m happy they keep releasing new content and (in my opinion at
    least) stay ahead of their competitors.

  62. I dont wanna play till the teams improve! I love playing against
    russians…but thos teams….

  63. I dont wanna play till the teams improve! I love playing against
    russians…but thos teams….

  64. o ingiliz tankı biraz oyunun dışında olmuş tamam 2. dünya savaşında vardı
    sanki songün varmış gibi geldi araştırılsa almanların leopardlarının çok
    çeşidi bulunur ama siz daha iyi bilirsiniz oyunada para vermedikya

  65. get…ready to march… away from your computer

  66. А на русском можно блять?

  67. а на русском где?!

  68. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    The “last man standing” thing for tanks pretty much ruined tank battles.

  69. Since when was the Chieftain a medium tank?

  70. What’s the music in background?

  71. if i understand it right. we are slowly moving to more modern tanks?

  72. Davidpkami Humor Russo

    Pls descompress the BR matchmaking sistem

  73. Arcade is totally ruined now. Couldn’t they just added new machines and
    maps? Why would they have to change the gameplay we already got used to?
    Bring back the old arcade!

  74. Oh no almost 4gb update it will take about 5 min to download.

  75. Gajen fex br and physecs ples.

  76. Introduce more content, but doesn’t fix any of the major issues, gaijin’ed.
    Delete your account, you can actually do that now, make your life better.

  77. Mr.KuribohVonDoge RasinsThePingu

    Sunderland and ki 83 here I come! :D


  79. what no H8k?

  80. oh yes ! german tank destroyer :D

  81. А где на русском ?

  82. It’s introduced several bugs. The aiming reticle sometimes disappears. The
    battle tasks have completely frozen up leaving me unable to complete them.
    Jap planes are completely over tiered. They do not stand a chance against
    the huge squadrons of German planes. The BR system is STILL a COMPLETE

  83. oh He 117 senpai, when will you notice me ;_;

  84. 개시발새씨들

  85. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    YAY cant wait to fight a chieftain on my king tiger!!! -_-

  86. Yay more pointless content to add more fresh paint over a rusting husk
    thats War Thunder. When will you ever listen to your playerbase, cause
    these content patches will not bring back your old customers.

  87. Sooooo, BR next? FIX IT FFS!

  88. When ships come, you better call it Update 69.420 Wet Dream.

  89. can we please receive a p63a flight model that takes into consideration the
    plane’s performance in real life. the p63a had very little compression and
    a fast roll rate, this is not modelled in as the p63a has major compression
    and rolls over like boeing 747 if under 400km/h.

  90. i am not coming back till BR is fixxed.

  91. And to think I was stupid enough to buy golden eagles for the tiger cause
    making it purchasable with the premium currency that would have been too
    consumer friendly

  92. DECOMPRESS. You wanna play that awesome new tank/plane you unlocked? Tough
    shit, you’re going to get smoked because the rest of your lineup doesn’t
    have equal BR (or BS as I prefer to call it).

  93. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    atleast hes not sayin ‘Nash orn’ xD

  94. Stevonnie Jenkins

    #freeourkraken i beg you to please add the h8k next update T-T

  95. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    what about H8K2 ????????
    eh,what happend with H8K2? next update or never?

  96. Why are you adding Chieftain Mk3? That tank should RAPE everything here. It
    has armor addons, Laser rangefinding, BEST GUN AND ARMOR AT THE TIME OF THE
    TIME OF INTRODUCTION IN 1966!. This game-engine doesnt support this sort of
    sophisticated hardware, these maps are too small. STOP BEING IDOTS!

  97. jpn ground force ls

  98. is the update live?

  99. No H8K
    so sad.

  100. Lawrence Sullivan

    Make tanks br go to 9.0 and jets to 9.3.

  101. Хуйня а не игра оптимизации 0

  102. ProfineDoesStuff :/

    Us: Fix the BR
    Gaijin: “New flying boat”

  103. Can you please hire a voice actor? Also, doesn’t matter without BR fixes.

  104. FREAKIN SICK! cant wait to download…

  105. nice, okay now fix the BR compression

  106. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    “Improvment for existing maps” aka SHRINKING THEM EVEN FURTHER. Shoot
    yourself up Gaijin, please.
    I’m not even gonna go at how fed up I’m of that you do nothing to fix the

  107. No graphic update?

  108. When gajin doesn’t want to fix anything they are just like uhhhhhh we are
    adding more planes and tanks?

  109. Broken changelog link is broken.

  110. 海軍はよ!

  111. uuuuuuuuuh where is the H8K

  112. Surachai phiwphong

    coming to day ???

  113. nice now is better then wot

  114. the new king tiger is to expensiv 40€ wtf for only 1 tank… Ples add a
    plane or more ge.

  115. I would love to know why exactly is A26C 6.0 BR for RB ?

  116. gaijin… War Thunder for Xbox One pls!!

  117. Gajin think about it if the BR is more equal more will play and more will
    buy :3

  118. 日本機1機だけか…

  119. Last man standing and lack of a solution for the BR compression are major
    problems not fixed and introduced…

  120. super pershing is my new favorite USA tank :3 THANKS WAR THUNDER!

  121. Faster tanks in arcade.. So even more people rushing to their deaths in the
    first 2 mins. Definitely not worth playing again now.

  122. So, what about fixed matchmaker and less compression. No? OK bye

  123. Альберт Вахитов


  124. Tinnapob AE. Thammapirom

    C’mon, where the hell is H8K ??

  125. Thx for the birthday present ;)

  126. Rachata Peerapairoj (Ken)

    I thought some people ask for Martin Mariner

  127. amazing

  128. Duck Duck Toys Studio™ (That guy called duck)

    This comment section is cancer

  129. The red Dragon Boy

    when its coming out? Today?

  130. watch that one last tankcrew drive, aim, and fire at the same time -.-

  131. Our driver or gunner will do it last stand wow

  132. that one crew member in tanks is gonna be a huge game changer

  133. Ahem. The Chieftan mk 3 is a 60’s design, Gaijin. Once again you’ve broken
    your promised time-period threshold. I’m not against this, but i’d like
    Gaijin to be more honest and reliable about their information.

  134. still waiting for the song name…

  135. Marcelo Dos Santos

    war thunder mudou minha vida

  136. awesome!

  137. Yep,more biased for Russian tanks

    “The tank will not be destroyed if there is only one crew men left.This is
    better for tanks with smaller crews”

    This is almost exclusive for Russian tanks!


  139. Nice, its my favourite game (I am from Germany) the translations are very

  140. Dick butt Nick butt

    wasn’t Japan going to get a new flying boat or was that just a dream

  141. the battle ratings are really bad in this game, a good tank can’t shine if
    all the more powerful tanks get lumped in to the MM

  142. when does it come out

  143. Зашёл поиграть, да что то новое ,а вот начинка то старая, КАК ИЗ ВАЗ 2105
    СДЕЛАЛИ 2107.! В РБ всегда против Т34-85, настолько они имбовые, что скоро
    все 100% игроков будут на них играть. подумайте против кого?????

  144. The comments are toxic retards. “Fix things so I can wreck newbies and be
    good without skill plz, don’t ever add anything new that will make the game

  145. Sounds great! I hope the Matilda moves at an alright speed now with the
    global engine boost xD I know that thing was slow in real life but my god I
    can’t hack 10km/h for a 5min min drive to the battlefield to get one
    shotted :L that being said i’ve had some incredible games with the Matilda

  146. Is the update also out for ps4?

  147. Russian Boat plane?

  148. looks great

  149. Now its even easier to die in AB?

  150. Ahh so the FPS drop in smoke of burning planes isn’t just my problem?

  151. so E 100 is a joke ?

  152. T26E4 Super Pershing, here i come my boy !

  153. Any ships yet? Nope? See ya next year!

  154. Chieftain mk.3, Leo 1, IS-3, T-54… Spread eventually the post-war
    constructions adding tier VI for this beasts.


  156. >new german tank is premium
    >new soviet tank with op gun is free
    >wtf gaijin

  157. Cheers for the new aircraft and tanks to hide all the other broken shit +
    you won’t read this comment because your too stuck up your assholes.

  158. Sven-Erik Zilinski

    downloading it!!!!

  159. Sven-Erik Zilinski

    boosted my network i test out the tank mechanism its great great work there

  160. Джокер Иванов

    за квас респект

  161. t44 100 rip….

  162. great improvement i must say!
    p.s. do ships actually come somewhere in the future?

  163. What a beautiful game, but russian bias f*cked everything :C

  164. No BR fix? Ok then good thing we get a reward for killing tanks two tiers
    above your tier. not really its like 650sl

  165. music?

  166. mk.3?? :O russian tank no?? T-14 armata… :)

  167. Now fix the BR

  168. BR is fine. Play better.

    Still Waiting for the Heinkel 177 Greif :(

  169. May aswell remove arcade from Air and Land battles completely. Useless mode
    for casuals imo. Where are the BR fixes?
    I know weeks and months worth of effort you put into your vehicles, but
    they dont help improve the gameplay *at all*. You have the worst
    matchmaking in any online game out there, and some of the most vapid
    gamemodes aswell.

  170. make modern tanks BR 9-10 im tired of getting destroyed by leopards with 1

  171. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    The Chieftain looks like an Abrams

  172. Wie er die deutschen Namen ausspricht xD

    Funny how he pronounce the german names xD

  173. nice updates

  174. All planes have 2 engines and the open tail section thingy. XD

  175. I should have left my computer on today, god damn my slow wifi

  176. Why you didn’t mention APHE buff?

  177. H8 japanese ?

  178. so many updates every fucking day my internet cant keep up..

  179. Yes. keep adding Shit to Japan. nothing good since 4 years ago with the

  180. gaijin, here is my wish list for the next update: SHIPS!!,French air and
    ground forces,Japanese ground forces, BETTER BR!!!!, German float plane,
    more armoured cars, Ta-189 with guided missiles, more amphibious tanks, non
    premium rocket launchers, maybe a scouting mechanic for tank RB, buff ARADO
    and me 162, nerf Russians, more German tier 5 bombers, Russian tier 5
    bombers, stürmtiger!!!!!, and more maps. I bet everyone wants at least 1 of
    these so please add more “interesting content” thank you?

  181. Sir Stefan Channel!

    and you you don’t give us what was needed.
    Rank V German tanks.

  182. 0:15 Improvements? Oh boy, how small are all the maps now I wonder? 1 cubic

    0:50 Of course, lets take the one map everyone liked for its wide-open
    environment featuring epic long-range engagements as well as a fair hunting
    ground for Attacker aircraft, and lets ruin these features that make it
    stand out. Thanks Gaijin.

    1:00 “All the good stuff from the old Pershing, but better” Including the
    same BR, a railgun, and impervious ‘premium’ armor I’m sure.

    1:50 Ooh, it has a tougher turret and non-anaemic engine? Does that mean
    it’s going to be fighting M1A2 Abrams, Challenger 2s, and T-90MSs?

    2:30 Oh God please no, the T-44 was bullshit enough with it’s 85mm gun. It
    does NOT need more armor and a bigger gun.

    3:10 At least it’s not the FV-183 Death Star?

    4:35 Oh boy the Do. 335 ‘Fail’. I heard it wasn’t an amazing design, let’s
    hope it at least gets appropriate BR

    4:52 Sounds great…provided they fixed the issues with how absurdly
    underpowered the Ta-154H is in the game, if not with the first plane then
    at least with this one?

    5:30 That sounds absolutely miserable, but then again ground battles were
    already miserable.

    Gaijin, please. I’d rather play 1 decent realistic battle than 10 awful
    mixed-nation RBs where I’m fighting Cold War vehicles in my WWII machine.
    Please stop compromising the quality of the game by compressing the
    matchmaking in order to lower queue times. Please fix the existing problems
    before adding new content and creating new ones.

  183. Aaron Treno (paratrooperfury)

    Cant you fix simulator battles?

  184. If the vampire isn’t a 7.0 yet I’m going to fucking kill someone

  185. sooooooooooooo when do you guys fix the BR for 6.0 and higher…..? you
    know that you fucked up with the last patch….

  186. songname 0:08 ? :D

  187. Tiger 2 SLA 16, same as Tiger 2H, just faster and 30mm turret armor =
    t44-100: better t44 with better gun and added armor onn side= normal tree

    dat fkin logic

  188. so now the british get the chieftain mk3 so will america and germany get
    the KBT-70/MBT-70?

  189. Fix the god dam BR compression !!! WE ARE SICK OF THIS SHIT !!! it is not
    fun to get raped by better uptier veicules. It makes player not want to
    play. Oh, and please make it possible to win more RP for the veicules
    modifications not just the half we win now, because it’s hard as shit
    fighting in a stock veicule and even more difficult wining the RP …

  190. inb4 Chieftain nerfed through the basement.

  191. The new Ta looks nice, though the fact it got placed in front of the He-162
    when I was just a few rounds from unlocking it this morning made me a bit
    peevish. It would be best if we could purchase things we’ve started
    researching BEFORE the patch dropped. I finished the grind a few minutes
    ago, but now I need another 120,000 RP for a plane I simply won’t fly, and
    do not have the time to pursue. I know this is nothing new but christ, it
    never gets any less annoying.

  192. Any word on when bomber cockpits are due?

  193. Another major patch, another missed opportunity to actually fix any one of
    the MANY issues with the game. Awaiting for the population to drop more
    and/or for more people to stop paying. Which would probably also equate to
    longer queue times which Gaijin would then turn into more BR compression
    and starting the cycle anew.

  194. so can we now please get the kampfpanzer 70 in the next update.

  195. Jake Hebblethwaite

    Nashorn translates as Rhino

  196. Great job, guys! You are the best!

  197. E100 in War thunder? the back of the e100 can be seen @ 5:20

  198. So yeah, um…about fixing that BR…?

  199. J’arrive pas à installer war Thunder moi ….

  200. Hey Gaijin can you give the TA-152 the Nitro and Water Methanol boost?

  201. wtf only one crewmember ??? Tanks did not really fight with 2

  202. Yeah but half the shells bounce now
    And stop making the mini maps white.cant see my triangle

  203. Майкл Ломакс

    Before this patch i was getting over 100 fps and now it’s very low. NICE.

  204. please gaijin , a french tree

  205. Kv2 needs higher battle rating

  206. You guys couldn’t release this on my days off?? Fuuuuu

  207. If nothing else, the music is really cool

  208. The new map looks really great, and it seems I’ll die less in my tanks now.

  209. Ginger Boy-Watkins

    I will now call the KV-1S the KV-1 Sport.

  210. patrick sørensen

    japanese tanks? no but Cieftain mk3 LOL

  211. I was fcking crying when I was watching this

  212. Fajnie kurwa 130 mm u pierwszego isa to usprawnienie? No nie, po prostu
    kurwa no nie

  213. Robert Ściśliński

    What about h8k4???

  214. All tanks will be faster in 1.57 arcade… T95 drivers are not amused…

  215. Urist McBloodFist

    i am always disappointed when they make a vehicle event only.

  216. wheres the h8k2?? D’:

  217. and still no armorplate on the conquerors belly :(

  218. Karolis Nosevičius

    Best update ever.

  219. I’m so disappointed that the chieftain tank is classified as a medium!. it
    has the armor firepower and protection as a heavy tank!. come on gaijin get
    tank classifications correct! plus the chieftain is a main battle tank! get
    the facts correct!

  220. please add french tanks please

  221. Gajin thanks man i love your game i loveeee!!!!

  222. m60a3 plz

  223. Got them all

  224. wha pile o content sweet :D

  225. I downloaded it but now it’s in a different language

  226. another great update keep up the great work

  227. “The Germany”…XD

  228. Barrettslayer Windom

    Hay whats the song in the back round

  229. great!

  230. Poor E-100


  232. FIX T-32 BR!!!!!!!!! U CANT FIGHT T10 IN THIS THING U CANT!!!!!

  233. now i understand what they do in between updates

  234. what songs are in this video ?

  235. 3мей Горыныч

    как всегда успешно лижут жопу емецким малолетним и тупым нытикам, правда
    еще умудряются еще ублажить и ряды не менее тупых и ноющих америкашек.

  236. Marcin Marcinowski

    gdzie moje konto jebańce ruskie

  237. The BR is fine in tanks now imo. It seems taht the Tiger 2 and Jadgpanther
    also with the Tortoise are the best tanks to be in in tier 3-4
    matches(great for them russian haters). No more T10s and Maus getting in
    them games either which is much less frustrating. BUT still people will
    have something to cry about when they die. mommy the russians are op it
    just killed me in 1 shot wahhh wahh

  238. damn special events

  239. Is it out or not

  240. Mine is taking so fucking long to download

  241. honestly u did well in the improvements this time in a way i didnt expect
    it, hope everything stay fine with the next updates.

  242. Well I got to say it, the feature of last crew standing was I a thing I had
    in my head for a lot o months (almost a year if not more) and it finally
    came true, I can finally ram the guy who almost killed me or end my
    killstreak with one more!

  243. rafiini GUADARRAMA

    could put the japanese tanks

  244. Some say Gajin doesn’t hate americans. If this video doesn’t shut up their
    mouth, i give up.

  245. Toshihiro Matsumoto

    When will Japan ever get any tanks or SPAA?

  246. Now the Germans need more bombers and better ones. The highest tier jet
    bomber can only carry 1500 kg. Like seriously? the tier 2 Wellington for
    the Brits can carry 4000 lbs! Which is 1818 kg!

  247. Tanks operating on 1 crew really pisses me off.

  248. leopard 2 hel

  249. I thought there was gonna be a h8k6

  250. Fix the Russian bias my goodness fucking devs that gives no shits for their

  251. Pershing: “Already considerable toughness” – Sounds like they don’t play
    their own game…

  252. Iam waitting for a BR Server :(

  253. Nothing about the Japanes H8K? No? Okay.

  254. P-61 Black Widow time! :D

  255. I noticed that in a game I saw a tank catch fire but the fire looked
    differently than before so I did a couple of testing and apparently Gaijin
    change the look of fire for air and ground vehicles which is pretty cool in
    my opinion

  256. The Cheitan MK3? I just orgasmed.

  257. Good vid, felt the hype. But actually too fast paced. Slow it down, relish
    the explanations.

  258. F*CK. I hate the FW-190’s im gana hate the Ta.152c even more.

  259. Barrack Obama Junior

    when i have the chieftan i will call it Master Chief!

  260. Maybe you guys Should do a update completely based on the Acis.

  261. where is the h8k


  263. 1111リカバリー


  264. japanese basically ignored again lol

  265. Nice, but I would also like to see a few more JU-88 ts – there where a lot
    of variants of this plane, more then any other German plane of the war, for
    that matter.

  266. Айсен Соловьев

    Сделайте выключение звука в фоновом режиме!

  267. i <3 this game :D

  268. На русском нифига нет видосов

  269. What bomber
    Sunderland is best turn fighter of WWII
    Ask Bo

  270. The T32 historically had over 200mm of frontal armor – it is not modeled
    correctly in game. So instead of fixing this and other historical
    inaccuracies, you choose instead to add new content? Why add new content
    when there are issues that already need addressing?


  272. they should put japanese tanks in

  273. Dear War Thunder,

    First off, great game. Moreover, the contents you guys offer, it’s a plus.
    However, it’ll even be better if you added some gruesome content. For
    example, you try to shoot the cockpit, the pilot will get shot and a few
    gush of blood will splatter all over the window or falling out of the
    plane. Furthermore, with the tanks, you know what to do with those
    soldiers. ;)

  274. what about m-48? and t-55?

  275. MetalStormPlaysMinecraft

    Wow this is the best thing that happened in my life MARCH IS MY
    BIRTHDAY!!!!! AND A NEW UPDATE OF War Thunder!!!

  276. Tiger 2 Is Königs Tieger aber ist auch ok

  277. Again with the “special” events, yea there are special, but in a totally
    different way Gaijin thinks they are.
    Stop making planes event only !!!

  278. my body is ready

  279. Esteban ayora-guia

    traduction french please

  280. Well, hallelujah!

  281. nice, nice game

  282. the cheftan looks like a modern tank ps love your development:]

  283. EP Washere (halo64654)

    0:27 Found Frosty.

  284. finaly p-61

  285. 4:50.
    I honestly had to laugh here.

  286. That quality tho! 2160 woah!

  287. People sure do like to complain a lot. Thanks for a great new update

  288. If you could answer.? What is the situation with war thunder and Xbox? I
    would like this game a lot I just can’t Get it sadly

  289. Why are bombers made only of paper mache?

  290. when will be ships ??????

  291. Realy war thunder realy? You need two tanks and 7 shoots to take out tear 1

  292. So deleting my Account was a Joke?

  293. V.T.O.L. Fried Chicken

    What are the two tube things on top of the T26e turret?

  294. Halifax, no? ok

  295. Marceline The Dragon

    but the chieftain mk3 is not a tank made after the ww2?


  297. Cade os brazucas, bora jogar galera :)

  298. “Woter you’re a fan of orban battles…”
    I feel like English is this guy’s second language.

  299. when will you add the IS7 and the objects???

  300. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    where is my h8k2 ??? where ??

  301. So much for the new game mechanics (tank goes until the last crew member
    dies)…had my driver shot and it finished me…total BS. And if you guys
    want something to update, update the map shuffle. I waited 3 hours for
    these 2 new maps and got stuck playing fuckn ‘Jungle’ for 5 games in a row.
    Then after another handful of games I finally got 1 match on 1 new map.
    Then, you guessed it…another repeat map session, this time in eastern
    europe. Add this to your list of future improvements. Maybe make it like
    Battlefield where you can stay in the same group and go through all the
    maps instead of constantly reloading into different groups on THE SAME MAP
    over and over again. This would improve both team cohesion and overall
    enjoyment of the game as we would actually play all the maps in a session.
    I personally hate sitting down to play this and having to replay the same
    shit over and over when I know there are a dozen maps to be played. FIX

  302. How about you fix (nerf) 50. cal machineguns finally? srsly those things
    do more dmg than the german or british 20mm…

  303. 24歳、学生です(T@M0N72HS1)

    春 の 侵 攻

  304. José Carlos Ribeiro de Freitas


  305. Last man Standing mechanic…does not belong in sim.

  306. Budou někdy japonské tanky ?

  307. what’s the composer or soundtrack

  308. Was stacking tracks along the turret for extra armor a real thing?

  309. Gusti Firza Afrizal

    Still cant beat WoT 9.14 update. Lol

  310. ЦппaмёdБaиdit

    That cheifton tank looks like a modern tank, definatley driving that beute

  311. Nice two questions though why aren’t bomber buffed yet and where is the
    British squirt jet float fighter

  312. shitty pay to win game by greedy russians. ofc rusian bias come as


  314. a quand un arbre Français ?

  315. I thought it said ” Battle mech”
    I’ll leave again.

  316. i hate russian

  317. Why did they remove the H8K2 from the patch?

  318. So… still shitty balance? My meteor and vampire will still face MIG 15’s
    and Sabres? Bye then.

  319. Super!


  321. MesserschmitteX221


  322. welcome war thunder. wot had all of those tanks already. its about time u
    guys got them. i was enjoying them on wot. I wonder how their are on wt.

  323. Warships? No?

  324. why is chieftain is called a medium tanks its a main battle tank

  325. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    Warning Retard Plague has infected the comments below to avoid becoming a
    complete dumbass do not read the comments below.

  326. #MakeWarThunderGreatAgain

  327. #MakeWarThunderGreatAgain

  328. Mikołaj Błasiak

    Too bad the Russian vehicles weren’t as good as the Russians in the
    game..The Russians were SHIT

  329. wahts the song from 4:51?

  330. Please completely overhaul cannon tanks sounds please!!!

  331. This company is fucking retarded lol… they are more into baby sitting
    kids and making sure they dont get their feelings hurt in chat lol…. in 3
    years playing ive gotten 10 chat banns given to me by kids that turned
    moderator LOL…

    congrats. now that you have abused me to the point of removing chat
    capabilities permanently. i will now be playing the game for free and will
    not support you with any money. probably somewhere close to a thousand
    dollars has been spent. and i would easily spend more. but not a chance.
    not if this company is pathetic enough to create children into chat

    are you in the business of making money or are you in the business of
    struggling for control? you pick one… this game has had a steady 33k
    people playing it from day one. i have 425 people on my friends list.
    probably 80 of them have it installed. and maybe 2 of them play it. and
    neither of them regularily… you do not have the luxury of scaring away
    paying customers with your pathetic abusive chat control… is this a
    childrens daycare? or are you trying to make money? because if you are
    trying to make money than you are truely fucking stupid LOL. this game is
    not growing… and this is one of the reasons why… all the updates and
    new tanks in the world wont combat the stupidity you engage in… no other
    gaming company has anyhting even remotely close to this type of abusive
    shit. and if they do get chat mods. they dont let it be children LOL

  332. is-7? no? ok ?

  333. Tank with II WW vs Tank with 60s ??? xD

  334. A lot of these vehicles sound like premium vehicles

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