War Thunder: Update 1.61 “Road to Glory”

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

War Thunder proudly presents Update 1.61 “Road to Glory”! New Aircraft and Ground Vehicles, updated models, a new System for Squadron Battles, gameplay and much more! it out now!
Read full list changes in the changelog: http://warthunder.com/roadtoglory


  1. I want Road to Quahog

  2. any ww1 bombers like the gotha or the handley page one that i forgot the
    name of?

  3. Yawn.. Hate those locked planes. Amazingly frustrating to see them hyped
    when I can’t grind the dumb events because I actually have a life.
    More players drift away….

  4. Why does it still cost me if a team member is a prick and team kills?!?!?!

  5. The f7f is my favorite Grumman plane.

  6. Fix the stuff you already added and don’t add more, your ruining the game
    for me and my friends, the older game was WAY more fun

  7. 4:04 what is going on with the Grant’s tread animation! It looks like they
    are like moving in a pattern of “stop, move”


  9. I hate when theres a new update this one is the worst so far, i had about
    499.6k in lion heads for upgrades mysteriously all gone in about a week &
    now you guys add an update where you have to repair all tanks used in one
    match, what you will get is a a lot of players who cant repair tanks,
    gaijin are incredibly stupid or they are trying to get people to start
    spending money

  10. will you ever add Avro Lincoln to War Thunder?

  11. Pusanisa Tocharoen

    I want to add ME 262 HG III and MiG 21 in War Thunder

  12. fix hetzer’s br pls

  13. Sergii Cherniavskyi

    “Designed specifically to destroy enemy armor” – Isn’t every tank? D:

  14. The American Dodo

    *Adds M60, proceeds to show T-62 knocking an M60 out.* Remember the Battle
    of the Chinese Farm? Didn’t end well for the T-62. Israelis also found that
    frontal 105mm hits had no issues penetrating that “superb” armor out to
    2000 meters. Let’s hope it can penetrate it frontally, ingame.

  15. I am having trouble with getting it installed need help it keeps crashing

  16. Another pointless update with fluff and shiny unwanted vehicles already
    ingame…P-47D-28 Tier 2, BR 3.0…P-47N Tier 4 BR 5.0, same planes so what
    was the point…I would say why don’t you fix the problems you have created
    since you squashed the tiers together and broke the MM, but you did that
    deliberately…Every patch you release fixes nothing and results in more
    and more players leaving…I have never seen a company who has such a total
    lack of empathy or respect for their player base…Don’t ever bother to fix
    the huge problems you have made, just keep trying to divert peoples
    attention with useless fluff and shiny toys…

  17. Ђорђе Добрић

    Ok gaijin. I know you are a russian company but please nerf russian
    aircraft they werent like that in real ww2.Nope they were bad really bad..

  18. Matthew Jericho Sy


  19. I’m too good of a player for this game, I have to play worse than usual so
    other players have a chance against me

  20. Will the British ever get heat ?

  21. seems awesome

  22. Alexander Sečanský

    1.61 Road to bias

    Dmitri: We need new Russian top tier medium tank comrade. Soooo i think we
    will use T-55. Right?
    Nikolai: NO COMRADE! We need more bias so we will use T-62 with overpowered
    ammunition, and in another update 1.63 CCCP strongest we will use T-14
    Armata to improve bias even more comrades!


  24. Some Arabian Prince

    Give us the amx 40 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. I ant the cheiftan tank!

  26. So 4 researchable vehicles and no top tier SPAA, along with the usual we’re
    broken shit loads of other stuff as well, but we’re not gonna tell you in
    the patch notes…

    Still no fix for the complete SNAFU Match Maker and no sign of ships, when
    you guys chose the “Snail” as the company mascott you weren’t kidding…

  27. Pay2win game ! worthless..I’ve bought a tiger to kill tiger but i got
    destroyed by tiger 2 ! then i bought a tiger 2 to kill tiger 2 then i got
    destroyed by t54…stupid game

  28. Just one big cheat fest.

  29. Anyone know what the red paint scheme is on the grant here?:
    It looks pretty cool and I was wondering if it’s obtainable in the game.

  30. t25 and t29 out match the tigers h1 and e models, should be at a rating of
    6.7 at least… considering the t29 went into production in 1949, four
    years after

  31. so when will u fix AMD crossfire ??

  32. funkierfawn budgie

    Naval forces dammit

  33. when is the STURMTIGER coming ?!?

  34. The thing that would really make me happy and come back to this game would
    be a boost to RP and lowering some of the stuff german tanks are fighting
    at lower teirs, or just downteir the first tiger a little, give us
    something that’s worth a damn in a fight instead of having tanks that might
    as well be covered in tinfoil for all it does

  35. 라면보다우동

    한국어 자막도 해줘랏

  36. atgm ruined tier 5 in ground forces IT1 rocket rack even hit a dozen times
    doesnt explode only in soviet russia where fuel tanks and ammo racks doesnt
    explode meanwhile IRL t34 to soviet era tanks get blown to pieces when the
    ammo rack and fuel tanks get hit and japs ww2 planes which has underpowered
    engine can outrun US and British planes with good engine and P51D has
    shitty acceleration even it has the same griffon engine from the spit while
    as i mention earlier japs with underpowered engine accelerate and clim
    better than planes with good engine historically well done.

  37. A U F I D E R Z E

    Change about He 111 H-6 is historicly allowed?

    I love War Thunder becouse this game is all about historical vehicles and i
    dont want to see changes which will be historicly unreal.

  38. becouse i was away fore the last 5 days there has been en update fore war
    thunder now i canned play aviators of war

  39. Mauricio Rodrigues Machado De Souza

    eu tenho que ter conta premium para acessar estrada da gloria no warthunder

  40. Der inator inator

    pro american fuckers new m60 incredible.nice mega turret armor.
    german tank 150 mm gun much dmg
    … -.-

  41. I guess German tankers can just suck it then?

  42. Why don’t they just add the Abrams tank. Its not op, it’s just “post war”
    so its perfectly realistic.

    While they are at it they may as well make the Abrams a Russian exclusive

  43. TehRubrDuk Gaming

    when will you guys be adding controllable warships to the game?


  45. Nuel_997lucky13911 Josh

    bad ping even from SA server.

  46. Hoping that the next patch will include smoke screens, Lighting (tanks &
    buildings), and bomber’s cockpit

  47. I’m moist!

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