War Thunder: Update 1.63 “Desert Hunters”

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  1. I’m still waiting for tanks to be able to use headlights

  2. I’ll finally accept this game as a good game once it’s not German or
    Russian biased.

  3. WT is getting too modern, i dont like it

  4. leopard is not a fcking ww2 tank

  5. Well done WT. Another failure.

  6. Minigun in WW2 Game, Gajin desperate needs to win AW players.

  7. greece yes <3 <3 ♡♡♥♥

  8. Versuchskonstruktion 45 01 P

    Look germany now have a heavy bomber and can defend itself! *its premium
    and they dont even bother to fill the gap in the normal tree with he 177*
    thanks for dissapointing me once again gaijin

  9. again maked the Russians op ?

  10. Vietnam Korea and Afghanistan Confirm

  11. your games have become stupid and boring, random battles are sh*t, squadron
    battles are 2 years the same. The f*ck are you doing to this game??? Are
    you capable to do something new or just adding new tier 5 tanks and

  12. Game used to be cool till PS4 got involved….. Now its just a shitty
    console game

  13. Here I am waiting for the ta-183

  14. after the update on my ps4 the game crashed 2 times…Never had this
    problem. Nice job War Thunder…

  15. it crashes on ps4

  16. So, like, how is someone realistically supposed to get to Tier 5 without
    playing the game for four hours a day? I’ve played this game until Tier 4
    for the Krauts and it doesn’t really seem realistic for me to actually
    progress without playing money.

  17. hello war thunder….. can you add Waffenträger Auf. E-100 as tank
    destroyer anti-air because this tank is op

  18. War Thunder could have maps as Hiroshima to attack with nuclear bombs or
    defend with Japaneses

  19. it’s called desert hunters but they are adding a navel fighter with it

  20. any one know about a fix for warthunder. havent played the game for a while
    had a new system built. downloaded it today and getting very bad
    lag/stutter in the main menu and in game making it unplayable. uninstalled
    and redownloaded twice to confirm. even tried the command prompt fix and
    config file for dx11 but nothing works

  21. my other games are fine evenndownloaded world of tanks to try that and that
    was fine its just warthunder

  22. Man, look at the Scorpion’s recoil!

  23. Michael R. Foreman

    Nice maps. So when do we get to play on them? Still getting the same old
    maps over and over and over. In addition, I see you still haven’t fixed the
    issue of trying to land a critically damaged plane. A few times now, I have
    successfully flown or should I say glided my plane home with no engine.
    Just to have it classified as a crash and told to leave my plane when I
    land. It use to be considered a successful landing when we landed a
    critically damaged plane, which resulted in a award, now it would appear
    nine out of ten landings are considered a death and a loss. Fix this issue.

  24. where are the bomber cockpits?

  25. Aguante el LoL

  26. umm why a minigun in ww2?

  27. On ps4 it crashes every 5 freaking minutes

  28. Gaijin, i have a problem where i just downloaded the game and i click steam
    login, after i wait it says that connection problem player profile cant
    show up. pls fix this i just downloaded for 3 days and now it crashes.

  29. Update 11 gb wtf

  30. best game tanks ever in pc thanks war thunder i hope the best for you

  31. yep, now i remember why i stopped playing this game.

  32. >”Desert Hunters”

  33. Please, updates… Keep coming *-*

  34. will this update also aply to ps4

  35. lose the focking clouds gaijin

  36. 2:33 lol that german soldier is sitting there like if he were in a coffee

  37. Oh, a new patch! Installed and noted that LowGraphics still see true
    objects, uninstalled the game. Maybe someday you will fix that.

  38. Thank you Japanese!!!

  39. how bout u buff the goddamn bombers and not make them like goddamn paper

  40. This game was made cause of a boner for Stalin. They will probably go
    modern and buff the shit out of Russian equipment while the real Russian
    army lies in rust.
    Not to mention you face IS-2 with the first Panther Tank. Read some history

    Realistic my ass. Now Gatlings? Now I remember why I stopped playing this

  41. ‫كلاش اوف هيرو‬‎

    when the update of war gulf is come?

  42. So does anybody know when the Japanese tanks will be added to the game?
    Hopefully its soon

  43. we all know this game is now more about tanks than anything

  44. Some love for the Simulator please … Right now WT sucks for what it could

  45. i fucking cant even play this game any fucking more!! i’m done i fucking
    cant play it stop fucking updating!!!!!


  47. give the 88mm other sound the sound of the 88s in world of tanks is better

  48. Can you make every countries in war thunder has a better play except Soviet
    because i got 1 shot from Yak 7 then my plane crashed my plane was P-38g

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