War Thunder: Update 1.71 “New E.R.A.”

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We are adding a 6th rank for tanks and invite you play vehicles of the Cold War and Vietnam war period. Ground vehicles in War Thunder receive new armour types – composite and Explosive Reactive Armour. Veterans and alike are now able to use new aircraft Gunner’s view. Try out vehicles, maps and admire reworked, improved models that we have delivered to you in Update 1.71.


  1. This game is pure bullshit. Their admins are idiots, and developers are drunk Russians.


  3. Im happy when i research a tier 4 in half of year and they added tier 6….. when i research tier 5 they add tier 10 🙁

  4. BOATS please…

  5. Aviation Awesomeness

    Great Update!

  6. I’m wondering when we’ll get the early American Abrams MBT. The only tank series in the world to have never lost a tank in “tank to tank” combat.

  7. ok longshot here plz warthunder plz add modern aircraft carriers for jets  my reason for this is because the navy jets don’t get enough love for the one or people who play them i love US Navy jet fighters like the F2H-2 and the F9F so it get annoying trying to land a jet on a carrier used for propeller aircraft

  8. Who play on ps4?

  9. *insert intital d meme at **3:36*

  10. Where is the “Greif” ?

  11. a complete shift into cold war would probably make me play it again…especially with ships added 🙂

  12. Still waiting for the m1abrams or m1a2?

  13. First person for gunners. Finally

  14. Otto Flodén Spissky


  15. No infantry = Battlefield 1 is better:)
    but Ill have to play some anyway:d

  16. i wonder when they will remove cheaters in the game

  17. Love love love!!!

  18. Hold up let me redownload this game

  19. Having to grind to rank to play the equip I want makes me wanna throw up. Thank god for il2 bos

  20. Add a new modes to war thunder like infantry mode, tanks with more crew members

  21. update 1.8 removed all ww2 related content , all ww2 content was replaced with modern jets/tanks , added ships , kv-2 not removed + buff

  22. thats not how era works

  23. Who else watched this while they waited for their game to update

  24. MiG 21, 23, T72, Leopard 2, or i will nuke your headquarters

  25. plz make psvr available on ps4

  26. Uh you haven't met stabem

    Now i’d love to see co-op in a aircraft. As in having your buddy as the gunner and you as the pilot

  27. I would Like the A-10

  28. 日本戦車は…

  29. I hope they add a mod where you can be a gunner of someones plane after you died.

  30. I like it, however, I’m not throwing money down the drain just to get rank 6

  31. Gadjin please 2k rp for a good game and you want me to get 350k for a good tank. I spent an entire summer holiday with premium and t34-100 to get t54-1947. You have to ease it up a lot.


  33. Now featuring commentary by a Michael Gambon-alike…

  34. Why not the M60A3 with ERA Upgrades…

  35. what tf did you do to the ui

  36. Edgar A. 亚瑟 Ollervides

    Now you just have to grind for the rest of your life. This game would be great if it was F2P done right. I would spend 100$ USD right now for a decent tank game, and willing to play 3 times that on decent DLC. But 500 USD on War Thunder is just 50% less grinding.

    What this game is missing is the game part. It has all the content for a great game, but its just a slug match for scraping Research Points.

  37. Gys we want modern tanks like armata plz answer

  38. I can haz F104 starfighter and A4 skyhawk plz?

  39. M1 Abrams, when?

  40. Fix your broken ass game then put more ungrindable tanks #GAIJIN !!!!!!

  41. Where is the £300 unlock everything pack? 100% worth imo.

  42. Please can you finally add boats for everyone

  43. ok so what about the new freaking base defense mechanics?
    and about………JAPANESE TANKS FIGHTING ALONGSIDE ALLIES?! XD (in realistic)

  44. We need story mode and campin for this game and co,op please

  45. When will I be able to use my boat I paid for 2 years ago? Scam company. Fraud business. Useless support personnel.

  46. wow War Gaming should come and take notes on how to do a update and balancing their game. Wish I had the space to download War Thunder

  47. Awesome now I need to work even harder

  48. Attention!
    New E.R.A is fictional WW2 vehicle updates
    So America is sightly going to be more biased than other faction on final stuff

  49. wow! this is indeed the new ERA!

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