War Thunder: Update 1.75 ‘La Résistance’

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We have added French ground vehicles, a dozen new aircraft, new locations (“Maginot Line”, “Middle East”), reconnaissance and support mechanics light vehicles and automatic camo change.


  1. Why you don’t bring the Asal Uttar battle map

  2. One thing is missing my favourite tank: AMX ELC. I played world of tank with this tank.

  3. Did y’all add the stalinlazer 3 yet?

  4. Hi,
    I Can’t find any information on how to get new P40C?

  5. please translate the game War Thunder in Greek.

  6. I love this game and i love planes

  7. I like how the war-torn destroyed city is called “Middle East” xD How accurate.

  8. Someone explain how to get CBT French tanks. I’m so confused.

  9. Fix your game..how many times must we say this

  10. Oh that german … take a panther and disguise it as a M10

  11. And germany aircrafts never get nothing but nerfs over nerfs. we are forgoten since more than 6 (SIX!) updates; Our aviation don’t get any new jet or prop fighter with atleast a “decent” maneuver capacity.

  12. Add a gunner to the b 57 a I try to use speed but can’t get away the I die

  13. Gaijin, will u add ai controlled infantrymen to make it more realistic

  14. And i am just sitting here with my broken graphicscard listening to the 8bit Panzerlied while playing war thunder on “ultra low quality”

  15. i’d love to see normal italian tank not prenium

  16. hndbo coment

  17. Glad to see the SB2U Vindicator, it took part at midway and helped sink the mikuma iirc

  18. The B1 premium ?Pfff

  19. Oi what happened the strv misslie on PS4 I cannot fire it

  20. But the italian ground Force?

  21. Good. The French tanks were a thousand times better than the German ones historically, so going the French path should be easier in the first few tiers.

  22. Reality : One Shot YOU DIED(Feat. Dark Soul)

  23. French are pure copycats, first they copied the SB2C, then the F6F and now the FW190!!?

  24. Gotta admit.. That guy and his voice.. Really good and smooth for french updates 🙂

  25. 7:50 … Excuse me?

  26. How can i find the tasks

  27. When do you add Arabic language to the game?

  28. Dear Gaijin, I must say that I am in love with the idea of allowing scouting and field repair, it wold mean a boost in the use of light tanks and team work. But, It is slightly discouraging as German’s, British, and somewhat the Russians WON’T get this benefit of light tanks.The German line only has 3 light tanks all in tech 1, the Russians have a hate/love relationship wth light tanks. And if I am not mistaken, I do not know if any british tanks are light (as I have yet to use them) would it be possible to instead of ONLY light tanks getting that bonus, give it to tank destroyers on the same LINE as the tank destroyers. So that all nations can gain this benefit?

  29. Nah, I want AMX 40 “the duck” so bad 😀

  30. so how do i scout ?

  31. war_monkey5804 crayfish

    the b1 ter is to op

  32. Yeah… Pay2Win 😀

  33. I can’t play on ps4 for about 5/6 months

  34. Engineering & Science Guy

    Not worth playing you lose more credits than you can earn in game and besides the game mechanics are rubbish your just watching pre built animations every time you get killed that’s why so many people have left this game in fact the entire squadron we had has left the game. Also your playing against players that have all the detail off so you think your hiding behind a bush but its not there and the enemy can see you I’m also getting shot through smoke screens and hundreds of bushes.

  35. PLEASE make the french allied with the americans and british

  36. I’ve been having problems with war thunder the screen gets all glitchy and it stops when I share my screen on discord

  37. Is there a way to drive around the Maginot Line?

  38. because you do not even put the soldier mode so the game is much more interesting !!

  39. Can’t wait to get me my own new Yak,To get to Yakin around booming and zooming.

  40. this game was good….but then they changed to instant kills all the time.RIP

  41. War thunder badly needs graphical update it looks 10 years old on max settings, we want new better graphics engine!

  42. And what the M18 series …will also have the ability to explore?

  43. How about make the m18 to where you can’t ram it or how about make all early panzer 3 and 4 killable by ramming at a certain speed

  44. Chin Chin The Dark Lord

    The R-39 has strong armour? Last time I checked the game, it only has 20mm of FRONTAL ARMOUR

  45. war thunder has just added in what world of tanks have been doing for years

  46. Tanks tanks tanks tanks more tanks and tanks.
    I get it, its where the money is, but please dont forget what made WT big: PLANES.
    Thank you.

  47. The event is an mess once again, they asking to much in a short time. For example one task is win 10 matches and have an acitivitie of 70%, i dont play 10 machtes usally and than i should win them all and be the best?!

    I play this Game sinced it was realased and spent too much money than i should have and try to convienced my friend to play the Game, all what you do is say thanks and give me 300 GE. I find that very unfair. I give you so much Support and everything but you give so little back for the players personally. That i am really on the edge of quietting youre game.

    But then you come around with the Xmas event and my heart skipped a beat and I say to myself “I will get this event Tanks and Plans” but then I see the task, these unbeatable tasks for me, not because I am bad player, no because I have no time and I will spent money (799 GE) to win a task thats to much.

    Please Gaijin, help me, Im standing on the edge, only you can save me.

  48. why the H39 ,r 39 and 39 cambronne it say 75mm cannon but only 37mm gun on modification

  49. Bonjour la resistence

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