War Thunder. Update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”!

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

War Thunder 1.77 update “Advancing Storm” has brought us a version Dagor engine — 5.0 and with it improved graphics, detailed landscapes and weather effects. Locations are more beautiful and realistic, the sounds are more impressive and we have added two dozen new vehicles including five tanks at the 6th rank: Т-64B, M1 Abrams, Challenger, Leopard 2K and -30 Brenus.


  1. AlternatywaElite altuś

    i love War thunder !
    and new update

  2. I personally think that they should add the antonov A – 40 and a resistance group maybe like Poland but definitely the antonov A – 40

  3. RedRapterPlays lol

    War Thunder. Official channel. Could you please have new fighters for more of the nations

  4. Can’t wait to grind for days and weeks just to get close to those new vehicles :/

  5. Can’t wait to play this, downloading it right now 🙂

  6. A n o n y m o u s

    being a former beta tester of this game I can definitely say this game keeps getting worse and worse.

  7. I’d be happy with a rewards system that makes it rewarding to actually play


  9. How about being able to change out the ammo that’s already loaded in the gun? What is I need APCR but have APBC in? I can’t load the APCR without shooting and giving my position away.

  10. cuando sale para la xbox one

  11. Any chance of AI infantry in the future?

  12. I stopped playing because every time I respawned I died instantly.

  13. I would have shelled out money for the T64 but there is no premium version

  14. Huh? We got a M1 Abrams but no T-72?

  15. Fastertub166 Fastertub166

    Is war thunder going to Be on Xbox one

  16. asymir ahmad saferi

    amazing game but lack player 🙁

  17. congratulations gayjin for completely destroying war thunder in rb from 8,0 up,in one update you have rendered 8.0 tanks useless and made taking out planes in ground forces rb pointless due to radar on spaa,so spaaa are useless due to no one taking out planes.
    but it gets better,Britain from 6.0 upto 9.3 is useless now too
    slow clap for gayjin

  18. Yay now i gotta grind for 4 years till i get a high tier tank 😀

  19. …and they are already talking about the April fools event

  20. How can you compare an A1M1 Abrams to a T-64? They are nearly 10 years apart in time. A T-72 looks more close.

  21. Ash J Devils King

    Who said the French can’t war

  22. Did you guys update the system requirements on steam?

  23. Add the m1a2 Abrams

  24. Canadian branch please? Thanks.

  25. Now that the graphics is more realistic, can we look forward to more realistic physics engine. Atm driving into a wooden fence can flip my CA Lorraine, as same for pavements. Tanks that i flipped upside down is almost impossible to turn back since the turret is stuck in the ground level. Thanks for a good looking game, next step is to get it more functional.

  26. ps can u separate the exprerience and credits earned in army and aviation because all the exprerience i earned in aviation
    fucks up my expreince in tanks
    also add environment damage to buildings
    so plz reply fix u agreed with my small ideas

  27. Great Graphics on my Shitty Computer that runs 25fps. 🙁

  28. PFG - 45 Ag. 042-IO

    Deleted this phishing malware software long ago, had to use CC cleaner to get fully rid of it…. horrible. Never again anything Russian on my PC. Too bad, because game was good.

  29. Maximum boner mode engaged as soon as I saw the T64B. A Ruski main’s ultimate wet dream.

  30. @9:44 Ok that’s pretty sweet lol

  31. No 80s Jet Fighters?

  32. Hello, since you have improved visual graphics, do you think it is still fair and right thing to have ability to turn off grass??? Thank you.

  33. Essayer de baisser l xp a debloque pour les rangs 6 car quand on debute ses chaud

  34. I added this comment to Survey but i forgot to add a thing that i will report at the end with ***
    My suggestion is that with this patch you didn’t fix the main big problems the game had. You just added new things, which looks cool but main gameplay problems persist.
    Here is a list of what you need to fix:
    1) BR. There are aircrafts, especially jets, between 7 to 9 br that really need to be changed! f3d shouldn’t meet 9.0, an arado has better performance and it’s 7.0, so it should be 7.0 not 9.0; yak23 is a me163 with MORE fuel, MORE and BETTER ammo, MORE manuevrability, so its br should be higher than 8.0; la200 is a BETTER mig15 with BETTER guns, so it must be at least 9.0; barougan-ouragan shouldn’t face 9.0 so it can be a 7.3/7.7; if mystere is 9.0 then why yak30 is not 9.0?; amx13 HOT, begleitpanzer and bmp-1 wrong br, make all same br they are very similar, begleitpanzer and amx13 br is too high, bmp-1 too low (bmp has autoloader, better gun with heatfs, it can float, it’s fast and has stupidly bouncy armour and guided rockets, what is doing at 7.3?! it is very similar and better than the other 2 which are 9.0); t62 shouldn’t be 8.0 (leopard a1a1 with LESS armour and NOT stock APFSDS is 8.3, so make both same br 8.0 or 8.3); type74 should be same br of leoa1a1 8.0 or 8.3); object120 should be at least 8.0; object268 shouldn’t face 6.3, it has armour of t10 (8.3) it should be 7.7 at least; t95e1 is worse than t62, so raise t62 br or lower the t95e1 br; same thing m60a1 it can be 8.0; g91 can be 8.3/8.7.
    2) Now let’s talk about balance: restore the reload of mbt-kpz now that there are great vehicles with 5-6-7 seconds reload at that br, it’s stupid that it has a non realistic reload speed like the other tanks just to make a favour to t64, i mean be serious please.
    3) Another point is cannons: fix the british/french 20mm (maybe a bit also german/american ones), not the russian ones cause they work properly. It has no sense that a 13mm is more effective than 20mm. I’m not saying to nerf 50cals, they work good, but if they work in that way, then i expect from a bigger gun, a better performance, not useless hits and sparks and waste of more ammo compared to 13mm to get real damage.
    4) Another point: you put in the SHOP italian tanks, I expect to use them to unlock other italian tanks but there is no tech tree. I think u first had to release italian tech tree, fix all these errors then add all the things you added in 1.77.
    5) Last thing: some fix to sim battles.
    Don’t always leave russia alone to fight, cause waiting time is like 2russian players vs 30 all the other nations players.
    In sim battles when russia can spawn mig15 bis and mig17, germany can’t spawn mig15. It has no sense.
    Last tip: make more 3spawn sim battles, I think more people play them, so less waiting time. If you don’t make this changes sim battles will die (they are very close right now).
    This game has huge potential, which is not developed and exploited properly if you don’t apply this list of changes. Many, many good and competitive players left this game because of these simple mistakes. The “lifetime” of WT players will reduce always more, players will keep playing it for less time.
    ***i forgot to say that amx30b2 shouldn’t be 8.3 but it can stay at 8.0 or lower, since the t62 (8.0) has stabilizer, stock APFSDS and better armour.
    If someone agrees with me or has other tips please comment, I’m curious about the opinion of as many WT players as possible.

  35. Samurai CROTA Xbox gamer

    War Thunder. Official channel. Can war thunder get added to xbox pls

  36. Why does my game say 1.99?

  37. War Thunder. Official channel. When are naval battles coming out for ps4

  38. oh yeah? all that graphics changes will apply if your pc is about 400 dollars or up

  39. So why do ther germans don’t get the Normal Leopard 2 ??? Abrams build in series 1980 leopard 2 in 1979. Explain! It’s just retarded not giving the germans the mbt they used but every other nation you do. #fairness If you give the germans a shitty protitype than give the US a XM!

  40. Since we’re getting modern vehicles, why are we not getting modern aircraft as well? Give us the “last gunfighters” even if you don’t want to introduce early air to air missiles.

  41. Add the f14 tom cat

  42. Wot 1.0 looks far better. To be honest.

  43. Where the f 14 though? Y’all still got planes from the 50’s. Throw me a bone my migmarian!!

  44. The new engine made the game laggier when you tab out and back in.


  46. chaoticmanners gaming

    When the next update happens can you make the AC-130 because I would fight my way to the AC-130 to unlock it

  47. people are leaving war thunder so they are putting low BR up against high BR for cannon fodder so more people leave

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