War Thunder: update 1.79 “Project-X”

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We have named our update “Project-X” not only because of the upcoming release on the Xbox One. Among the interesting features of this update, there are many “X” related items: XM-1 (GM) and XM-1 (Chrysler), XM803, AMX-40 and Fritz-X guided bomb. In addition we have added new locations and missions, hugely reworked sounds for aircraft and added many other changes that made the game even better!

To read the patchnotes : https://wt.link/changelog179


  1. Can you add the hype train too?

  2. 8:22 China hype

  3. You forgot to mention damage increase for all the planes, thx for that….
    Regards, pilot of Japanese planes.

  4. gg war thunder team!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the awesome work!!!!!

  5. 6:45 …italy…my assassins creed sensations are tingling….

  6. where is the hs 293 A-1 and the is-7 and the hummel and the he-111 z ?

  7. still waiting for italian tanks

  8. I was thinking of making More tank battle maps like… Batanes? Luzon? Manila?

  9. Kulothungan Senthil


  10. Btw guys is 20.8 GB to be installed on Xbox

  11. keep pimping up the russians…..no way


  13. Love this game!

  14. I cant afford any of this. repairs and ammo expensive as hell.

  15. i love this game!!!

  16. I have some aircraft update questions. My first question is, will we ever get more cold war, as well as modern combat era jets? My second question is, will the B-17 F, and the B-26 Marauder be seen in an upcoming update? I think some new jets as well as two new American bombers would be cool. Thank you for reading this.

  17. Very good update but new abrams prototype shouldnt be in this update also the german canon nerf penetration was a mistake

  18. I can finally enjoy my wot and war thunder in the Xbox one,I’ve always wanted to play war thunder in my Xbox considering I don’t have a pc 🙁

  19. Cut the bullshit and make repair kit and fpe stock

  20. Oh my, another update. My internet speed is 1Mbps, shared with couple of devices. Every update is a torture to me. Even on YouTube, I only watch in 144p.

  21. You guys have really fucked up matchmaking now

  22. barely anything happened the tanks still have unrealistically small battle maps add the option to play on bigger maps with more cap points end the 5 year old repetitive gameplay

  23. When can I get the A-10? That’s what I want.

  24. Big ubdate but where’s amx 56?

  25. Stoean Georgian-Madalin


  26. Will the game ever feature 4th generation jet fighters?

  27. Will the British get the B.A.C Electric lighting and still waiting for the release date for xbox

  28. A romanian plane wow ?

  29. well 08:20 the China nation flag?

  30. 8:04 Super Conqueror?

  31. I realy like this game but I dont can’t play this game becouse I dont have more my pc I playing this game avry day at 9am to the 12pm because this game isn’t the BEST

  32. 4:32 BIAS!

  33. How about war thunder in mobile?

  34. Why you make every (good) map bigger and bigger? Poland, Eastern Europe, Sands of Sina, Fulda,…. this maps are in his “big” forms dont make fun!
    The BR 6.7 is not playable at every nation! To be every time low tier and only the gun feed is depressing.

  35. I hope that the game is released on Xbox One by at most Mid July, 2018

  36. You do read all the comments so, please! Take off the mixed battles from tank RB!!!!

  37. Can you increase the rp gain for tanks in realistic battles? Is wothless playing 30 minutes in realistic and get 1200 rp, if you play arcade is more eficient thant realistic and thats is insane


  39. ace combat 7 sweep u away from the scene ! 😛

  40. Do u have a discord

  41. When is it coming to Xbox one? Also will it come to Xbox one s?

  42. Dunaru xXx-Cringe-xXx


  43. Will War Thunder be free on Xbox One?

  44. 8:22 China

  45. Is there any chance that you will move the IAR-81C on German faction in the next updates ?

  46. 보지 마시오프사를

    once it adds complete modern timeline i wish they add k1 and k2 too

  47. Please add option for cross platform as after playing other games such as fortnight on Xbox with some of my friends on PC you are at a massive disadvantage with stuff like aiming and turning the screen causing the game to loose it’s fun aspects and become more of a grind also another problem with the cross platform is that PC have had the game for years meaning seal clubbing will be a big problem and cause lots of players to leave the game in its early stages of being released on Xbox because of the different skill levels

  48. Music in video?

  49. Daniel alexander portillo rodriguez

    Will be guardalcanal,okinawa and midway in naval battle?

  50. XBOX!!!

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