War Thunder – “Victory is Ours” Live Action Trailer

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Source: GameSpot Trailers

Take a look at this live action War Thunder titled “ is Ours” which commemorates the heroism of all the participants of the Great Patriotic War.


  1. Be honest, you tried the stall maneuver at least once in a real match.

  2. Most epic game intro i have ever seen!

  3. Ww1 era unis and guns and grenades.

    But a tiger, stukas, and planes with full cockpit covers, and ww2 russian tanks.

    Yeah this makes sense.

  4. Артем Мальцев

    ну хоть Русские песню поймут

  5. see you in my recommend in 5 years

  6. This would be bad fucking ass as a movie. What y’all think??

  7. 3:26 he lost 1 leg lol.

  8. hahahahaha DEAD BY DAYLIGHT

    Dislike this warthunder need to update i hate this block⬛ becouse I need to looking my arrmor tank FUCK this game I CANT SEE MY ARRMOR TANK AND MM THE SHOOTS i hate this game real please left this son block⬛ I hate him or I wann delet this game

  9. Украина country humans

    О ёмаё

  10. holy shit thought this was a movie trailer

  11. Very very realistic. The good death is a gifth in the war. 3rd war is coming. We all know it! God have mercy of us!

  12. Who else wacthes alot of videos about war

  13. Димон Бакум

    Вечная и светлая память воинам Советского Союза, защитившим человечество от нацизма.

  14. US troops are coming, boys show no mercy

  15. ПеЛьМеШкА ЛуЧшАя

    Эх прощайте все кто тут полег ;(

  16. Carlos Ivan Carroza Gómez

    Admiro el valor del pueblo ruso, no de esos tarados comunistas

  17. Việt nam cho xin cánh tay

  18. Ôi, War

  19. America sucked in anything but the pacific theatre in ww2

  20. Lol how the BF109 stalls first…….

  21. Роман Ерофеев

    Я бы им фильм доверил бы сделать.

  22. Now i know why my parents doesn’t have a grandpa

  23. très peu réaliste dans le sens ou les tank et les avions et les nazis etc n’exister pas dans les trancher

  24. 3:17 The new volumetric shells wouldn’t allow that to pen ewe

  25. Bow to Russia for the liberation of Europe.

  26. Cool man! 😎

  27. D̶o̶n̶ J̶u̶a̶n̶

    Depois de muito tempo eu não me canso de ver esse trailer, a trilha sonora combina perfeitamente 😭😭😭 muito foda

  28. Never in Holliwood, Honor to the red army and slavian people

  29. Good old memories…how time flyes

  30. Good ol days

  31. давайте все вспомним советских солдат, которые погибли, чтобы защитить нас, и погибли за военные усилия и все жизни, которые мы никогда не забудем

  32. When rtx is on:

  33. Dark GAMER minecraft pe

    Imagine singing russian anthem

  34. veo esto y pienso en lo patético que se ve la gente que dice, “ay el 2020 es el peor año de la historia, es el fin del mundo, ya no puedo ir a fiestas”

  35. Кто русский!?

  36. This gave me chills

  37. игорь деревенских


  38. Lets not forget the true heroic country who saved Europe

  39. I love this game

  40. Americas the wind

  41. 2:03 smh this guy can pull it off but i get critical speed point nose down, and a bunch of other warnings about oil and water temp

  42. What are the graphic settings I can’t find it

  43. Me when I was 12 (2014): God! what a masterpiece!

    Me 6 years later: God! what a masterpiece!

  44. yes yes yes

  45. Just realised the shell fired from the tank at the end should be rotating left if u look down the barrel

  46. Stop trying to make WW2 beautiful.

  47. Wieso wird die deutsche Seite in diesen Film derart entmenschlicht. Alles was man sieht sind Panzer und Flugzeug. Keine Beasatzungen, keine Infantrie, nur Gegenstände.

  48. 2:42 Wilhelm scream?

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