War Thunder vs World of Tanks || Which Game Is BETTER?

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* Overall Gameplay : 1:48
* Different Modes: 9:50
* Diversity & Arrangement Of Vehicles: 12:43
* Grind To The Top: 17:48
* Real World Money Influence: 21:07
* Conclusion: 25:12

Thanks for watching! Make sure to let me know what your favorite game is in the comment section down below! But please be nice to each other… And stay awesome!
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  1. Just a regular person

    Is a cheeky little bugger a good thing??

  2. Made it 11min in. Might as well name this video “Why I jerkoff to WT instead of WoT”

  3. PlsUltMyDick Lulu

    why can’t I play both xD

  4. I played wot for years but i switched to wt recently. None of you guys mentioned how unrewarding griding hard game wot is. I stopped playing it cause it’s not fun. You should also mention players I feel like wot has way more unskilled players and there is a lot of space for camping in that game. Often times you feel like you had zero affect on the game.

  5. Both suck balls. RNG in WoT its so awful you would think its rigged.

  6. there is still rng in war thunder’s aiming system

  7. same shit different day

  8. Short answer realism warthunder arcade world of tanks

  9. Old WoT was great, I loved the old WoT, but since 2017 WoT has gone downhill, war thunder has improved over time and is a better game overall.

  10. Really depends if you want realism or just laid back arcade

  11. world of tanks=tanks…..Warthunder=tanks,planes,ships,helicopter´s and soon submarines

  12. Oh My Beautiful God

  13. My personal choice : WAR THUNDER !!!! Best tank game ever in my honest opinion 😀 Just an amazing tank game 😀

  14. the guy has info wrong about wot, theres more to it then just an arcade play… and yes its possible to 1 shot things via ammo racks

  15. WOT SHALL WIN!!!

  16. What do you mean war thunder is way better plus you have acess to way more vehicles like ships planes tanks and more

  17. War thunder is objectively superior

  18. this video is big oof , 0/10

  19. War thunder

  20. long life war thunder

  21. LuckyLeo: “Experienced War Thunder players can take you out in one shot because they know where to shoot to kill all of the crew”
    Me: looks at mid to top tier British tanks

  22. Warthunder simulator battles has captured tank (premium tanks where lets say Germany has an american M4) spam that makes it hard to identify them before they shoot you. And nobody plays sim anyways.

  23. Both pay to win garbage

  24. you only needed to make a video for 30 seconds, no need for 27min, all you had to do is say war thunder.

  25. War Thunder progression system is ass.

  26. I prefer WarThunder BUT the battlerating mechanics need to be fixed… when ur playibg with a tiger h1 br 5.7 you get often thrown into 6.0-6.7 br matches

    • Doktor rampage I get what you mean I also play wt but you are still able to kill enemy tanks just harder. And for example if you just can’t pen it frontaly what I usually do just shoot gun barrel and tracks and do a little flanky

  27. They both suck

  28. World of Tanks is easier to learn than Warthunder??? BULLSHIT! There are way more mechanics in WoT than in warthunder, such as a spotting system and a more vital need to understand concealment, as you, when not seen will blink out of visual reality, lets say roughly 85% of all players don’t understand that and some that have played over 30K games, each game averaging 10 mins still don’t know that out of sheer stupidity, World of Tanks is way more rewarding for a skilled player than Warthunder in the end, as taking out an enemy through a series of shots is way more interesting than one shotting everything.

    World of Tanks Clanwars:
    Are like random battles with better rewards, if so then you’re in a losing clan. Clan wars is a battle mode where you are in a hopefully set team that knows to follow the orders of the field commander in chief who knows the maps, tactics, and tanks best suited for that map in order to win. Clan wars usually, unless you are in the top 10% of players who can make any tank work, will require you to grind and purchase these specific vehicles to be of the best use to your team as possible, you don’t just have to own the vehicle but also know how to play it well to succeed. AND THERE IS MUCH MORE TO CLAN WARS, LUCKY LEOPARD YOU IDIOT. I wipe my ass with warthunder, your so biased man pls don’t make comparisons if you don’t have a clue anyway.
    Additionally I took 400 games to tier 10 not 1550, thats if u suck balls/ lower average, and dont forgett the 60% of players that have over 10K games but never got above tier6.

  29. you forgot to mention the different between AB and RB includes the penetration indicator,it was a real big move for my tetrarch not knowing whether i would penetrate with the next shot


  31. War Thunder reviewed by someone who has never played War Thunder ?

  32. Teobaldo Leonheart

    Personally, i like WoT better. i have tanks on the top of trees in both games fyi. i use so many boosters in world of tanks, i get 1300~ exp every lose, and 7200+ for wins. (most ive gotten in one game was 21k) ive grinded the grille 15 from the nashorn in 8 hours. lol
    there was this one time i got 31000+ exp in a game once, but that was because some special event.

  33. They’re both terrible. Spent a ton of time playing WoT (Probably 1,000+ hours) and a reasonable amount for War Thunder (150+ hours). World of Tanks is ruined by terrible direction. XVM allows you to see just how generally screwed you are, because idiots never learn to play the game right and just lose enough games to get to better tanks and still don’t know why they die 1 minute in. I never looked at win rate, just efficiency and it was almost always spot on. Exercise in frustration in constantly losing, it doesn’t matter how good you are – if your team is stupid, you have little chance to do anything about it. The spotting mechanics are awful and really detract from the fun. Plus all the MBT Medium tanks really reduced the usefulness of several other classes of tanks.

    War Thunder, I mean the plane combat just sucks on arcade. Constant circling gets old and isn’t fun. I never got the point of being a bomber as they seemed ineffective and was really boring to play as. The next step up realistic mode was better, but then the matches drag on for ages. It’s cool, but getting better is extremely hard since you waste 10+ minutes flying toward the enemy just to fight for a few seconds and then you’re out. And forget simulation…

    The tank combat in War Thunder was also garbage. I found way too many times you could just pummel a tank and it didn’t die even hitting vital areas, only for yourself to get the bad end of RNG and get blown away in one shot. Add in you have planes that can attack you which greatly reduces the fun. Better spotting mechanics, but it ultimately is just tedious and not fun either. I don’t remember it as well, so can’t articulate why it wasn’t good as well as WoT but there’s nothing that would get me to reinstall either game.

    Save yourself the time, don’t even get invested in either game. WoT had its hayday years ago and is in steady decline. War Thunder…eh, I have no idea if it was ever better but what I’ve played was not fun. And War Thunder goes way too far to the modern scale, adding helicopters, radar AA, Abrams tanks….just no. Simple WWII tank game was all anyone really needed and WoT used to be that, but Wargaming ruined it (as well as the dumb playerbase).

  34. I started out playing WoT and sank a couple hundred bucks in it maybe through the course of a couple of years or so but when WT came to my attention I switched and never looked back. In fact I can’t even do hit point system games anymore because of War Thunder lol

  35. Just Your Average Security

    It took me a week to grind from tier 1 to tier 7 in US for War thunder

  36. Unpopular opinion: Both are shit

    I prefer Men of War Assault Squad 2, even if its not even a proper tank game

  37. Major Tanya Von Degurechaff

    You don’t compare simulator and and fun game what’s is your idea god, all retards because that’s two differently game with differently mechanics

  38. Warrhunder is better in tanks and planes, but fur ships take world of warships

  39. I would say war thunder because if you get bored of tanks you get to play with ships and planes plus you can get revenge with a bomber or plane

  40. Have 20k games in wot and maybe 2,5k hours in wt. Wot is just a grind fest that don’t appreciate you’re time. Wt is honestly a better game, and you can have fun even in lower tiers.

  41. WoT has TOO much bots and retarded monkeys , WoT is unplayable , not even hv to mention cheat mods

  42. You play with wot leopard 1 but with wt t26 bt5 why?

  43. War Thunder ????

  44. World Of Tanks is just much more Complex in the matches themselves you have to constantly look at the map to choose your decision which makes it a bit like a rts from third Perseon view where every player controlls one unit. Warthunder SUCKS

  45. And armoured warfare

  46. Armored Warfare is better LOL

  47. WT=pay2win, which is annoying and kills the game slowly, let’s don’t forget about cheaters of course…. WoT=free2win, however it is too casual and not interesting

  48. Only criticism I have for you is your thoughts on grind time. I think war thunder is actually the much faster grind if you do it properly. It doesn’t take 5 times as long at all. If I want to get a top-tier tannin war thunder I can do it in 1 to 2 weeks of medium game play. Brit’s for eg. Took me 6 days to unlock with a couple hours a work day about 5 hours a day on weekends

  49. World of tanks

  50. Carlton Jackson

    I play both, and I think both are really good games. They both have their pros, and they both have their cons. Just like anything. Why do you guys have to be so critical of mere games? It’s not like you’re gonna make a living off of playing World of Tanks or War Thunder. Video games are meant to played so that you can enjoy them, not criticize them. They are nothing but a form of entertainment and a pastime.

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