War Thunder VS World of Tanks

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Source: Squire

Hello chaps! Save 79% get 6 EXTRA FREE months on the 1-year plan at: https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/squire Secondly, this sketch required us to play an unreasonable amount of both War World of tanks. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the show, if so dispatch a like via carrier pigeon.


  1. Thanks for watching chaps, it really means the world. There’s a few people I’ve got to thank for their help, so be sure to go and check them out.

    TheIntrepidVA: Our American friend Rob, who has voiced many characters of ours over the years: https://www.artstation.com/theintrepid3dguy
    The Mighty Jingles: An all round thoroughly decent chap: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnjlvS2zxhbNJuGNo_TxkQ
    CyberGhost: Feel free to follow this link for a 79% discount https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/squire

  2. At the start I thought “this video is long, prolly won’t watch the whole thing”. Reaching the end “where did the time go?”

  3. 1 minute in and its already pure RNG “derpression” 👌

  4. (Sorry its and old meme, but)
    Wot: im better than wt!
    Wt: Dont talk shit, im more realistic, you use health bars!
    ???: amateurs…
    Wot: what was that punk?
    Il-2 tank crew: AMATEURS!

  5. Тимур Губашиев

    дайте на русском

  6. Comparer War Thunder et World of tank, c’est comme comparer Total War (War Thunder) avec Âge of empire (World of tank). Même si le principe est le même, la différence est tellement grande qu’il est hors de propos de les comparer.

  7. Wow this was the best video I have ever seen about these two games

  8. I played world of tanks when it was in beta on PC then on console, until war thunder came to console.

    War thunder is world of tanks, world of warships, and world of warplanes, all in one

  9. “you wouldn’t catch me playing baby’s first tank game” whilst the war thunder theme in the background hahahahaaa

  10. Phantom AnimationsYT55

    In my experience WOT players are way more toxic than War Thunder Players


  12. World of Tanks: You finish your munition before you kill you enemy
    War thunder: you die before you finish you munition

    World of tanks: their system is based on lowering life
    War Thunder: you have an armor penetration system, the one with the best perforation kills its enemy, as if it were a real war

  13. -cinnamaon_studios-

    Holy shit, what a creative way to talk about a sponsor!

  14. I need to know how hard it was to say WOWP is a legitimate flight simulator with a straight face

  15. me with WOTB in my phone: ok…..

  16. Disappointingly low amounts of revenge CAS

  17. Shit Thunder cant compete in 2020 thank Gaijin for that with all these horrible updates

  18. That video sucks why is it in my recommendation?

  19. אליה יצחק כהן

    i was trying to play WT with tanks:
    hiding behind a train
    getting 1shot from enemy hitting my tracks

  20. I ate my carrier pigeon

  21. Sadly the m3 lee in wot still uses one cannon

  22. Holy sweet Jesus

    *we got company*

  23. War thunder vs world of warplanes

    War thunder vs world of warships

  24. juan Ignacio Fumagalli Brogioli

    like for the creative sponsorship

  25. İf u like just tank games this is my advice choose WoT

  26. War thunder is best in my opinion

  27. oh wow I was just about to figure out which to play then I stumbled upon this

  28. “don’t worry sir I’ll replace you” I felt that

  29. This here video is of no importance
    these are 2 very different games
    the only thing simmilar between the 2 is that they are both about tanks

  30. Squire is a YouTube phenomenon!! He makes the most insipid videos, to overwhelming acclaim!! I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around this, I see absolutely nothing funny here! I am however, the only one thinking that outa 200k people…

    • Comedy is subjective, my friend. It’s not for everyone, but people with similar taste to us seem to enjoy it and that’s all that matters.

  31. Me: Buys expensive PC to Play w
    War Thunder
    My internet connection: Nope

  32. That was the mighty jingle in the intro, wasnt it? Love him.

  33. That’s…….. Not how WoT works……

    Also that looks A LOT like CONSOLE.

    Also wasn’t this heavily biased to Warthunder, I mean I like the game but I think WoT is better

    • Ik this was a parody,

      Also it’s fun being oneshot in Warthunder by some random panzer cocksucker. Soviet for the win

  34. WT is far superior to WoT

  35. OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT

    World of HP vs World of Bugs.*

  36. War thunder is better all the way

  37. if it took you 400 hours to grind a Churchill you are doing something wrong

  38. In some way, is not fair doing War Thunder vs World of tanks, due to, WoT only having tanks, and War Thunder, tanks, battleships and airplanes. You should compare War Thunder and the three “World of” of wargaming.

  39. Yeaaa um wot has a way bigger grind

  40. A 400 hour grind in War Thunder is still faster than what I had to grind through in WoT

  41. Take that you massive nerd!

  42. world of tanks is pathetic AND they copied the maus from war thunder around the same time war thunder did their maus event

  43. P2 pls 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. I like both game a lot

  45. In my opinion WoT is best

  46. I saw it’s up to you
    Realistic: War thunder
    Arcadey: World of tanks

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