War Thunder – Who is Baron?

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1.51 Tanks Gameplay Ó Who is Baron?

Thanks for watching!


  1. 10th burrito 

  2. I always knew you were easily distracted but i never realized he ACTUALLY
    had ADHD, it explains a lot now that i think about it

  3. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)


  4. We support you man and love what you do. Some people aren’t satisfied until
    they voice their complaints. I subscribed to you a out 3 or 4 months ago
    after seeing you on Sherman’s channel and I am literally hooked on your
    content. Not long after, I subscribed to more of your fellow war gaming
    YouTubers. Seeing how much fun you guys have encouraged me to join the
    community. This is probably my favorite form of daily entertainment. So
    thank you

  5. Baron I have AD-HD too man I know how you feel man. 

  6. I would enjoy to see some more Verdun.

  7. you are such a nice man.bro

  8. be yourself

  9. 7:15 “Who is poopin’ on my poop?”

  10. Q and A is a pretty good idea.

  11. Solid Shepard (ScareCrow9)

    It sucks I gotta see Baron everyday… He’s such an Unlike-able guy.

    Tits to that! A Baron a day keeps the Yaks away. Your Vids are my
    (phly)daily routine, Love ya Baron.

  12. I like to use big words so I can sound photosynthesis. 

  13. JUST BE YOU Baron , Just Be You. thats all ya gotta do. oh yeah and you
    ,Phly and slick all play the Clev. or Atlanta in WOWarships! then all will
    be fine. lol!

  14. Baron, I know this will probably get buried, but I really hope you don’t
    start using the ADHD/add as a crutch to act weird. I’ve seen people do it,
    and I’m afraid you will start pandering to kids. Its like, if one has the
    excuse, why not use it. But I believe you are better than that. I haven’t
    been watching your channel for very long, but I am absolutely enthralled.
    GG 10/10 would tank again.

  15. you should try company of heroes blitzkrieg mod

    • +Donnavan That is the only mod for CoH that is worth playing, just a shame
      it isn’t as well supported anymore but perhaps they are spending more
      resources on Blitzkrieg for CoH2.

  16. Baron u are awesome

  17. To truly know Baron, one must spend 8 hours inside of a rhino with him just
    like in Ace Ventura.

  18. I know the. ADHD feels man 

    • +that guy It’s not too bad relly. Most people with it actually score above
      the average of the rest. I know because I have it too ;P

  19. could you guys do another custom flak vs bombers?

  20. Baron I have 80hd so I float in the same boat as you and it a lot hard for
    you because you make video and try to make us happy

  21. Calm Koala Nightcore™ (CalmKoalaArmy)

    Nice real talk^^ I’m mostly interested in WT and Heros and Generals. Btw:
    Hello from Germany o/

  22. Both ways you’ll still be a good youtuber , and gamer.

  23. +Beach Ball thanks for the correction and about demographics, that’s what I
    said or at least wanted.

  24. +Miguel Gil I know, but I believe baron can add his own touch to it.

  25. do you ever play realistic?

  26. Baron your the best keep the good work up ?

  27. Aleksandar Prnjic

    Id like to see baron play tanks in heroes and generals

  28. Name: Baron Answers
    When: every sunday cuz why not eh
    How long: a good 15 to 20 minutes of answering

  29. Ianislav Georgiev

    U re awesome, and like the way u talk in vids and play with phly,. U re
    like me and my fr. We ain t awesome as u giys thou, We RE ZE BEST
    AROUND…. 😀 

  30. When i found your channel it was because of customs and i kinda miss that
    and also missing the jet gameplay 

  31. ADD CLUB! NOT A WEAKNESS ITS A POWER. Add ADD with intelligence and you got
    something amazing. Your mind moving at 99999 tps (thoughts per second) you
    can cover alot of ground mentally. Good at planning, out of the box
    thinking etc

  32. i have ADD and i can relate with rambling on and losing concetration. i
    dont know how it is to have adhd as well but i have respect for learning to
    live with it. keep up the good work baron!

  33. +BaronVonGamez I Don’t watch all your video but when I do I’m always
    delighted. Keep up the good work! What I, personally, want to see more of
    are the video’s where you and your friends hold each other’s tanks and
    completely go ham on german accents.

  34. Hey Baron,
    Greetings from ZE GERMANY 😀 (actually I don’t live there, but I am german)
    I have a question. I already thought of it about at half of the video, but
    what you said at the end made me want the answer even more. Being given
    that you have ADHD, but don’t see it as a personal weakness, do you (for
    yourself, please do not say something based on what some self-proclaimed
    experts told you) even see it as a disease? Or simply as a personnality
    trait that not many people have?

  35. I am not antagonistic toward the person who said you pander to children,
    but I am not completely sure what he means. Is he talking about riding
    four to a bicycle, or playing the bagpipes, or was it your agar.io series?
    I personally enjoy that it isn’t always the straight grind. My
    nine-year-old doesn’t like your videos and unsubscribes to you every day,
    but he is the only kid I know that has watched your channel. Bottom line
    is that when you are having fun, it comes through, and I trust the choice
    of games you play. I agree that these war-games generally skew to an older
    more sophisticated audience. I would like to see you, Phly and Slickbee do
    some scouting with the pnz IIh, and treat it like a tracked Puma. And
    Baron, you are one lucky bastard on the battlefield. But it may be that
    you just make it look easy.

  36. Honestly I agree with plank for the most part, I used to love watching all
    of your videos because you were a great player, you had that like
    seriousness like organizing attacks and whatnot and as a hardcore
    roleplayer I absolutely loved those episodes, I loved the custom episodes
    you did and you would make a bunch of situational jokes which would come
    out maturely (the flak squadron episode) and such but lately youve become,
    how would I put it, lately you’ve become cocky and kind of have this like
    superior and controlling type of personality, it reminds me alot of
    pewdiepie to be completely honest, you started out great and every loved
    you but then you ended up just changing and its not a good change either,
    sure you still have all of those fans who are currently saying stuff like
    “yea you be you baron I love you no matter what im your number 1 fan” but
    thats mainly because you’re stooping to their level, a level that the
    majority of us cant stand

    • Old Blood 'n' Guts

      +Nicholas Serrano Did you not listen to him? He just explained that in the
      video! He has ADHD. Honestly, your comment makes you look like a jerk, I
      mean, listen to yourself… “You just explained to me that your personality
      can change day to day because of a mental disorder, but I don’t like your
      personality. Change it to fit my wants!” He doesn’t seem any cockier than
      in any of his earlier videos, and is just being himself, not pandering to 3
      year old children. I read all of the other comments about how they support
      Baron and suggesting future videos, and then there is you, whining about
      “how much better it used to be” and that he is pandering to idiots. Look
      through the comments and tell me how many people think he is becoming a bad
      person and that think he is doing anything other than being himself.

    • +Nicholas Serrano Stole the words from my mouth. Nicely written and a good
      point. Personally, I’ve unsubscribed. I cant stand him anymore, but that’s
      just me. Many people clearly care for him, but I just don’t anymore.

  37. barron you are my favorite you tuber on you tuber along with phly and royal
    and slick. yall showed me into war gaming games that i didn’t know existed
    you should play ark with phly and royal one day.i would personally love to
    see some vlogs with you and phly togeather.please tell me if you read this
    comment thanks.

  38. So sorry for you having adhd

  39. Rock on, Baron. Keep being you. :)

  40. Can u do a tiger 1 squad with Phly and slick

  41. What happened to men of war???

  42. Baron you are the best

  43. +Joe McKercher yes i am, thank you for the kind comment.

  44. +Patrik Nessbo yeah that makes sense but he doesnt want to copy another
    famous youtuber

  45. +4 Tonnes of Fury Well, aren’t you a pleasant individual…?

  46. Can anyone explqin to me what’s ADHD ?

  47. BaronVonNoobz

  48. Well then Baron if you want a good game play Five Night’s at Freddy’s 4

  49. I thing it’s Boris

  50. Josh Conover (Slipstream)

    +LK Good idea 🙂

  51. my god, Baron just goes ham. He puts the team on his back.

  52. cornellius cornwall

    Thine shall release thy7 plebs or thy Baron shall be tossed in thine pit of

  53. Draw my life baron?

  54. cornellius cornwall

    Give Baron thy torpedus and be reborn from thine watery grave!!!(Love the
    wow series m8 like u wot)

  55. Nice video but would like it if you played planet side2 also maybe depth.

  56. Also, yeah you should do a QnA

  57. I agree a Q&A would be cool

  58. +Olly W Sorry my comment annoys you.

  59. Mangepower ftw!! (The first in a bomber)

  60. Nice vid baron! Appreciate your ADD and your video content is especially
    impressive with that in mind. I think the fans may become ‘annoyed’ or
    ‘frustrated’ with not knowing the person behind the scene, maybe on a few
    videos where it’s just you playing, or on a particular series you have a

    Keep up the good work 🙂 

  61. wait, didnt you just passed the 100k subs?!

  62. Baron your adhd brings the channel variety witch makes this channel that
    much better

  63. Samo nechural bajo moj.

  64. Yea Baron i have a Q, how did you first start doing vidz with Phly,and
    Slick Bee?

  65. BaronVonTanker :)))

  66. Found your channel a few days back, on Mount and Blade Napoleonic wars, and
    I got to liking your personality and commentary so much, I literally
    watched your video’s that entire night.

    I agree, I wouldn’t want to be what someone else would want me to be if I
    didn’t feel comfortable with it, I’m a facebook page admin and I can feel
    where you’re coming from, keep up the gut work kommeraden !

  67. Hey baron check out 7:25 lol it’s like you didn’t even notice 

  68. You seem very hansel and people oriented, and not for the monies like
    others. Which is legit true OG man. You and another person did the same,
    and I enjoy that a lot.

  69. HeyBaro I have ADHD and i like watching you videos all the time 

  70. Mechwarrior Online!

  71. ADHD/ADD may sometimes feel like your worst enemy, but it’s also
    responsible for some of your finer qualities. As a fellow ADDer I
    sympathise with the downside of the chaos, but when it’s working well, it
    can be a real treat. Nice video +BaronVonGamez – thanks for that.

  72. Hey Baron
    You and Phly should check out Red Orchestra 2 with the rising storm DLC. In
    my opinion it is way better then Heroes and Generals simply because it has
    proper balancing and is not a total pay2win game like H&G.
    In case you actually check it out, you HAVE to play a tank-battle first,
    you can do that by using the server-filters –> gamemode: tanks. And then
    take the T-70 for a ride to see the games full glory.

  73. Baron send a messeg to me my username is chompchomp98

  74. +Trent Sullivan Hoo… dini?

  75. +Arbyfig Nah

  76. +Atomictrooper big gulps can

  77. Love the videos! You being you is why you have so many subscribers.

  78. Thanks, Baron. I really appreciate you sharing this with us. Keep up the
    great work!

  79. Who is pooping on my poop

  80. Next IS 2 please, show us how this thing is OP.

  81. And why don’t you buy all of the vehicle slots for each nation

  82. it affect my concentrating skill

  83. Rap game Brad Pitt with the M4A3 HVSS

  84. You keep up the great work Baron. You and Jingles made me start up a
    similar channel because I enjoy yours so much. o7

  85. The sapphire channel

    hey baron i love your war thunder videos so im gonna subscribe

  86. Yes baron. Do a QnA and do it like every Friday or something and use the
    face cam and stuff. And you should call it Rambles with Baron! Thought that
    was neat if you think he should do this like it or something :p

  87. I have ADHD too baron, I know how you feel about being very hyperactive and
    stuff :p

  88. +mrTophat3 just saying you and ply are my favorite WT players, but i do
    love tanks more then planes 😛 tank from that what you would 😛

  89. A Q and A series would be awesomeee

  90. Your personality makes you interesting overall.

  91. TheCaptainstealth

    meh i subbed to you because I find you hilarious. We should do battle some

  92. yes we shall cal it coffee time with baron Q/A

  93. I’m not sure if this would work but maybe you could do a civ 5 campaign
    with Phly and slick?

  94. Not Kendrick Lamar

    is that good or bad?

  95. Not Kendrick Lamar

    you are a horrible person

  96. Dude I love your videos, Keep up the awesome content!

  97. “Warthunder, world of tanks, star wars battlefront!” You’re hilarious baron

  98. So you have to modes jingles (Scientific) kind a low sometimes, devildog
    mode (excited and ready to go)

  99. Baron, u da boss

  100. It would be a nice touch to this channel to have a Q and A also keep being
    yourself we all love you that way (:

  101. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    Hey baron, have you tried the WWII chronicles mod for AS2 if not you

  102. Thanks for sharing Baron. It explains why you are so aggressive playing 🙂
    which works for you. I so enjoy seeing you , Phly and Slick and Argyle
    playing WT tanks and planes or ships. You guys are great keep it up.

  103. keep going kid!

  104. Walkerbulldog please!!

  105. And his stupid rap that’s so cringing

  106. As someone that has lived with ADHD my entire life, I know how hard it is
    to focus and how inconsistent or random it can be since sometimes you can
    be entirely focused on something and other times you can’t focus enough to
    walk in a straight line. Personally I just wiiish that you’d consider
    things more than not at all sometimes (Mainly just taking out tanks without
    taking a look at the ammo to choose what would be good or not and what ammo
    for what situations) but yea he I mean ADHD is like, holy shit. It’s like
    awesome and awful at the same time, but it just sucks because it can get so
    bad for me I actually can’t do anything. Like I literally couldn’t play a
    videogame no matter how much I want to if it’s really bad.

    And then if you take medication for it, you can get upset if you take it
    (or not take it) and you get asked “Oh did you take your medication?” Just
    because you’re acting weird or happy and hyper. It’s not like they change
    who I am they just help me focus. They aren’t to make me act any different.
    And it’s awfil because I have such a huge dose, 108mgs of Concerta, and
    when I don’t take it I can barely focus, but I don’t want to depend on it
    to get by. I don’t care if people like me more when I’m on it just because
    Im not all crazy.

  107. Baron behind the Iron Curtain. CONFIRMED RUSSIAN.

  108. The guys here in Germany love your show. We actually put your channel on
    our big screen while you are playing and watch you wreck people. It is
    often entertaining to review the commentaries within the game itself. So,
    please keep up with the good gaming and excellent community. We are happy
    to be apart your socio-environment elements. Who knows, I might catch you
    online and play a few rounds myself. I am so a noob-nerd on war of thunder.
    New word for the day; “Noob-nerd!”

  109. Okay…war thunder. I told you I was a noob-nerd. Now I just proved it.

  110. Have you ever tried to play steel beasts? Real tank simulator that trains
    tankers. I bet you and phly would be amazing. Also for Q&A name suggestion
    “Under the Hatch with Baron” or “Set sights to fun…swers” …those might
    need some work.

  111. i have aspergers

  112. 14:39 wow dude that’s awesome

  113. Hey Baron! I think it would be cool if u could start maybe a blog thing
    like once a week along with the usual gaming video. I also think people
    would love to see a draw my life done by you so we can connect and
    understand you better as a person. Great vid, love your content, and have a
    great day! o7

  114. VLOG QnA would be nice.

  115. I have adhd too 

  116. when are you gounna play men of war again, and i challenge you to a GSM

  117. Baron I think that u should do wat is entertaining to u but I wish u had
    some more realistic/simulator battle content on your channel. I loved it
    when u and other youtubers would take out the same tank and go around in
    realistic battles.

  118. There is no good reason to troll you, because you are just being yourself,
    having fun; we like your humour, but maybe all this is too much for some
    people to take. I mean if you want to really be in a war, then go fight in
    a war, which we all know is serious stuff; this is fantasy, we should get
    that too; so tanks a lot for all your entertainment.

  119. A Q&A series would be fun:)

  120. I think you should try and find a way to play with as many fans as you can
    and a Q and A

  121. We need more Heroes & Generals and Red Orcheastra 2! :D

  122. I find that people with ADHD are exceptional video game commentators. When
    I was young I used to go hang out with my cousin and watch him play games
    because he would always say some funny random shit while playing the game
    and he has ADHD too. Keep up the good work baron!

  123. Q and A my friend. Id like to get better quicker. Cheers mate. 

  124. Hey Baron. First, thanks for providing a brilliantly entertaining Chanel.
    Its great to see you enjoying what you are playing, and sharing that with
    us, as opposed to just providing what you think people will watch. Its good
    to hear there will be a video every day, that is something to look forward
    to! Please keep up the accents, Arnie is the best. The awesome commentary
    is what makes your content so enjoyable. I hope nothing changes. Keep up
    the great work. Once again, thanks for keeping me laughing with the WOT,
    WT, AW and WOWS content. Top Work

  125. Okay, Plank Hill, not to be rude or disrespectful but……
    What the FUCK are you talking about?
    Pandering to children? all he does is play (supposedly, I have seen so
    strange shit in WoT and War Thunder) highly older targeted games like
    Assault Squad, WoT and WoWS, etc. and when he is more “childish” it is
    because he is having fun with his friends. and so what if you don’t like to
    watch a guy like baron having fun? then you can go waste your time
    somewhere else and let us waste ours with our friend baron.

    so in short I guess it boils down to enjoy what you like from baron and
    ignore what you don’t, or you can go gtfo and party with someone like
    devildog or whoever you find that you prefer over baron.

    there is no need to go messing with our click just because you dislike one
    or two vids of Baron having a great time.

  126. Baron here’s a game suggestion: b17 flying fortress the mighty 8th

  127. Steffen Heinemann

    Was hat er gesagt? :D

  128. Hey baron what happend to heroes and genrald

  129. I would like to see some planes again like the hurricane MKIV it is
    practically 1 shot one kill and i dominate with it. But i would like to see
    how you would use it.

  130. just keep sprinklin those titties baron !

  131. Hi Baron
    I am a very new fan of yours but a fan none the less, thanks for sharing
    your thoughts every day and helping your followers learn about you, after
    watching my first baron video I thought, waow this guy is really down to
    earth just playing his games and talking about torpedus 😀 I love it. im a
    Jingles fan originally and a Hutch fan before that going way back years
    ago. Last year I started making my own videos, just me talking into the
    webcam about my life as I was in Australia and iv lived my life a bit
    differently to most people. I hope the people that watch my videos enjoy
    them the way your fans enjoy yours 🙂 cheers for all your efforts dude.

  132. Love your vids Baron.
    Whats your name?

  133. +Josh Conover One has to be one to effectively teach one.

  134. austin jagodzinski

    +Josh Conover i’m of the same opition as you. i have ADHD and it is such a
    weird thing to have. i’ve always loved having it because when i take my
    meds for it i can focuse to and progress in my job, carrer and personal
    projects as n engineer at only 20, but the weird part is how by not taking
    meds, or by just trying hard to change my way of thinking, i can become a
    diffrent person. i’d discribe it almost like someone who knows they are a
    diffrent person when they drink, but choose to be that person by drinking
    in a similar way to taking meds of not, and focusing or not. and its so
    hard to find people to understand me because it even sounds a little insane
    to me, let alone what it might sound like to people who don’t have my
    condition. i’m just glad there are people out there like me who can
    understand and i love that Baron is heling to get others to understand so
    one day maybe people will be more educated or at lest do some research to
    try to start informned conversations with people like us. Go Baron and
    everyone else here, were all great people.

  135. I’ve got ADHD 😀

  136. Never knew you had ADHD, i thought it was excitement and putting effort in
    videos. Keep up the good work man!

  137. Baron you do what you do. I am inspird to have fun in war thunder cause of
    you I dont have hhd but I sometimes do get hype then I get a bit more serous
    You keep doing what you do 

  138. People opinions are respected.
    But.. its your channel.. run it as you wish.
    and keep up the awesome work baron 😀

  139. Don’t worry baron I am adhd and I am just like you

  140. I am 33 and i am entertained by your channel. You rock man. I like you
    being the way you are in every single vid.
    The greater your audience gets, the bigger will be the amount of critics
    and the intensity of their critisism.
    Keep up the good work.

  141. Dear baron
    I think a lot of us here would follow you through anything on the channel
    But also I think some of us feel like you forgotten about the community

    Honestly I think we all need another Death Star video or two

  142. ADHD isn’t as bad as it sounds. People who have it (Like me) are usually
    fine 😀

  143. QandA please 

  144. Mitchell Burkholder

    I wanna see some more mount and blade 🙂 

  145. Look Baron, I had you pinned as an adhd’er since day one I subscribed!
    Being one myself and having complete understanding of what you were saying
    is just one of the reasons I really enjoy your channel.
    Without the adhd’ers this world would be a very boring place:)
    Keep up the good work and stay healthy.

  146. +Plank Hill *Responds negatively and childishly to your comment by typing
    everything in all caps and calling you every curse word I’ve heard from my
    parents because you have an opinion.*

  147. The Shepard (Sparten330)

    +Plank Hill Knew you’d be in this video. In no sarcastic manner, I want to
    thank you. Criticisms like yours benefit Baron, even to the point for him
    to getting him to make this video, connecting with his viewers more.


  148. Baron you’ve really been paying attention to the Russians and higher tiers
    lately. I sure wish you would do some American medium tier stuff. Also, why
    do you do so much Arcade when Reality is so much tougher? Since you started
    WT when it was very much not what it is today, starting at the Tier 1 level
    and working your way back up the chain in all the different nations would
    be awesome. By the way, I’m not a kid, I’m an old dude and I have ADHD and
    I LOVE your videos! You’re funny, and watching you gets me pumped up to go
    kill commmies!

  149. Could you please try Viking Conquest mount and blade?

  150. Nicholas Semenov

    To Baron, pls do the mans of war! pls i miss. i cri

  151. This Is a awesome channel

  152. Baron, your channel is my absolute favorite of all time. Your three
    intrinsic goals are the best qualities that a channel should have :D

  153. You’re doing a great job. Be YOURSELF ! And you’re doing a wonderful job
    being You.

  154. B U

  155. Brian Weatherall

    Him and phly, baron for tanks, phly for planes is what I do

  156. TiberiousThe Labrador

    TITTEING AROUND every 5 seconds isent pandering to children

  157. Murphy Williamson

    “My three goals are as such; Oh T-70!” Oh Baron how I love you so.

  158. hey baron i have ADD so i kinda know how you feel i really like your
    request series and i was wondering if you could do do a f4u 1d cannon
    corsair squad but in stead of tier 3 do it in tier 5 with jets because i
    get a ton of kills that way and it would be really cool to see you do that

  159. 2:40 to be honest you are pretty much the same in every video when you are
    by yourself, but as soon as you are together with either slick or phly its
    all out fuckin madness (and mostly saltiness from phly) But all that aside
    i dont really see why people who have been here for over a year would stay
    subbed and keep watching because your content stays exactly the same and
    looses the excitement over time.

    • +Benjamin Correll Dude i know its a problem for some people, hell even my
      brother has ADHD, but like millions of other people he take his pill every
      day and gets on with his life without reminding people every 10 minutes he
      has it. For example i have pretty bad case of migraine and cluster head
      aches, but i also take my pills every day and get on with my life without
      having to tell the fuckin world constantly.

    • Benjamin Correll

      +dardi16 Most people are different with friends because those relationships
      are usually on a completely different level, and why would anyone unsubb if
      he was the reason they liked his videos? Yeah, a lot of his videos are the
      same, but the conversation really never is and that’s what keeps me coming
      back everyday as a sub. Your final statement really leaves me numb with
      stupidity/ignorance just from reading it. My brother has ADD and I have
      ADHD. We were both on completely different levels growing up and still are.
      ADHD shares many symptoms with maturing minors, but that doesn’t mean it’s
      just some silly thing that people can grow out of. Myself, for example,
      enlisted in the marine corps and was all moto about it, but on most days it
      took effort to appear even as a “shit” Marine, for most days I was all over
      the damn place. Becoming a lance made it easier because I could have boots
      do my work for me. In closing, I believe myself and at least a handful of
      others wouldn’t mind if you un subbed, though. Hate is fun until it becomes

  160. Baron, i love your vids. u make great material. you and slick r funny and
    fun to watch. if anything i hope u make more vids about other games and
    more wows and less WT. but thats mostly cuz i dont play it. we are who we

  161. TheFrumiousBande

    It must be called Banter with Baron

  162. Geese Baron, take your fuckin meds so you can please this guy. Lol jk you
    do you boo. Is that really what having ADHD is like? Shit… I might have
    ADHD. Hahahaha jk jk but seriously. :|

  163. kaylon “rudeboy_jr” kristensen

    OMG +BaronVonGamez i have ADHD to but i take pills for it so im not so bad
    at all.

  164. Baron, I wish you would visit two Star Wars games that many of us grew up
    with, Star Wars rouge squadron 2 and 3

  165. I don’t like his word choice. As a non native english speaker I’d to look
    up what “pandering” means :O

  166. Anyone know what to do with convertible rp in WT it’s the little yellow
    lightbulb on top of war thunder home screen 

    • +Ceaser Alarcon Do You Know How To Get GOlden Eagles with ought Spending
      money like can u get so many kills like missions then get GE’s?

  167. well russians low teir tanks are the best becuase they have russian bais
    and the premiun with premiun u can never loose your wish nice ram if it had
    healthpool l think u still would kill him with first shoot that was a
    pretty bad ram like a gangster

  168. +BaronVonGamez here are some upcoming games that maybe would be a good

    1. No Man’s Sky
    2. STAR Citizen
    3. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I am truly excited about these games and Star Wars Battlefront. Ik some of
    these games aren’t coming out for a while, but thinking for the future of
    the channel or even if you make a second channel. these games will be fun
    to see you play in the future. 

  169. Baron you are awesome! There is this vibe when I watch your videos!!! Best
    channel on youtube!!!!

  170. I think the Q and A series should be called
    Answering the titifish

  171. Keep on keeping on Baron. “Joe Dirt”

  172. As a mature ADHD/ADD’er myself, I feel like Baron impersonates who I am. I
    can tell how Baron feels that day just by the way he does his commentary.
    That’s the awesome part of ADHD/ADD. You’re basically being a lot of
    different persona at the same time and it really depends which persona
    comes out first when you’re doing something like game commentaries. I think
    that Baron and me both learned to harness the awesome creativity and
    dedication that ADHD/ADD posesses into something that you’re really into.
    For Baron it’s his Youtube casts, for me it’s a community managing role for
    a certain RTS game.

    Anyhow, Baron, big props to you. When people tell me that ADHD/ADD’ers will
    never reach any goals, I just lead them to your channel and my
    achievements. Never change who you are, that’s the biggest mistake you can
    ever make. ADHD/ADD offers opportunities and challenges and by making
    something of it just shows the world that ADHD/ADD is way more than a
    hyperactive or unfocussed kid that fails at school and struggles keeping
    his attention spam up.

    Rock on Baron!

  173. i feela bro with add, i do happen to have been diagnosed with ADD last year
    but really there is no weakness with having that but i have to say it can
    be really interresting when you try to focus on “one” thing only becouase
    that is totaly impossible, the QnA can be fun

  174. Baron, I have a weird thought/idea. I think that people with ADD/ADHD (Like
    me, I have ADHD) are somehow gravitated to each other. Like, everyone who
    I’ve been close friends with I’ve found out later had ADD or ADHD. So, I
    think most of your subscribers might have it. You’re totally not alone…
    just a theory. Feel free to prove me wrong!

  175. Baron speaks the entire video while destroying 10 vehicles. I keep quiet
    the entire match and I get like 2…

  176. I don’t think you should waste time on QnA or Vlogs, just keep delivering
    the gameplay vids you always do, that’s what we’re all here for. Most of
    all, have fun.

  177. mitchell mccormack

    You should play world of tanks

  178. Wow you got ADHD and even that you managed to be a lawyer? Respect men 🙂
    Nice video!

  179. Baron is awesome

  180. Baron I’ve had ADHD since I was 4, and all the stuff that you are saying
    are true, BUT I don’t think your going about it the right way when you were
    trying to explain it. You just make people with ADHD and ADD look like the
    are a bunch of slower kids with the attention span of a dog. Those are just
    my two cents on the whole ADHD topic there.

  181. I have ADD and OCD funny enough :b 

  182. I think a Q and A series would be great, Baron.

  183. Wait Baron do you have ADD or ADHD because I have ADD and that’s where you
    have a difficulty focusing and ADHD is where your hyperactive and have
    trouble staying focused physically so they are different but still similar
    disorders? Still I feel for you because with ADD you can be an entirely
    different person from day to day depending on a few small things 

  184. The spontaneous-ness-ness of you keeps me here – love all the vids man and
    your team!

    on another seriously unrelated matter – ohh torpedus – yes where was I….

  185. baron, if you do a Q&A you should call it “baronvontalks” or something.
    P.S. im also ADD/ADHD, and dyslexic so im trying to say you inspire me in
    my daily live. (haha get it daily as in phlydaily… ok ill stop) but
    anyways thank you much for your videos they are always awesome.

  186. You have a good voice, and good choice of words, to be a success presenter.

    Q&A YEAH!

  187. I think your channel is great Baron! Keep up the great work! 

  188. Keep being you man! It’s good to see how you are on your own, and when you
    are rolling with phly, slick and your various other friends.
    There will always be detractors and malcontents who will see the things you
    do and feel compelled to pull you down, but you can rise above!

    Also, I would appreciate seeing you fly the Shinden, perhaps as a squad
    with some of the guys? :)

  189. I just wanna say love your solo vids, and love your vids with your friends
    as well. I have never laughed so hard when you all are together. Let’s face
    it, we watch YouTube for two things. 1. Information, and 2. Entertainment.
    You provide both. That’s why I enjoy all of your videos. Keep up the good
    work man!!! 

  190. Love the thought of a video each day as I watch them on the treadmill so no
    excuses not to go on it! But play realistic/simulator….arcade is too

  191. True i have adhd to and does get hard to focus but hate using it as an
    excuse honestly i never bring it up not because im afraid but simply becuz
    i dont want to seem like i use it like an excuse

  192. how do you do it baron how did you get so many golden eagles

  193. Michael Ferguson

    Baron, love your video’s because of the randomness and the fact that you
    listen to your community. Also, as another adult with ADHD I can
    sympathize. Also, I could never do videos for the public, just not
    something I would feel comfortable with, so I am impressed by all of the
    youtubers who make videos, because there are a lot of folks out there who
    are gonna be mean just for the sake of being mean.

    Keep up the good work. As far as my request, I love the videos when Phly,
    Slick, and you play together they are hilarious and awesome, so I request
    more of those.

    Be well and happy gaming.

  194. Tbh baron you make me laugh when thing were bad your cool and funny sure
    you make dumb joke that are funny we all love you cuz of your awesomeness
    so keep the good work up ? sincerely from jonathan small my war thunder
    name jonathanq 

  195. We warthunder fan dont appreciate world of tank at all….

  196. Brother, i like the attitude you bring, keep on keepin on baron, i really
    like how your not acting, and that you got that wide demographic, you dont
    care your just having fun i can dig it

  197. “Inquire the Baron of Gamez”

  198. Hi Barron.
    You made a comment that it would be rude to bomb a spawnpoint. That’s the
    only gripe i have so far. In many of my games I will sometimes loose as
    many as two vehicles to RUDE people. That’s in one game. When I may play 20
    to 40 games in one day, that comes to a lot of bad games.
    I know they are trying to run their scores up fast so they can be the first
    ones to get the big tanks, but they are doing it at the expense of the
    other players and ultimately the company. Plus, I get tired of playing my
    37, 45, and 50 mm guns against 75 – 120mm guns.. There are several tanks
    where my now 50 and 75 mm guns simply will not pen at range. On the other
    hand an 88 mm or better cannon will really wreck my panzer III tanks.

    Removing the spawn flags from the other teams view might help.

    Thanks for listening Barron.


  199. Hey Baron,

    I am a Special Education teacher, who works with kids with ADD, ADHD, and a
    host of other issues. I also am an adult living with ADHD, and I too have
    found a way to make it an asset. Your channel is entertaining to watching.
    You and Phly crack me up all the time. Keep to your passion and never
    compromise yourself. If Jesus and the Buddha could not make everyone happy,
    then how are you supposed to?

    Go Well

  200. hello baron and all..I mâke vidéo on world of warships please can see him
    thanks :)

  201. Be yourself barren you are awesome the way you are

  202. markisboredagain

    Hi Baron,
    Thanks for taking the time to highlight your motivations and your ADHD, I
    found your discussion very interesting. One point I think you may not have
    considered is that as well as you having good and bad days your viewers may
    also have different requirements on different days. From a personal
    perspective, some days I enjoy your videos on how to get the best out of a
    vehicle, on other days I may just find your fail antics in a game with a
    group of friends just what I need to put a smile on my face. I have the
    ability to browse many channels every day to find what I want, it just
    happens that on most days I enjoy seeing what you have been up to. Please
    don’t try to change who you are, continue with what you find interesting to
    play, and if that continues to put a smile on viewers faces then all the
    Have fun, thanks for the videos, and may they continue. :)

  203. 7:48
    Watching DEEZ NUTS.
    Sorry for this old meme.
    I will commit sudoku for Baron.
    Must restore honor.

  204. Your Channel and gameplay and general comments are pretty much how I play
    games. It’s fun , you try different things, some work, some don’t. The same
    as myself and friends play. You are a great narrator/commentator..keep it
    up. Good work!

  205. The Speaking Socialist

    Baron who? *The world ends* 

  206. Baron, i am new subscriber of about 2 weeks and have no problem with your
    videos. I play Warthunder on Ps4 and still working my tier 5 tanks, which
    brings me to possibly your next tank request series vid. My American tanks
    and German low tier 4 have to go head to head with russian tier 5, hard to
    deal with and hard to flank in arcade, so i thout this would be agood
    challenge for you and icould learn atrick or two.

  207. Is2 1944 please

  208. I don’t know if you know this but both MGs on the T10 work now where is
    only one worked. Wonder how many other tanks had this fix.

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