War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 100

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Source: Dita

thanks to Pandramodo for amzing artwork for intro

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  1. Hide and Seek event tonight i think on discord so join it https://discord.gg/dita also dont get stuck in welcome room

  2. dita’s real voice suspiciously sounds like the girl in a weird way and I don’t like it

  3. Simulator players>Realistic players> people who play for memes> roblox players> fortnite players>Arcade players

  4. Whats the name of the original song in the beginning

  5. I didn’t know voice changer changes accent too LUL

  6. 20:25 what a cancer

  7. Trap Dita confirmed

  8. олень из будущего

    Ну за Paint it black мое увожение

  9. dislike, just for that horrible song. you should feel ashamed dita.
    21:07 see? this is why i love this map. Ambushes, this beautifull A that i’ll never get bored of rushing. This place is my playground, specially in the fl10

  10. It’s a trap!

  11. Happy 100 Wins and Fails Dita :v9

  12. How did the PE – 8 Die … Confusion

  13. Congratulations Dita, 100k subs and 100 wins&fails.
    I need to go back playing War Thunder now to slap your anime girl sticker to even more tanks and planes.

  14. i’d still smash ngl

  15. Surprised we didnt see dita’s signature CAS bombing tactic.

  16. Lol paint it black

  17. 12:10 that BLACKTOR is me! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  18. Of course, Mr krabs will be here. Alwys have, alwys will ?

  19. Youtube unsubbed me from ya :/

  20. Um, why did the AUBL shoot two rounds?

  21. Ahhhhhhhrr ear

  22. Almost noone knows that half of the italian syfy tanks can swim

  23. That 4:50 plane launch tho

  24. When that t34 pushed that other tank was do bad
    There are a lot of players who do this

  25. I didn’t think it was a voice changer I just thought you changed your gender

  26. Pieter Steenvoorden

    Is their an vid of that guy singing the I want to paint it black parody

  27. 14:10 Ah yes, me and the boys.

  28. Congrats on the opening song, I loved it!

  29. Dita’s true form 0:23 ?

  30. you finally did great job mate

  31. Wait is dita female or male :/

  32. Slovensko/Slovakia 7:39

  33. 4:44
    Imperial Japanese VTOL testing, 1941 colorized

  34. 11/10 Paint it Black cover.

  35. You Dont Have To Know Sssh


  36. *Give me ammo!*

  37. Astabender Biziktus

    It”s a TRAP

  38. 0:01 no not this disgusting voice
    0:10 now there’s the stuff


    Weebs and tanks what could go wrong?

  40. I refuse to believe this

  41. his sister maybe ?

  42. Dita is trep

  43. Kind of sounded more like an anime trap tho ngl

  44. I thought there was just a young boy in the beginning.

  45. Amazing at how many anime girls sound like this…

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