War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 101

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Source: Dita

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  1. If anyone is interested im streaming War Thunder on twitch pretty much everyday planing on doing YT stream this friday maybe some custom matches etc twitch.tv/dita2233

  2. the guy int he waffle tractor wasnt fully reloaded when he was able to fire…what…

    • Welcome to war thunder reply system enjoy your stau

    • @Dita warthunder is a bit of a bad game, its not the worst and it has its moments, but overall..its meh..i just hate playing alone on warthunder, also you should play il2 the great battles! its kinda epic

    • @Kota Fox hah, it makes me so happy to know I’m not the only one to call it the waffle tractor, or waffle trigger.

  3. Leave Dita alone

  4. Where is Mr Kraps?

  5. Airfield strafing isnt a win

  6. WE NEED R34

  7. Немецкие танеи самый лучшие )

  8. 1:23
    on wing
    \114 514// oh inmu…

  9. SAY NO TO R34 ON DITA!!!

  10. 9:04 was in Thunder Show

  11. 11:54 classic or realistic mode? I’m sure that T-34-85 saw nothing instead Tiger’s barrel have a dark spot on it

  12. Plsndont put that effect after every clip thanks

  13. 114514 草

  14. Spongebob OofPants

    I saw two clips in Arcade Battles..
    Dita is okay with people playing Arcade? We need more people like him.

  15. But still me and him died

  16. I had some where in 400km h more and I had to slow down by turning and he killed me and I knew that i would be in dita tube

  17. The clip on 8:20, was that with a soundmod?

  18. I’m surprised I haven’t ended up on here in a Fail.

  19. When you see plee logos literally everywhere now

  20. 3:12 deserves a prize 😀

  21. Your heterosexuality: *Exists*
    Dita: *I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that*

  22. клевый канал)

  23. Are you a girl
    Are you a girl
    Are you a girl
    Are you a girl
    Are you a girl

  24. MEMES ARISE!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. We need more meme sound injections! where did our noooice get off to…

  26. how to get those fancy sights?

  27. 1:48 WHAT?

  28. where do you find the picture in the end?

  29. Ok that mig clip at 3:19 is srsly epic ???

  30. Ahhh classic weebs playing war games

  31. 9:25 by wanting to destroy is gun i did exactly the same thing ahahah

  32. 2:19 : Imagine shredded cheese.

    But its metal and shredded.

  33. can i get an f bois i lost my WT account with no way to get back

  34. 1:53 My average teammate in a nutshell.

  35. Love to see Phly Daily decals on 4:39 🙂

  36. You should make a decal for warthunder like phly but obviously your own

  37. 9:50 my favourite moment I couldn’t stop laughing

  38. This is by far the craziest Wins n Fails yet

  39. dita is underaged confirm

  40. That r 34 intro was hilarious

  41. Soviet tanks: -10 Int -10 sight +666 Luck

  42. Neh 6:50 coward player……..

  43. Coryu le fan d'aldériate

    hi i was wearing an audio headset

  44. 3:14 that’s a cure for constipation

  45. 答滴滴滴滴答答答滴答


  46. I always hoped to get into a Dita video, maybe not under the name of TuppyTheTurtle but nonetheless I have completed my goal

  47. 7:00 yeahhh strafed 2 people taking off and another on the airfield, really great work…

  48. If I found out about the replay mechanic before the updates, I would send a clip of my BT7 over penetrating a stug and killing an ally BF-109

  49. Здарова

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