War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 102

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Source: Dita

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  1. p47 is oine of te easier planbe to outmatch in dogfight since is a 100% boom and zoom plane

  2. HOW. Just how, every clip submited by Mr_Krabs give the opportunity to use the autistic screech ???

  3. 6:27 I made it!


  5. 101 comments about to make it 102

  6. 1:38 insanely lucky

  7. 5:46 It was the wind of change

  8. 3:48 what happend?

  9. is this W&F AB edition?

  10. Aceism is porking Dita, for sure.

  11. 1:47 Who needs enemies with teammates like these.

  12. 8:03 never underestimate a tactical withdrawal.

  13. If only I still had the replay of my friend and I destroying the enemy team in our SB2Cs.

  14. Gaijin’s realism is enviable. I knew from the start that helicopters wouldn’t work in the game.

  15. h8 it when an enemy’s ammunition load explodes when ur near it

  16. Watching this again I just realized that the map in the intro is so badly designed the abrams is sinking in the asphalt or if it’s just that heavy

  17. For the last scene where was the Japanese balancing enforcer P59?

  18. guys what is that pinup decal on ditas plane

  19. 7:00 yet if that single round hit ANY other aircraft it would have been blown to bits

  20. Did you hire Bear to play the beginning?

  21. That M18 fight was amazing XD

  22. Богдан Новиков

    9:00 I was in this battle, then on Pe-8
    Chat says that 2 souls for 1

  23. 8:50 “The great escape”
    9:39 you just can’t stop or deny the PE-8, once you’re in it’s sight, you’re done for.

  24. M18 dogfights are always hilarious.

  25. Someone needs to lewd this guy….

  26. Yesterday, it was 101.
    Today its 102.

  27. 2:30 made in CHINA

  28. consider the last clip as fail.

  29. It cut to a nuclear explosion because the Abrams wasn’t killed in one shot.

  30. Ohhhhh yeeeeeeeaa

    *Mr KrAbS*

  31. 2:57 Stallinium helicopters don’t need tail rotors.

  32. A game with no Anti-cheat and lies to the players that they have them.. (Anyone see any Anti-cheat program start when you launch the game? lol)
    Pay to win game for sure..(If you want OP tanks get France – Leclerc)

  33. pandrfato

  34. 69k views


  35. Themakeshiftman 9036

    2:16 tank dorifto

  36. Is warthunder tolerable without premuim?

  37. Someone pls create new thread for no weeb decals pls

  38. I love you Dita!!! and your videos!!!! but mostly you senpai!!!

  39. 7:58 circus theme playing

  40. If the Yudachi is as competitive as Blys and every other tier 7 DD premiums that’d be great.

  41. @ 10:44 from bomber to submarine >.<

  42. Those guys spraying at the F4 were pretty much the archetype of the retards that plague the WT community and make it one of the worst communities ever in an online game.

  43. 4:15 River kwai march

  44. 3:13 my replay! Thx dita….!

  45. m(。≧Д≦。)m

  46. 6:47 *Deutsche Qualität.*

  47. lets welcome back Mr_Krabs43

  48. Rule 34 dita rule 34

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