War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 103

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Source: Dita

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  1. Took me 3 hours to upload this Also PDT808 pls contact me on discord pms or email so i can send you stuff

  2. Well done intro for Halloween

  3. king_bob that was your fault

  4. when you miss the new wnf because internet dies :((

  5. Hey dati, just used discount link, thanks for anime cat girl decal

  6. Толибас Михалыч


  7. 8:22 에 자랑스러운 우리 한국인!!

  8. T:::###dead###:::T

    when i get shot of the back i always put my power on 0 so they pass me and then its there turn to died believe me it always work i mean if your enemy isnt like 10km away then

  9. 6:25 ever heard of… uhmmm…. machine guns?

  10. 1:50 gopnik drift

  11. 7:30 this is crazy…

  12. Dita: does something amazing

    Councillor: nice

  13. dita why is the link to your outro song a link to refurbished ipods?

  14. Ayeeee 😀

  15. how to send a clip at Dita please ? :-/

  16. What march in video?

  17. No Mr. Krabbs? I’m unsubscribing. Literally unwatchable

  18. be safe little one

  19. Watch your jets guys.

  20. Gotta love the outro

  21. Yayyy got featured :3

  22. 1 second to 13:37

  23. Song??? 6:43

  24. _goodbye maus_

  25. 5:30 that 85 was dumb af lol

  26. The clip at 6:43 is insane.

  27. Double Shotguns is the best thing ever

  28. just two seconds from 13:37 ;_;

  29. 1:52 what song?

  30. Darrell Walks Over Ice

    Be safe little one

  31. That Generals Zero Hour reference tho…

  32. Hey dita, do you play generals zero hour?

  33. Kazoo kid. That’s a name I haven’t heard in years

  34. 6:40 – ” Marauder tank assembled. “

  35. name of piano music, pls

  36. watch yo jet never fails to make me laugh

  37. アッシマーはサイコフレームで作れますぜ

    Sov_iet(Pe-8)?Waj_33anp(Tigger II 10.5)

  38. now where is the strv

  39. That final clip pretty much describes all early tier German tanks

  40. 3:08 what’s that sound effect from?

  41. that anine girl is SSSniperwolf? right

  42. How bout u hook up with life of boris blyat

  43. me: opens bag of chips

    everyone in the class: 9:34

  44. 8:55 Isn’t almost everyone in this game completely random though?

  45. the cnc music had me weak

  46. I went to buy mig 15bis ish on gaijin store and saw that with the purchase I was supporting Dita. Didn’t know who that was but now I know.


  48. 7:33 “Imma bomb those guys.”
    “No, you can’t they’re in a railway tunnel!”
    “What did you say? I just flew through a railway tunnel so my radio went mute.”

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