War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 104

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Source: Dita

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  1. Live on Twitch in about 2 h Go follow pls i dont have friends https://www.twitch.tv/dita2233

  2. War Thunder planes in a nutshell:
    Gets shot down,
    spam every single weapon you have whilst plummeting
    profit and kills


  4. 【M A U Z E R _ 8 5】

    L I K E A B O S S

  5. 7:43 ‘codio…

  6. 5:38 I got you~~~Dita

  7. Moist protects
    Dita 2019

  8. *munitions exp, hull break, crew knockout my enemies*
    Get out of here, stalker.
    *seconds later*
    Is that a f*cking Pe-8?

  9. 7:00 painful

  10. 4:03
    Plays “Sabaton – Attack of a dead men”

  11. Heh, M4A2 against T-34 with 76 mm guns. Seal clubbing.

  12. Dita dont go I need you we all need you my friend.

  13. Yes but we want rule34

  14. heavy love sandwich

    I have even worse day than you dita due i have low graphic in my somenting lol

  15. I should give this another shot, i played WT for a few months but eventually got sick of the grind

  16. 4:10 thats happend to my every time

  17. Tech Tails and Games

    You Got Mail!

  18. M4A2 in a nutshell in its BR Germany and Italy no chances to win …

  19. The C&C Generals Music brings me joy every time

  20. Ditaaa! NOOOOOO!!!


    Vary nice

  22. りせまらー

  23. Dita got a question: i have a clip on my xbox but how can i be able to send it to you….. i can pull it up on my pc

  24. 4:06

    ” Our *tank* has been disabled! ” comrade1

    ” But no one said it was destroyed(on fire). ” comrade2

  25. Endurance The Jedi White Wolf

    oh so that’s where our semi-furry boi went!

  26. 3:52

    Its not a glitch
    Its russian bias

  27. Ur fat, LOL

  28. rip dita taken to the land of todd

  29. Johnathan McPherson

    Nut up or shut up

  30. 4:07

    Whoa wth. That’s a first.

  31. ??(^ω^)♥️

  32. 4:05 did you die yes but I lived

  33. I’m a simple man;
    I see R3s getting shredded, I click the like button.

  34. Ƭhᥱꌚρᥲɾեᥲᥴᥙƨ ᎢᏙ

    grande Hertzmand, onore italiano ???

  35. nice servers gaijin

  36. Dita plays a lot of japan, welcome to the weeb club

  37. Digging the C&C:Generals soundtrack there at the end

  38. Михаил Ельцов

    1:19 Killed ADATS with the first shot

  39. Another guys : *play funny moment with his friend in rank 7*
    Me : Hello I’m new here at rank 6 can you show me how to pla- *get shot by m1a1 Abrams and Leopard 2A5*

  40. You’ve got mayo

  41. Германская Лоли

    I wish ill go to Alinor after death

  42. Tiny bullet of 7,62 : touch a tank
    War Thunder : *hULL bREAK*

  43. 1:19 oh bby a triple.

  44. Dhiyo Arsyi Umranulfurqan


  45. 5:23 wasnt this clip on thunder show?
    edit: same with 5:58

  46. Владимир Энтин

    Dita, dont die!

  47. Is this loss?

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