War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 107

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Source: Dita

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► Stars and stripes forever


  1. This is becoming really anoying at this point just wanted to say that i personally wont do anything like r34 or showcase it

  2. 3:58 Madlad almost did what really happened in 1973 Yom Kippur war

  3. ReaperTeamGamingChannel

    Wait a second, why did the small boat next to the destroyer and submarine shrink in size 3:05

  4. That Mig 21 in the desert be like: now THIS is pod racing

  5. Dita i cant place your accent you sound russian but im not 100%

  6. 7:35

    *GASP! It’s back.

  7. Peter alberto Nuñez adanis

    hello, I have a problem in the war thunder pos the problem is that when I play the tank mode it does not let me play it just stays frozen and from there it does not happen and it does not let me play to the ship mode I click and nothing gets me into the tank mode and only the game works in airplane mode and that already bores me, can you help me?

  8. Panther commander 2


  9. Music name at 10:00 ? thanks

  10. 9:34 imagine the pain that guy felt

  11. 8:39 *_GET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT!_*

  12. Bruh….

  13. This dude sounds very Serbian.

  14. that absolute m a d l a d p47 pilot

  15. poll! My brain plays the pizza music when ever I see those mouse droids

  16. 02:21 – what kind of tank is _that_ ??

  17. iMbAdAtWArThuNder

    9:51 i was in that race

  18. what is the music at 12:20 ? Well, the whole F-84 segment actually

  19. 3:38 Inferno flashback from Ace Combat Assault horizon

  20. Love that ace combat soundtrack at the end

  21. hjäppy niuew yiear

  22. Why is there no thumbnail

  23. 11:22 is this ace combat 6 music?

  24. Am I the only one who recognized “Blue on Blue” from the Ace Combat Assault Horizon soundtrack at 3:38? 😛

    Edit: And “Dogfight” from the Ace Combat Assault Horizon soundtrack as well at 11:07? 😀

  25. Hey

    Let’s play raid shadow legends

  26. 1:18
    AWACS Bandog <<スペア15、墜落!間抜けめ>>


  28. 1:20 dem Razgriz..

  29. Happy new year dita , another thing dude I hate anime

  30. What’s X5 ??

  31. Dita is my wifuuuuuu xD

  32. You’ve got a hole in your left wing!!!!!!!

  33. Charles Neighborhood

    Dita Is like Komi-San, you must not Lewd her, Dita’s Seal of Approval shall conquest the internet, and without r34.

  34. Dita has the best outro on YouTube

  35. Anyone else started saying Matt lownes blunderbirds theme in their head

  36. Dita if this comment gets top comment then you got to make rule 34 of dita deal?

  37. Ace Combat Assault Horizon OST at 11:10 makes it so much betterrrr.

  38. SSFhighcommandJOHN

    Why did Aqua become a template?

  39. It’s kinda hard when u progress alot trust me with high tiers it’s way more harder than usual

  40. There’s never a time I don’t love seeing Ka-50 get shot down.

  41. way is tour name dita

  42. 9:57 You know something’s wrong when a bomber, of all things, is out for the Thunderbolt.

  43. If War thunder ads a serbian il28:

    Il28 not shhh
    Able to load 6 s2233 “Tiny ditas”

  44. Skit @4:36 @duke_of_derp got me.. that was funny af.

  45. *Hehe boi…*

  46. When I saw thumbnail I was questioning it but whatever also I agree with you on no r34

  47. 5:36 German fligh Power

  48. R34 or riot

  49. The homeless cannoli Swanson

    Why does full grown man try to be a 12 year old school girl?

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