War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 108

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Source: Dita

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How to submit your replays:

– Send the replay file or video with time stamp where stuff happens

at Dita2233@yahoo.com Picture guide https://imgur.com/a/J42q320




►Music used:


► Stars and stripes forever


  1. Imagine not actually having massive hedache right now also why does it say that This video is still being processed even tho its at 1080p already YT pls

  2. I made a Rule R34 picture of Dita my self

  3. Anyone care to guess what percent of submitted clips appear to be from aimbots?

  4. Zostałeś zGnomiony

    Im meet you one time in a battle and im was dissapointed that you were shoot down before im reached you :/

  5. 6:15 luckiest shot ever xD

  6. Mr krabs is my favourite anime character in this series

  7. 11:27 had this happen to me a few times i get shot panic and go full drive forget about the water/tracks get broke go careening off the edge

  8. The more I watch Dita tk things accidently the more I realise I must have some kind of unconscious safety system, because I can’t recall ever tking someone on WT.

  9. 8:07 this dude pulled some Red Tails stuff

  10. Where is phlys clip with the SIDAM ?

  11. 1:00 IMPRESSIVE!

  12. 8:13 not a big deal: its called snap roll.

  13. 8:35 watch the clock on the right.

  14. Yay he’s back!!!

  15. 1:28 What’s the name of the music?

  16. is it me, or does the Me-262 paint job make it look like a shark, with the white underbelly and grey top skin.

    • DrinkTheGalaxy Thats actually what it’s meant to represent sharks are powerful and fast and so is the 262 it also offered a tactical advantage as the white underbelly simulated the clouds and the grey top simulated the ground
      Aka towns and stuff

  17. 11:47 Dat’s me. Thank you Dita, so exciting.

    • Χαχα είδες τα logos βλέπω

    • Ναι, ωραίο το spit. Μας είχαν αναθέσει κατά τον 2ο Π.Π. και εμάς τέτοια, αλλά τα βάφαμε με 3εις λωρίδες, συνήθως. 2 γαλάζιες και στη μέση η λευκή. Αλλά και ο Σταυρός ακριβής είναι

    • Lathouras500 λέγομαι, μπαίνω τα Σάββατα

    • Μπαίνω στρατό οπότε δύσκολα. Θα σε κανω αντ πάντως

    • Όποτε μπορείς. Νομίζω πως έχεις τη δυνατότητα να ζητήσεις τί θες να κάνεις, στη θητεία, εξαρτάται, όμως, πού θα σε βάλουμε.

  18. this is the only scene i remember from the office.

  19. Денис Петрой

    в финале – Битва двух инвалидов ))

  20. 3:45 the Russian experience in a nutshell

  21. 7:16 yesterday I was playing naval, and was lagging so bad I could only get 3 kills, I dropped arty on an enemy point, and killed 2 allies and no enemies.

  22. Can someone give me tips on tanks

  23. •TheKaisTzar •

    _Dita seems to be enjoying herself in the thumbnail there_

  24. Sorry for what ?

  25. So I guess you only pick by player rank I’m guessing?

  26. I just bought 5000 coins to get your Decal 😛

  27. 1:35 indeed very suspicious AIM

  28. I wish I had a clip of the moment when I shot a plane down in a seabattle.

    With artillery.

    I only have a screenshot.

  29. never understood why anime girl + T-90. why not like. the beastly Type 10

  30. Running in 90s is ture for puma

  31. The vlima clip gave me autism

  32. office guy: *attempts parkour*


  33. omnipotank oakframe

    2:16 … hullbreak works fine

  34. El Abuelo del tio del lanka

    R34 dita avatar

  35. Is no one gonna comment on the thumbnail? Its the closest we got to an Ahaego from Dita

  36. Great work Dita! Keep’em coming!

  37. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    14:55. That t-64 got rocketed twice and didn’t even start moving. Same kinda idiot who will be saying cas op later and doesn’t have single aircraft in his lineup

  38. The clip with the sput and duck. That sput needs to learn how to aim

  39. What i love about this chanell the most it always has atleat 1 the office referance. I personally love that show???

  40. 6:36 i’d be so mad… so so mad

  41. I hear/ that you’re a person of culture Dita, when did you start you music from Ace Combat?

  42. I want to be Fido4273 wingman for simulator battles

  43. Ciggernunt Niberian

    that intro character looked nice mabye some r34

  44. 中文~~

  45. 11:37

    A man has fallen into the river in snail city

  46. Jean-Baptiste Perrin

    Awesome game Laporto! 😀

  47. После видео: Наконец то достойны противник наша битва будет легендарной

  48. 11:45 A tank has fallen into the river on Eastern Europe! Get the rescue helicopter!

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