War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 109

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Source: Dita

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How to submit your replays:

– Send the replay file or with time stamp where stuff happens

at Dita2233@yahoo.com Picture guide https://imgur.com/a/J42q320




►Music used:


► Stars and stripes forever


  1. Sleep tight blessed po-2

  2. Oh Dita really know how to surprise us for his kills using 3-person zoom .

    For us not knowing what vehicle he’s using.

  3. Ace Combat sound track is best sound track. Especially Ace Combat Zero. When will they remaster Zero, 5 is great but Zero was so much better.

  4. 12:17 Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War the song is Zero

  5. As a lifelong Ace Combat player, I appreciate your taste in music.

  6. Lessons learned at 5:30, use Heat on helis to get results.

  7. slo mo lego yoda death sound has me crying XD

  8. 12:09 looks like the demon lord still has it.

  9. 12:15 I LOVE YOU MAN !

  10. This should’ve been a Bf-109 special

  11. I just realised you are from Balkan.I salute you,druže.

  12. Anyone knows the name of the song? Apparently I can’t appreciate radio music but meme music is perfection nowsadays

  13. Last dude killed it man

  14. Last clip song?

  15. 11:15 is he shooting before he has reloaded?

  16. This video should be only about bf109

  17. That M18 ambush clip is the exact level of intelligence that keeps getting the Tigers pushed down in BR and M18s pushed up.

  18. 6:10 used break dancing to dodge that shot

  19. why is that balkan music on start

  20. Where does 0:00 come from?

  21. 5:20 that’s why all love made in Germany ?? ?

  22. You’ll always have my respect for using AC zero and CnC Genetals soundtrack in your videos. Both my childhood games

  23. One of the best intros yet 😀

  24. For my outro i would have a panzerkampfwagen 6 with a officer poking out the top!

  25. 5:10 the reason i dont take WT seriously anymore….

  26. I still have trouble sending video clips…

  27. I killed a heli with at tank today 😀

  28. What music 00:01-00:10

  29. Yo Dita, still alive? And thanks friend. See you again.

  30. Love anime y war thunder

  31. each time a watch a clip 2 brain cells commit die

    I am learning…

  32. clip at 7:00 pretty much sums up why germany “suffers”

  33. General Command and Conquer Musics <3

  34. De me nadje spesmom…. xD

  35. Hahahaha ta pesma ???

  36. Роман Зайцев

    Pls name music 0:00?

  37. Anyone knows what soundtrack was used at 0:56?

  38. Nice intro music m8

  39. Just look how crazy that G.91 pilot plus ACZ Zero OST, Amazing! I even got my jaw dropped quickly!

  40. Nice start one the video dude

  41. Dita you updated your photos, ending and opening, but you keep those old dead memes. Update them to 2020 too.

  42. What is the song at the final gameplay with the G91 ?

  43. Roki Vulovic 0:00

  44. Did you know that you published a “hacker” in an SA50? From the minute 10:40 to 12:06. How is it possible to shoot without having the full recharge?

  45. Hi, what is name of first song? ?? Before scream ?

  46. That intro… I’m dead?

  47. 0:00 Pixy uses his TLS on PJ’s plane, causing him to die crashing.

    1995 colorized

  48. The first part always makes me laugh.

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