War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 116

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Source: Dita

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  1. The word around the office is that there is more videos comming :OOO

  2. what tank is used in the last clip?

  3. 5:38 Huh, didn’t know that Strigon team was part of the OADF now, neither that they now use tanks instead of Su-33 :T

  4. I dunno why but I just really like the Lego yoda death sound. Makes me laugh every time

  5. Stalin was flying that il2

  6. I love the early jets. Just. Single engine, fat bodies and stubby little wings. XD

  7. 9:59 “I suspect he was high on narcotics.” Rogal Dorn in response to Kaldor Drago being himself, 999.M41

  8. Арсений Фастов

    People playing Sweden are 100% cancer, seriously. One of the most biased nations i ve ever seen. If you payed for Sweden, uninstall, you are ruining the game for me and thousands of others with your highly efficient “gameplay”

  9. you dont know how i feel, i just BR2.7 china Su-67 and rest BR2.0, but my enemy BR3.7 (KV-1, Curcille, T34) my gun cant pent them in front armour

  10. 8:40 that clip was like jason bourne mixed with top gun

  11. 1:48 ah hearing that reminds me that we are close to hitting order 66 in the clone wars

  12. IS7 is watching you too.

  13. The Immortal Bros

    Loving all the C&C Generals music you have been using, some of my all-time favorite games! Definitely bringing back well loved memories!

  14. no seal of approval for that last clip???????????????????????????????????????????
    the frick food????????
    he get a cheekibreeki seal of approval

  15. Hey everyone, im having this mouse glitch and the WT forums on everything dont have a solution, can one of you fine people help me out, i found a link to someone who has the glitch from 2 years ago. plz help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAIMANRL360

  16. A surprise for sure, but a welcome one 😀

  17. 5:58
    Still surprised that “URA” charge worked

  18. 0:49, didn’t now that there are *amphibious* tanks in the game.

  19. : 人 人
    \  〇 /

  20. 1:47 it over anakin i have the high ground

  21. My boy CrazyDog made it in by putting in some work in his M24.

  22. Where do i send replays?

  23. Music at 2:30 please?

  24. Respect for music from C&C:Genenrals!

  25. 11:38 song from C&C generals <3

  26. 8:40 Who knew caracals could fly…

  27. Шихисмаил Сеидов

    Даже я больше делал фрагов за 1 возрождение на ис1 чем этот чаф 13 фрагов

  28. Александр Орлов

    Можно вечно смотреть на три вещи: как горит огонь, как течет вода и как британский танк даёт задний ход.)

  29. Y was there an Abrams opening up on an AH-1G?

  30. Song ? 9:27

  31. Ace Combat and C&C Generals music, you are spoiling us.

  32. 4:20
    *N-nani!?!* 😮😦😳

  33. I love that Lego Yoda Death Sound xD

  34. call me crazy but I would say the Draken is the most beautiful ever made

  35. Aye I love that C&C theme

  36. 日本人コメント初!!!

  37. Suzutsuki Akatsuki

    i want to know how can i give u my video……..i got a M41A1 with tigerE by moving shot at 2km 🙂

  38. Abonniert mein YouTube Chanel

  39. does anyone know the Soviet anthem version of 7:18?

  40. Someone please tell me the name of the epic music on 3:25

  41. Notsofamous one

    they always underestimate they light tank

  42. 4:16 How did this Maus get the MrBeast logo?

    *I must acquire it for scientific research*

  43. Lukiplier Studios

    0:24 me when I try to ply heli
    5:11 it’s fury but it’s a panzer IV 2 Shermans and a Cromwell

  44. Bill Polychronidis

    5:41 he did have surreal in his name though

  45. I would like to submit my FV4005 accedently killed a JU 288 when aiming at a panther but when i want to watch the replay its always throw me back into the main menu

  46. Waiting for the next wins n fails to have “Ronaldinho Soccar”

  47. Lukas lollipop05

    Defside 7 destroyed that F100 so hard

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