War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 119

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  1. Dont eat Dita eat some Pita

  2. 2:45 what song was that again i simply forgot it’s name and can’t find it back

  3. Fallschirmjäger Films

    Song at 5:41 ?

  4. Nex Clan : Nex_SeaWeed

    By the way MrADATS we still haven’t played a game also tiger king

  5. 4:17 looks like animal planet

  6. 2:40 what song is that

  7. How dose every one turn so quickly in planes

  8. That f4 clip was dope

  9. When Dita recreates memes better than google

  10. Aurélien Llorca

    2:12 what is the music please ?

  11. ThisDangOriginalDude

    8:56 I know that feeling

  12. 0:14 lower the nose and
    Mission fail we got em next time

  13. apocalyptic survivor

    0:30 could this actually be possible in an f-4 phantom

  14. 3:50 why AMX 13 75 > AMX 13 90

  15. RIP mr krabs 🙁
    We really need a mr krabs meme compilation, dude’s amazing at dying lol

  16. 5:15 I think I watched it over 50 times 😀

  17. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    1:17 the best freaking Sherman rocketer ever

  18. Load the *ROCK* *ET* *ETS*

  19. Atalareza Yuwono

    GLA intensify

  20. 5:43 everyone gangsta till argentine tank starts delivering taxes

  21. 7:01 tis but a scratch

  22. See the germans would win the war
    A 152mm cant pen that guy

  23. T90 will come to War Thunder?
    And hungaryans?

  24. 1:07 why are we still here just to suffer and to get dominated by english tanks

  25. Aiman S.Nadzeer

    the caliope clip should be sent at the thunder show

  26. I need to have more of Counselor’s intro type stuff in my life…ROFLMAO literally. For some reason I could watch you guys play this stuff all day…it defies logic but it’s true…

  27. This but a sratch!

  28. Did I hear some AC: Zero towards the end there?

  29. GLA approved tank

  30. 7:00
    *German bias confirmed*

  31. 09:30
    Germany suffers xD

  32. Thunderstorm123

    2:13 where is that music from?

  33. 5:38 “So anyway… I started Blasting!!”

  34. Iceynova clip is insane

  35. Fishing pole studios

    Load the rockets, point the nose down and…another man has fallen into the river in Eastern Europe!

  36. Вот наши молодцы сделали такую игру

  37. Lait Anğelo falita

    Command & Conquer: Generals )))))

  38. 5:05 that happens when my friend was playing with the Ju 87 G1 xD

  39. You should to make russian bias compilation because Soviet tanks are op )))))

  40. Creamy Sheev Palpatine

    0:20 Deutsches qualität

  41. Hello 🙂
    I always see drawn pictures in the thumbnail, so i guess you are drawing them yourself right?

    Do you have a deviantart or so where you upload them?

  42. 4:00 is actual karma, get rekt spawncamper

  43. 3rd clip now thats a professional pilot

  44. Pozdrav iz srbije

  45. I gotta ask. The question has had me curious for some time now.
    Why the cat girl persona?

  46. 11:06 i salute this young warrior

  47. 貴方に動画を送るにはどうすればいいですか?

  48. إذا في عربي هينا يضغط ليك

  49. Hey what up people

  50. 2:14 What music?

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