War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 123

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Source: Dita

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Intro: 0:50
Video: 0:51
Outro: 11:16


  1. Going tru some rlf stuff so thats why i was MIA

  2. Créateur de commentaires depuis 1894

    Dita’s journey
    The return of the Krabs

  3. 2:49 Those sound effects are so familiar… Oh it’s ace combat

  4. 6:53 goodbye 35k silver lion.

  5. 2:34 Is that a guided ATGM? What planes are they on? Do you have to lock on or do they do it automatically?

  6. Just curious, what is the meme at 9:03?

  7. Do sherman fire fly on top tier

  8. 8:45 Must be those Volumetric Shells they are talking about….

  9. mr krabs is back!

  10. What is the audio at 4:03??

  11. Man mine didn’t make it again. Maybe I’ll get it next week

  12. Nice to see Mr Krabs improving your skills.

  13. Who neds armor when post war tincan can kill you

  14. Leman Russ Tank:
    Orks in shooting phase: 2:59

  15. Do a girl und panzer reference

  16. MR KRABS FINALLY WINS!!!! WOO-HOOO!!! Oh, and that Easy-Mode G91 triple kill with a single missile…yeah…par for the course man…something’s gotta take that crap out…

  17. T95 so slow it dont need a stabilizer

  18. Fk them r3’s tho

  19. 8:58 Sabaton: Screaming Eagles?

  20. 3:33 It was at this moment…

  21. 7:48
    *Enemy plane be like*: MUDADA!!!

  22. 0:01
    Boku no HEATFS

  23. 6:55
    Spawn camping like an idiot lol
    Because in that position enemy can see you on the minimap X,D

  24. 8:45 what in the actual fuck happened there I am so confused…

  25. Rice Field Enthusiast

    are you a man or a maus?

  26. 0:51 – Contact – Ace Combat Zero
    1:07 – Daredevil – Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
    2:30 – see video description
    5:03 – Near the Border – Ace Combat Zero

  27. Man, watching this make me miss war thunder but at 9:05 made me remember why i deleted this game.

  28. what is the outro song called now again?

  29. 10:54 stug G exe. has stoped workin




  31. Robert Dorian Vargas Dávalos

    one time, someone crashed with me, my wings were broken, but i killed him and landed i didnt know that i could watch the replay :c

  32. 3:31 chinese stuff…..

  33. 2:56 State of 3.3 MM ATM

  34. Iskoristi onu foru “double tap” iz zombilenda svaki put kad neko mrtav nastavi da puca i ubije nekog hahah

  35. I like the measuring tape part and the missile malfunction in the air fight with the sweaty guy =)

  36. 1:34 why u bully wuderwaffe?

  37. what sound did you use at 7:31

  38. Mr Krabs i missed you

  39. you want to know how much G91 is broken in ground battles? 3 kills with an indirected hit

  40. I hate those glorified minivans so fucking much…

  41. wth is that second shell type @3:20 ?

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