War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 126

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want to sweet decal ??

#Dita # and Fails


  1. Sorry for being away currently in moving apartments process so its taking alot of time to do everything

  2. This was a bit boring… Can u fucking upload the REAL GOOD ONES!!!

  3. 4:10. is no one going to talk about how this man literally shot himself with a missile and was still able to get a kill while on the ground?

  4. 8:16 maus don’t care


  6. 2:33 what is the music name?

  7. 0:46 **missile, missile, missile**

  8. yeah gotta say that last clip was pretty painful to watch

  9. We miss you Pixy….

  10. Jorge Gutierrez Alv.

    dollar plays is so much better

  11. Breaking bad season 6 teaser?

  12. AC7!!!! YOU PLAYED AC7!!!!!!!

  13. 12:40 This has to be some kind of mating dance

  14. I wish I played War thunder to play crusader and the “cute face” (it’s the T90A)

  15. A Human Whom Shall Not Be Named

    I don’t get the cringey anime associated with this channel.

  16. @3:56 SEA SHANTY

  17. Привет из России 2:46 что это за песня и как она называется

  18. Can Cancellor now do the outro😂😂

  19. If that mig would have been a better aim he would have won a long time ago

  20. LAMO the halo theme

  21. Are the single missions only for aircraft?

  22. WTF was that intro? Is that from an anime? lmao

  23. There were a few dragons/draken and as a Swedish person I am very proud of the shits and giggles

  24. Everyone one of these videos is the MiG-21 being clapped by Harrier, Phantom and Draken.

  25. Main takeaway form these clips, Cipher is alive and well flying his J35 in Warthunder land at the weekends.

  26. Just some guy with Laser Eyes

    That’s last dogfight while crude, was still…

    I don’t know how to describe it…

  27. 0:47 Strider 1 himself

  28. What is the “Eep!” from?

  29. maby war thundr gameplay??

  30. The French plane v.g.35-c-1 out manouvered a p-51

  31. 4:47 song?

  32. Can you explain something? I sent you multiple clips like a triple and a 4x kill with bombs or a plane and double tank kill with only 4 rocket 3mounth ago and you never posted it? Did it even got them?

  33. 3:54 the music bring backs memories

  34. That last one was cinematic as fuck

  35. 0:37 did that once but in a typhoon lol

  36. 6:49 nausea 999999

  37. Faiz Muhammad Irfan

    10:29 hes not a clown hes the entire circus

  38. Cool fight video to end on with a bonus singer at the end

  39. Someone u don’t know

    Ace combat song in war thunder?

    w u t

  40. Yo that phantom clip at the end was crazy

  41. What is the first plane?

  42. I understand hoow hard the gsh 23s are to aim (have all 21s with the gsh 23s) but jesus, aim like that makes my garbage aim look like god tier

  43. what about wot/b funny and wins?

  44. 8:00

    Maus: “I have a question… for God… WHYYYYYYYYY!!”

  45. Intro made me laugh.

  46. hahahahhahahaha end is best

  47. keep using tf2 sounds

  48. i want to send vedio and replay file too ,but how?
    i want in the video!QAQ

  49. Sonderkraftfahrzeug Einhundertzweiundachtzig Acht Punkt Acht Zentimeter KampfWagenKanone Dreiundvierzig Ausführung B! (am i right?)

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