War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 127

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Source: Dita

There you go bit longer one this

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  1. Can i go back to bed now ?

  2. 15:10 stronk german tank

  3. 5:00 HELLO ? Are we playing the same game ?

  4. Enemies artillery: 8:45
    My artillery: 10:14

  5. You woke me up from my nap for this commentary, really?

  6. “Airen Tanashima, the demon lord of the round table, those who saw his plane knew they would fight not only for their country anymore, but for their own Lives”

  7. The ultimate insult to that Bf 110 player.

  8. there was that 1 crazy moo-foo at the last

  9. LilCommander Gaming

    How much SL did he make good god


  11. Aww daredevil still love it

  12. Im so bad at this game im surprised no one has uploaded anything from my numerous fails lol.

  13. Call that last guy avian flu cause he just reduced that maps bird population to zero!

    My man deleted the entire north Korean airforce in that clip…

  14. Good video. Greetings from Chile and from this Triple A Legend (Nickname given to me by the comunity for killing players in their AF without dying vs the AAA)

  15. Red Bull gives you wings
    Russian at 11:39: you guys have wings

  16. 7:20 Good on that M10 driver, man, I can barely hit a tank with the damn thing

  17. that ju288 who got the triple on the parked B-17s is a scumbag lmao. what you think that’s impressive? kek

  18. 12:50 happens to me invisae rocks on that map everywhere

  19. Woooow 11 kills in avia rb 0.0

  20. 1:50 OH. BABY. A. *TRIPLE.*

  21. “yes step-bomber, I’m stuck… 😏”

  22. I swear half your songs are from the ace combat series and I love that

  23. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮no da risa y la mayoría de veces solamente es presenciar jugadas y eso avurreeeee

  24. Choccy Milk Container

    19:02 I think I just suffered from a stroke

  25. The only thing is the point blank tank battles… unrealistic.

  26. Imagjne being the Fockewulf player, and voluntarily sending in a replay showing your full incompetence to everyone watching these videos

  27. 15:00 German bias Ja

  28. GoneSquatchin'Gaming

    That last guy was the Rhodesian pilot who took the phrase “All the world against us” a little too seriously.

  29. Tankers worse enemy: Bridges

  30. Da comrade, wings are of capitalist propaganda.

  31. 11:29 don’t worry we’re still flying half a plane.

  32. pro player shot on the airfield

  33. watch – Saving the day – War Thunder Germany Tier III – in my channel

  34. If I want to send my video how I can do it?

  35. Does anyone know how to turn of instructor when your using mouse aim

  36. my best so far was being 1 vs 6 in a 104 and have them chase me around until they were out of fuel, then i turned around and finished them off

  37. Love the intro, son

  38. At 2:27 what the song

  39. 3:52 BLYAT

  40. The last guy is the War Thunder equivalent to Sly Marbo…

  41. @5:20 SEA SHANTY

  42. TomThePivotDude duno

    jesus christ, how many people can be soo dumb? = _=) 4:08

    • TomThePivotDude duno

      i mean, it’s funny to watch this, but soo rediculous to see how they keep going enyway’s, people can’t be that dumb.. right?

  43. 18:14 Fadin’s medal, guy literally was annoyed with a plane and shot it down in his T-34

  44. me wonderin why that guy with a triple kill aint in thundershow ;-;

  45. I salute you comrade 12:02

  46. What gives people feelings of power:

    Money: ==
    Status: ====
    Being featured in
    Dita’s Ace Combat: ===============================

  47. 3:25 Belkan witchcraft

  48. 11:33 Actual Belkan Witchcraft

  49. 12:00 was fucking clutch xD

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