War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 129

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Source: Dita

I know what you did last night if you sub i wont tell

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Picture guide https://imgur.com/a/J42q320
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combat OST
Combat 7 OST
► Sea Shanties 1 and 2
► The_Rifle_Regiment
► The_Thunderer
► Running in the 90s remix
Combat OST
►End song: Fat rat fly away

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    • thanks nya!

    • Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf A

      @france yoshi Sorry, it took so long for me to respond, For US, The P-36’s are great for dogfights but don’t do headons, or your engine with go Kaboom. The P-40’s will need altitude to work they are pretty heavy so use BnZ. The F2A/F4F’s are good for Headon’s generally, but they are fat and slow so try to use BnZ as well. All the Corsairs are good divers, Climb to Altitude, engage if you don’t get the kill, extend, climb, and repeat. The P-39’s/The P-400 are okay turnfighters, but all the armament means they will be slow and heavy but are good for headons. The P-38’s YOU MUST HAVE ALTITUDE, since they get an Interceptor Airspawn use it and climb Immediately, You will be high than most opponent’s, so engage, if you get the kill or don’t, ( DO NOT DOGFIGHT OT TURNFIGHT IN THIS THING YOU WILL LOSE ) extend and repeat. The F6F’s is confusing to use, great with MEC, usually for better/experienced pilots. For P-51’s and P-47’s, are for high altitude’s the engine works the best at those heights, and are alright divers, if you are in a pickle, just dive the 109’s can’t handle fast speeds. The F-82 will be a fantastic plane to get, (incuding the Gunpod) The Twin Mustang is great for headon’s and many people will try to headon it. (for some reason *sigh*) And since it get’s and airspawn, you will be higher than most opponents. Hope this helped I only got up to rank 4 planes, so sorry if you were also looking for jets. 🙂 GLHF

    • ‘////////’

    • @thelift lolololol ●//////●

  1. F4 Players: The mig21bis is too OP plz nerf
    Also F4 Players: 16:08

  2. Nothing is better than a WarThunder Monty Python comedy sketch to start the video…

  3. 5:35 when you’re commander is just a little too un-bear-able

    Kill me

  4. the old spice whistle freeze frame lmao!!!

  5. 16:10

  6. Someday … Just someday … I hope to appear in a Wins and Fails, doing something epic or silly, and that day I will feel fulfilled

  7. What was the audio from the first one from?

  8. MraKNIghT MraKMaN357

    What is the music 2:32

  9. Whoever was making the Dita art for the thumbnails clearly wasn’t getting paid enough.

  10. Hi boss

  11. TheRedBaron has earned their name wow

  12. 15:40 You love to see It

  13. 4:25 I love the Ace Combat 7 music ❤️😍

  14. 1:00 somebody now name of this song?

  15. Oh, man. This makes me wish I’d recorded my first match in the Chi-Ha.

    I pulled up on a corner and carefully placed myself so I could shoot at someone and then pull back, but just as I’m about to take that first shot a teammate slams into me, and another joins him and soon I’m around the corner, side on to the enemy being used as an unwilling shield while these guys go down the street.

  16. 4:31 Fantastic!

  17. 1:27 theres nothing special about this race car with a gun strapped to it clubbing an actual tank, what wouldve been special is the t-55 killing it

  18. 1:58 << *They're faster than anything we've came across, intercept them.* >>

  19. Loved that another video with AC music turned out to be bait and switch:D

  20. Where is the first skit from?

  21. The long ones or boring tbh

  22. 7:45 The panzer that got dunked in probably was credited 3 kills for that stunt

  23. 10:56, professional bullying

  24. 7:38 WHY?! Why they did that?

  25. Music at 2:29 ?

  26. nya! another good video nya!

  27. That intro is of high culture

  28. 11:20 a yes, history repeats itself

  29. can someone send me a link to the original vid for the 1st part?

  30. omg! the final fight!! NICE!!

  31. A Hershey bar that has a phone

    I play world of tanks

  32. There are some clips that i just cannot accept it happened legitimately, Even if it did (i’m just this salty that i am so bad)

  33. That last one… Daaaaamn

  34. 9:31 hacker?

  35. Did that tank get a triple pen off a squash head round??? Or was the explosion just that big. Wtf war thunder

  36. What’s that 1st clip from

  37. Maybe if I post the same fucking video every day I’ll get 147k Subs! Oh! Don’t forget the cat girl. The degenerates love em.

  38. Imagine being a tall tank driver

    Tanks are very claustrophobic.

  39. Make a compilation of all your war thunder Monty python skits lol

  40. I was that PT-76B 😅

  41. Ti si sa balkana

  42. The ending thing lol

  43. worktogether seccondaryteamate

    omg tokyo drift

  44. 2:28 music name is Crni bombarder

  45. What is the difference between pros and noobs ?

    Pros can kill…even after death….

  46. This game is broken.

  47. Damn, that F-4 players was so fucking bad XD

  48. i prefer the dogfighting music at the eend over the “old” one you used in previous episodes

  49. BLITZKRIEG be like

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