War Thunder: Wins ‘n’ Fails 131

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Source: Dita

Sorry that i Disappeared I had to deal with couple of medical problems


submit your replays:
– Send the replay file or video with time stamp where stuff happens
at Dita2233@yahoo.com
Picture guide https://imgur.com/a/J42q320
want to get sweet dita decal ??
►Music used:
► ace combat OST
Ace Combat 7 OST
► The_Rifle_Regiment
►End song: Fat rat fly away


  1. I lied in a post you get video right now instead 10 H from now OOOOO

  2. 5:36 I know where you got that from

  3. had one were i headshot a chi ha LG gunner with a pz IV H 75mm and killed the tank through a bush prob thought i was hacking

  4. i know what the ending song is but i DONT REMEMBER THE NAME
    and now i want to listen to it, can some one pls remind me of the name?

  5. All i did when that J2M crashed into the Pe-8 was just facepalm and think about what that person is like irl

  6. 00:58 song?

  7. ratni zločini

  8. 3:29 shotgun


    Aceptan a un mexicano por aquí uwu?

  10. 8:10 that is cinema Level death right there

  11. Katherine Bennett

    Mr “KRAP”?? xD

  12. 1:54 that was some top gun shit

  13. Stefan Živković

    Whats the origin video from the beggining

  14. April fools video

  15. AntonioBeltran TheSumoSnipe

    Im dancin with a train train dancin with a train…

  16. The ending just great!

  17. So no one gonna talk on ahemaus on thumbnail

  18. Dita kawai anime femboii forever !

  19. 3:25 wait hold on a minute how
    how did he dumb 228 rockets in less than a second? I must know this

  20. 3:30 How the fuck you launch rockets simultaneously?

  21. Awesome Dita :* You are amazing

  22. “War Thunder players are toxic”

    War Thunder players: 12:48

  23. Zeta Halo: Halo news and gameplay -

    When the sky starts speaking Latin

  24. How i can shot all the misiles like the phantom Of 3:23?

  25. 4:53 needs a trigger warning it triggered my ptsd

  26. 7:22…proof even fallen through the world the cancer mouse? Still cancer.

  27. Intro is pretty funny but nice use of some Ace Combat soundtracks right there.

  28. 7:11 To become the greatest gunboat, you must become the gunboat.

  29. 6:35 I remember seeing that and said “tf happened to you?” and if I remember correctly, he said, “being under the map.” then I cracked the joke of this being esports ready. The good old days of American 4.7

  30. Dita is the best WT waifu. Change my mind.

  31. AB Guevara Vasquez

    I wonder if Dita uses the t 90?

  32. AmicoFriz098 AmicoFriz098

    How can you go to more recent vehicles in less time?

  33. Thumbnail pic sauce?

  34. i like this Maus skin it looks very nice…
    and allways that moments that happend to other players haha 🙂

  35. 5:34
    mad lad

  36. 4:50 Fuck you dita! Bad memories of that and my lazy fat ass trying to do 1 single pushup while the resident midget in the class makes everyone seem like they’re running in the 90’s.

    JK, love the vids, keep up the good work/

  37. What is the lore of your character/decal??

  38. Music fitted perfectly at 2:05 !

  39. sharpshooterk 18

    I have that skin for the Maus

  40. say what 12:37

  41. Bruh I have dita on nonifacations but I didnt get one i just saw that he posted now 😢

  42. 7:20
    POV: You’re a hacker

  43. C O U N T E R - C O M

    As per my last comment. Hey, Dita are you of a particular slavic ethnicity? Perhaps one that would cause a strong reaction out of another Slavic ethnicity if they were called such a thing?

  44. Thanks for all the kind comments! Happy Hauling!

    “I like trains.”

  45. Blind Kung Fu Master for intro? its been years.

  46. Gwyndolin el Sol Oscuro

    new haircut? cute

  47. What happened here 1:58

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